18 Zoro.to Alternatives You Haven’t Discovered Yet!

Finding efficient and creative streaming sites is no easy task, especially when it comes to the animation genre. The rise in demand and viewership has led many anime sites to get easily taken down due to copyright issues. Zoro.to was one such site that ceased its operations at the start of 2021.

So what are your options if you’re not a fan of conventional streaming sites? We list 18 alternatives to Zoro.to that should help feed your anime cravings.

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll allows you to watch thousands of hit series and movies from Japan or other parts of Asia. Not just limited to animations, its library also features dramas and comic-book adaptations catering to various genres like adventure, comedy and horror etc.

2. Ninjashare.to


This website provides the latest anime series without any cost or registration requirements. Not just old editions, but their vast library also covers many newly released titles in Japan as well.

3. 9anime.vc


It is a digital streaming platform for all kinds of TV shows and movies from around the world, like the US & UK .9Anime.vc even has a dedicated section to watch released in Japan and Korea.

4. Animixplay


The website hosts the complete list of all world’s animated movies & series ranging from cult classic ones to modern-day masterpieces like Avatar, Howl Moving castle etc.

5. AnimeHeaven


One of the oldest streaming websites, AnimeHeaven, has been around since 2006. It is known to host some of the most popular titles like Digimon Adventure and Naruto.

6. Animestreams


Animestreams offers nearly 40,000 anime movies & series that can be watched completely free. They have their own Android app as well for users who don’t have or aren’t fond of using a Web Browser.

7. Hulu


Hulu, which is owned by Disney Plus and NBC Universal, offers a vast library for anime fans with its extensive subscription plans. It covers almost all the latest seasons of popular TV shows from both Japan and Korea.

8. Anime Rhino


Anime Rhino displays all sorts of anime ranging from supernatural action series to family-friendly movies.

9. Animeland


Animeland offers English dubbed versions of some classic anime series like Fullmetal Alchemist and Guilty Crown etc., which is great for users who don’t understand the Japanese language correctly.

10. Anime Digital Network

Anime Digital Network

This one has a dedicated app, too, on both Android & iOS devices. A large selection of legally integrated manga, tv shows and even digital novelized versions.

11. MyAnimeList


You can not only watch anime series but also create a library of your favorite titles to share with friends or other users!

12. Tubi TV


Tubi offers over 50 ad-supported genres without the need for any subscription. Not just cartoons & anime, but it also has reality TV shows as well.

13. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is yet another free online streaming website containing the latest and old episodes of popular series like Pokémon, HiScore Girl etc.It even has an active forum for users who wish to discuss their favorite titles or recommend new ones!

14. AnimeLab


Anime Lab provides viewers with a great library of both classic & new anime titles, and it even has the dubbed version of many characters in English.

15. Funimation


This one is dedicated to providing English-dubbed versions of the world’s most renowned animation series combining over 500,000 hours of carefully curated episodes.

16. KissAnime


KissAnime has become the most popular streaming site for anime fans due to its huge selection of classic titles and continued airing of new series as well.

17. Gogoanime


Gogo Anime also provides access to various types of cartoon & animation shows from different parts of the world.

18. Chia-Anime


The last one on our list is Chia Anime, a reliable yet free streaming platform for animation series & movies. It’s an ideal place to watch your favorite shows from all over the world at the highest resolution quality.

FAQs about Zoro.to

Q: What happened to zoro.to?

A: Zoro.to was an anime streaming website that shut down at the start of 2021 due to copyright issues with various anime shows and movies hosted on it. There are plenty of alternatives available on the internet, such as Crunchyroll, Ninjashare.to, 9anime.vc etc

Q: Is zoro.to still operating?

A: No, Zoro.to is no longer operational since its shutdown in 2021.

Q: Is zoro.to legal?

A: No, Zoro.to was not a legal streaming website, as it hosted content without the permission of copyright owners, which led to its shutdown in 2021.

Q: Where can I watch anime now that zoro.to is gone?

A: There are plenty of alternative websites available on the internet, like Crunchyroll, Ninjashare.to, 9anime.vc etc., that you can use to watch anime shows and movies legally.

Q: Is it safe to use zoro.to alternatives?

A: Yes, all the alternatives listed above are completely safe to use as they offer their content with permission from copyright owners and abide by the law in this regard.