Millions of websites are taken down by a member of Anonymous, who is claiming responsibility, by causing GoDaddy’s services to go down. Email and domain serving also seem to be affected. Read more about it at TechCrunch

HTML5/CSS3 Can Do That? Google I/O 2012 produced some great videos! I found this presentation by Eric Bidelman one especially intriguing. “The web is changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with what’s new in the platform. HTML5′s new capabilities allow developers to build a whole new suite of applications – things that were once impossible to do, are now a reality. “ View the session on the Google Developers site.

Just five days after my last post on Dec. 3rd annoucing my father’s passing, we lost my father-in-law suddenly. The past few months have been a whirlwind of shock and sorrow. The holidays were difficult and my sons have made it past their birthdays without their Grandpas, although not without lots of tears. But as we are well into the new year, things are looking brighter. I am pleased to say that I am incredibly happy at my new job with Platinum Innovation Group. I have decided that I will not be accepting any new clients from this point forward. I look forward to continuing to serve my current clients.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience these past few weeks. As many of you already know, my father passed away on November 12th. It has been a difficult time since and many work related tasks have had to be pushed aside to focus on the family issues at hand. Your patience is such a gift to me and has helped me greatly. While work is still a bit behind schedule, things are slowly returning to normal. So, thank you to everyone for your patience. I appreciate it more than words can express.

hi·a·tus: a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted.1 It has been my pleasure to serve the web development needs of my customers for the past eight years. So it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I will be taking a hiatus from full time freelance development for an undetermined amount of time. Pressing family issues, including the fast declining health of my terminally ill father, have prompted this difficult decision. To my current clients, I am still available to support your needs, however requests for new projects will be handled on a case by case basis. To new potential clients, I’d be happy to discuss your website development needs and will accept new projects as time allows. Work will be handled in the following order of priority:

New clients not referred by a current client Phone based support will be limited, so I’d like to request that everyone use email to contact me. Thank you to each and every client I’ve worked with over the years. I look forward to serving you for many years to come. I am unable to predict at this time when I will be able to return to full time freelancing, however it is my strong desire to do so.

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