20 Wordtune Alternatives for 2023- Ensure Quality Writing with These Proficient Apps

WordTune is an open-source writing assistant that provides contextual spelling, grammar, and style checking to help users become better writers. It helps the user create content faster without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of the end product. Unfortunately, word tune has suddenly been missing from the play store since April 2019 and hence we’ve curated a list of the top 20 alternatives that you can look forward to for the year 2023.

These user-friendly writing solutions are equipped with great features that can drastically improve your writing including auto-correct and spell check, contextual rewording of sentences, automated grammar checking, plagiarism detection as well as style guides. By using these alternatives you will be able to make sure that your content is flawless in terms of both quality and accuracy. Read on for our selection of the top 20-word tune alternatives ranked from #1 to #20!

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is possibly the best grammar enhancement tool with a comprehensive set of features ranging from grammar and spells checks to automated synonyms suggestion, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary expansion tools. It can be used as an extension for web browsers or also downloaded in both Chrome Store and Apple Store applications version.

2. ProWritingAid


Pro WritingAid offers its users numerous writing enhancement features like Grammar and Spell check, Plagiarism detection automated phrase rephrasing as well as 20 advanced reports that can be used to improve your writing.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an editor designed for authors and screenwriters which allows them to clearly express their ideas without being weighed down by any grammar or punctuation errors present in their work. It helps identify areas of your work that need improvement, by highlighting sentences and words in different colors to easily differentiate between the parts that require changes.

4. LanguageTool


LanguageTool is an open-source language-checking tool that runs from Firefox add-on or a web application enabling users to detect mistakes both grammatically as well as stylistically. It provides support for over 20 languages including French, German, Spanish, and English among others.

5. WhiteSmoke


White Smoke is one of the most popular writing helpers and proofreading tools out there that can instantly identify grammar or spelling mistakes, simplify complex sentences as well as give suggestions to improve content style making it more fluent and enjoyable to read.

6. Ginger Software

Ginger Software

Ginger Software stands out from its competitors due to its smart features like rewording or contextual sentence creation. It also offers an integrated dictionary, thesaurus, and Wikipedia to help you expand your vocabulary while writing

7. OnlineCorrection.com


OnlineCorrection is another effective grammar checker tool with commonly used features such as spellcheck and punctuation corrections but it also includes extra features like word count, letter counter, analysis of readability level, etc.,

8. Scribens


Scribens is an online proofreading and grammar checker which includes dictionary and language correction. It provides editorial recommendations to improve a sentence by giving information that focuses on syntax, style, concordance, etc.,

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is a great tool for authors of all levels as it makes the entire editing process easier while also teaching users good writing habits along with mastering basic elements of grammar.

10. After the Deadline

After the Deadline

After The Deadline is well known for its ability to detect mistakes, and offer helpful tips and recommendations about both grammar and punctuation. It also provides suggestions regarding style to make the content more presentable as well as clear in terms of clarity, phonetics, or meaning

11. Writer.com


Writer.Com offers a set of powerful editing and grammar-checking tools, aided by an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate around. It also provides a style guide for different types of writing and a real-time collaboration mode.

12. Typely


Typely is an automated proofreading browser plugin created to help authors improve their written content quickly without having to manually proofread everything from scratch. It offers spellcheck, checkboxes with common critter mistakes included often in articles, and also provides personalized recommendations for each article.

13. ProseMirror


Prose Mirror offers a fully interactive, precise caret-based editor which supports Unicode characters, works in sync with other editors even outside the Web world as well as tracks changes or co-editing through its auto­save feature.

14. Linguix


Linguix uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide users with powerful content optimization services. It corrects grammar, and punctuation and offers suggestions for possible alternatives which make your writing more concise and clear.

15. WordRake


Wordahke provides an AI-powered editing service that instantly edits written content by suggesting changes in vocabulary taking into account sentence structure. Allows users to track all the major changes made, generating reports of the editing process as well as integrating seamlessly with other applications and account tools.

16. Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense is different from other proofreading-type of editing products as it automatically catches grammar mistakes including contextual errors in written work. By using AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze various text styles and requirements, Perfect Tense ensures that its corrections are accurate, while at the same time providing quick edits on any document quickly with a few clicks of the button.

17. QuillBot


Quil l Bot is an AI-powered editing assistant designed to help users improve and proofread their writing by providing accurate suggestions in a matter of a few seconds. It also features automated paraphrasing capabilities, and grammar checking, and even prioritizes corrections based on the author’s present skill set.

18. Textio


Text io makes use of artificial intelligence technologies while delivering personalized recommendations and feedback on how to improve your written documents. Be it job descriptions, letters, emails, or any other type of professional document – Textio provides real-time insights and tips while also framing them in a more modern way

19. Slick Write

Slick Write

SlickWrite is an AI-powered proofreading platform that quickly checks for grammar, punctuation as well typos errors with just one click. It runs on all browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

20. AutoCrit


AutoCrit helps authors instantly detect major grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes in a given text making them easier to fix. Its user-friendly view mode lets users quickly understand what changes need to be made in order for their content to become flawless enabling fast edits and corrections!

So, this was our list of 20 Wordtune Alternatives That You Can Look Forward To For The Year 2023. Each of the above-mentioned apps offers unique features, strengths & weaknesses; decide for yourself which is the best fit for you!


What happened to Wordtune?

Wordtunes’ sudden disappearance from PlayStore in April 2019 has been a mystery with no concrete answer from them yet. Even their official website is offline now and can’t be accessed anymore.

Can I still use Wordtune?

No, since their official website is now offline, the application cannot be accessed at present.

Are all of these alternatives as effective and reliable as WordTune?

Yes! All of the mentioned 20 apps above offer almost similar features with some additional ones which can help you polish your content even more!

Does every alternative to Wordtune come with a free version?

No, not necessarily. However, some offer a limited free version or trial period which lets you access its features and decide if it is the right tool for your content-enhancing requirements.

Is every Wordtune alternative compatible with all web browsers?

Not all of these applications are supported by each browser out there; however, most are surely available in both Chrome Store & Apple Store versions making them accessible through those two main platforms!