Island Club was designed after a lot of community consultation to provide transport on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands; it is integrated with a front-end mobile application that allows passengers (or club members) to contact drivers by providing their names and details in order to contact drivers and organise a lift. The front end application is currently undergoing redevelopment in order to deploy to both iOS and Android, and a remodelling of the conditions to ensure greater privacy for passengers and drivers is assured. The contact details and location of the passenger is stored in a mongoDB Atlas server, deployed on Heroku, and uses Parse to communicate between the front end and the server. It is a scalable application, and also integrates a payment gateway through the website. This is a work in progress, and undergoing user testing and feedback. This site is Twitter Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. Secure Socket layers for e-commerce and PayPal payment gateway integration has been integrated. Visit Site

Lori V Orford is an international novelist. Her site is designed to be mobile responsive, and readers and fans can follow here live Instagram feed, so the site is updated live. Rather than a blog, fans can engage on a live visual platform. We have also made provision for fans to enjoy the website more by providing free downloadable content via a music EP, to provided a value added and content engaging quality user experience. She was the art director on her Zoolander themed, graffiti art photography shoot, and is keen to further explore personal branding with the integration of a range of merchandise that will go with both her music and books. To look at Lori’s website please go to Lori V Orford. This site was creating using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap. It also features graphic art and photography art direction by Lori Woodward (Orford).

For Your Little Princess

For Your Little Princess Australia is a bespoke gift boutique based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Weena hand makes each and every product, and her website has been designed to reflect the delicate chantilly lace effect and lightly feminine shabby chic style vibe. A number of widgets have been included on Weena’s site, including a live Instagram feed so that clients can view her product range as it is updated. We have been working to get Weena a professional website to stand her out from the crowd of people who craft handmade gifts, and this lifts her well above her competition. Weena now has her items being sold in retail stores in Brisbane. This is a definite success story that has fused both business acumen and web design. Weena is also keen to learn more about HTML and managing her own site, and education services have been provided in addition to Weena’s site. This helps her to feel empowered and gives real ownership and personalisation to her experience. You can view Weena’s website here: For Your Little Princess Australia.The site was created using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and features graphic design by Lori Woodward.

Gunny’s Locksmith Service approached Almond Digital in July 2015 prior to the formal establishment of the company for a website, and the latest website for this company focuses on a fast loading, very simple mobile responsive site design. It is designed to be clean, simple and have multiple calls-to-action on the site, encouraging clients to call through immediately. The site is an HTML5/CSS3/Twitter Bootstrap site, and features both stock images, and also photography by Lori Woodward. For more information, please visit the site at: Gunnys Locksmith Service. Gunny’s Locksmith Service also had an automated Google Adwords campaign set up, and has a comprehensively designed SEO package.

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