Explore 27 Wcoforever Alternatives for Endless Manga Entertainment

Manga fans may be disappointed with the recent news that wcoforever closed its virtual doors. Although it wasn’t around for as long as some of its competitors, many manga aficionados had grown attached to this Japanese-style comic book site due to its large selection of titles and genre-hopping series. As a result, WCOForever fans may be wondering what their next step should be in finding a supremely satisfying digital manga experience. Fear not, loyal readers! Below is an overview of wcoforever plus 27 alternate websites and apps that you can use to keep your reading fix alive and updated.

Wcoforever – An Overview

Launched in 2019, WCOForever was one of the few English-translated sites available for digitally oriented manga fans seeking new stories and series. For a time, it boasted an impressive list of titles from popular authors such as Naoko Takeuchi, Osamu Tezuka and Eiichiro Oda, to name just a few. The website was accessible in both browsers and on mobile devices plus featured much-appreciated features like cloud storage and anti-piracy measures that kept owner’s rights secure. Unfortunately, the site required quite a bit of dedicated monetization efforts, which its Japanese parent couldn’t accommodate any longer, leading to the closure of the site.

What happened to WCOForever?

Despite its standout library and many devoted readers, wcoforever eventually folded due to severe economic downturns present in Japan’s comic book industry. With no reliable public or private sources of finance, it was unable to continue successfully monetizing itself for long until finally making a difficult decision: closing up shop for good in late 2019. However, manga is still alive and well, with many new websites stepping up to take wcoforever’s place.

The Best 27 Alternatives for Manga Fans Seeking New Experiences

1. Newtoki:


Offering both self-published content as well as readers classics like Naruto and Sailor Moon, this platform packs a punch in terms of manga variety plus novel features ranging from revolutionary creative tools to cloud storage proficiency.

2. S2Manga:


With tons of unique and classic titles provided either free of charge or through paid membership. This upstart website has quickly gained a following loyal thanks to fun series like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as well collections from famous authors such as Maruo Suehiro.

3. Mangabuddy:


With stories boasting both HD visuals and carefully crafted narratives, this reader site provides its users with an immersive way to explore manga without the distractions of intrusive ads or popups that take away from experience.

4. ComicWalker:

Comic Walker

Established back in 2015, this widely recognized Digital Fun magazine publishes web-exclusive titles for free every week well as features high-quality comic strips and special discounts on both its online store and physical releases.

5. NiAdd:


For those with a penchant for mobile manga reading, this app is definitely worth checking out! Featuring an attractively designed library of over 2000 manga series which can be read without ads, plus extra perks like one-tap bookmarks and the ability to download titles for offline reading, it certainly deserves a second look.

6. MangaKisa:


Boasting an expansive selection of both popular favorites and undiscovered gems, this site prides itself on making manga more accessible than ever thanks to its adaptive reader interface, which works in three different languages, plus borderless pages built specifically for enjoying stories without pesky page breaks or ads interrupting the flow.

7. Harimanga:

If you prefer something with easy navigation options and great visuals, this reader site should be at the top of your list. Not only does it have mobile versions available for both iOS and Android systems, but also its visually appealing design (lending fall colors alongside high-quality PNG images) is sure to draw in readers from all walks of life.

8. Mangasee:


A classic manga website that has been around since 2009, boasting an eclectic mix of 2000 titles plus some highly useful features like one-tap bookmarking, adjustable text size & layout.

9. MangaDex:


Featuring works that span all the way back to 2001, this reader site provides users with access to more than 1000 different titles in over 20 languages as well as regularly updating its library to ensure a diverse selection is always at hand for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

10. MangaKakalot:


Not only are there plenty of classic series available here, but also new chapters appear ready just minutes after the release date on paper editions, plus an extensive constellation map view navigation system for quick navigation.

11. Mangasy:


Established as recently as 2017, this reader source provides its users with a setup that facilitates reading pleasure due to various features such as detailed image filtering during searches and intuitive user discretion settings so readers can enjoy titles in their own preferred way without intrusive popups or ads constantly interrupting the flow of the story.

12. KunManga:


Having been running since 2016, this timeless reader website boasts thousands of manga series, both classic favorites & exclusive content, as well as comprehensive tracking & logging of your reading progress to accurately pinpoint the spots you left off, plus recommendations based on these permanently stored stats.

13. Mangachill:


With an attractive interface and easy navigation, this reader source houses some 200 + titles for dedicated readers seeking both undiscovered gems alongside familiar series like One Piece and Naruto plus allows users to quickly sort readings with categories such as adventure or action comedy genres, highlighting them accordingly in its library of stories.

14. Manga4Life:


Boasting fan translations for a wide selection of popular foreign titles, this reader source offers readers access to works from all over the world in English, plus features like personalized library shelves and reward points that build up depending on how many chapters you read daily.

15. MangaOwl:


Not only does it boast its own set of original manga stories, but it also caters to both comic book novices & veterans alike thanks to an integrated navigation system complete with genre filters that allow users easily hone in on their preferred stories without the hassles of sifting through an entire catalog.

16. MangaReborn:


Unlike other sites on this list, which are exclusively geared towards manga, Manga Reborn also provides its users with a selection of over 2000 English comic book titles from all over the world, allowing readers to enjoy both Japanese & western works alike for a free or one-time payment (depending series).

17. MangaHere:


An up-and-coming reader website that provides fans with tons of title options plus comic and manga-related events such as author interviews, new chapter releases & exclusive sneak peeks.

18. OtakuSmash:


A virtual library containing over 7000 Japanese comics in both digital and physical formats, along with a downloadable app for prompt access regardless if you’re at home or on the go.

19. Duboku:


The portal between people who want to read diverse types of manga from all over the internet, as well as creating content for fans to read up on.

20. AsuraScans:


Featuring monthly contests and one-time payment discounts throughout its reader library of over 700 titles, plus special series premieres and community events for readers of all ages alike.

21. Crunchyroll:


One of the most famous Internet streaming platforms in existence offering action-packed manga with shows such as Bleach & Naruto Shippuden plus exclusive subscriber benefits such as interactive forums and weekly simulcasts on newly released titles each month.

22. Renta:


A pay-as-you-go online reader website with an extensive selection of work from esteemed authors and artists like Hirohiko Araki, Hiromu Arakawa & Kentaro Miura, providing users their pick of subscription options or one-time payment plans from weekly to yearly tiers.

23. TenManga:


An ever-growing library for both manga novices & veterans alike, boasting over 5000 titles that can be read either on-site or through its premium membership program, which grants additional access to exclusive series & discounts for physical book purchases.

24. Reaperscans:

Reaper Scans

A great source for fans seeking both classic and lesser-known titles boasting a selection of more than 1400 works from many renowned authors, including the likes of Hajime Isayama and Hiro Mashima as well regular updates with new releases on Wednesdays and Fridays.

25. Mangairo:


Established in 2012, this reader site is dedicated entirely to Japanese comics, making it the ideal location if you want to read something a bit more authentic and original but still with an English-friendly interface.

26. BookWalker:

Book Walker

Tailored with the mobile user in mind, this reader app integrates neatly into Apple & Android systems due to its attractive design, which can be adjusted thanks to customizable themes plus convenient membership bonuses like early book access & timely discount notifications easily.

27. ZinManga:


This dynamic online manga platform offers readers massive discounts on their first purchase, including unique customized sales as well exclusive biography and title information on various manga artists to further aid in selecting your next reading experience.

Wcoforever FAQs

Q1:What happened to wcoforever?

WCOForever eventually folded due to severe economic downturns present in Japan’s comic book industry. Without reliable public or private sources of finance, the site was unable to continue monetizing itself, leading to its closure in late 2019.

Q2: Are there any other alternatives for manga fans?

Yes, there are plenty of other websites and apps out there that cater to the needs of manga aficionados. From classic reader sites like MangaDex to new titles only available through streaming services like Crunchyroll, you’re sure to find something perfect for your preferences regardless if they run more towards “Naruto” or “Snow White with the Red Hair.”

Q3: Are these websites & apps free to use?

As with most entertainment media, some sites require payment in order to access their content. However, many reader sites offer both paid and free titles, so you can still experience a wide array of stories without having to break the bank. Look into membership plans or one-time fees if interested in higher quality selections available through different websites & apps.

Q4: Are there any other features these websites & apps have besides reading manga?

Most reader sites & streaming services either have their own built-in library of content or offer exclusive titles to members. Additionally, many have added the ability for users to comment on stories and be part of wider conversations about manga which adds an extra layer of interactivity.

Q5: Are there any age restrictions when using these websites & apps?

As with most online media providers, services such as OtakuSmash require that you provide valid age information before being allowed full access. Be sure to read up on the fine print of each service along with recommended age restrictions in order to gain a better understanding of their terms and conditions.