25 Spectacular Volokit Alternatives That Will Take Your Live Streaming to the Next Level!

Volokit has been one of the most trusted and reliable streaming services for years. However, as we all know, every good thing eventually comes to an end. Unfortunately, with its discontinuation, many users were left looking for a replacement that would meet their criteria.

So what happened to Volokit? After years of providing nonstop streaming services, Volokit was forced to shut down due to copyright issues with broadcasters.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives available that will meet your criteria and provide a great live-streaming experience. Here’s a list of 25 top-notch Volokit alternatives:

  • Laola1 TV

Laola1 TV

Laola 1 TV is great for streaming live sports events. It offers a wide range of channels to cater to different genres and tastes. From basketball, football, hockey, and motorsport streams, Laola1 has it all. Plus users can enjoy thousands of hours of archived matches available on the platform as well.

  • CricHD


CricHD is designed especially for cricket fans with its supportive community forum where they can chat about their favorite teams while enjoying live streams from the most prestigious tournaments. It also offers pre-match and post-match highlights, along with providing archive access to matches that were played recently or longer ago.

  • BatManStream


BatManstream is a reliable platform for Live Streaming services where users can enjoy plenty of sports events and shows from around the world in various categories like soccer, basketball, and more. All streaming services are free so you don’t have to worry about splurging on them.

  • Reddit Sports

Reddit Sports

Reddit Sports lets you watch live sports events and provides the latest updates for each game altogether in one place. Its easy-to-use interface along with the ability to discuss any games or teams makes it a great alternative for Volokit fans who are looking for reliable streaming services.

  • BilaSport


BilaSport is designed for both hardcore and casual sports fans. It offers a wide range of streaming services from most major professional tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, La Liga, NBA, and more. Moreover, the website has an active chat board where you can discuss games with fellow enthusiasts while enjoying live streams online.

  • JokerLiveStream


JokerLive Stream provides reliable streaming solutions that offer an uninterrupted sports entertainment experience to customers looking for Volokit alternatives from across the globe. It has a wide selection of sports content ranging from top football teams to e-Sports events depending on the user’s interest.

  • BossCast


Bosscast is one of the best Volokit alternatives with its HD quality streams and updated streaming schedule for all sports lovers who want an uninterrupted entertainment experience. Plus, it helps users avoid subscription fees by providing free live streams without any interruption or annoying ads, allowing you to enjoy all the games on this platform.

  • FootyBite


Footy Bite is another great Volokit alternative offering amazing streaming services for different sports events from around the world. It has a simple but effective layout that makes it easier for users to access their favorite sport quickly and with easy navigation options along with HD quality streams, even novices can easily use this service.

  • LiveTV


Live TV is the perfect choice for customers looking for an improved Volokit experience and allows users to browse all the latest sports news, and updates along with a wide range of HD quality streams available. Plus, this service comes with a dedicated customer support team so any issues that arise can be quickly resolved in no time.

  • Stream2Watch


Stream2watch offers top-notch live streaming services for both sports and movies. It has a comprehensive database full of sports events that users can access with great ease, along with plenty of exclusive content from around the world to ensure an entertaining experience all year round.

  • SportLemon


Sport Lemon is another Volokit alternative providing uninterrupted streaming and viewing options that come without subscription fees while offering multiple streams in various qualities such as SD or HD depending on the user’s preference.

  • VIPBox


VIPbox is a great site that lets you watch your favorite sport in HD quality streams while keeping the ads away with its neat and easy-to-navigate interface. It also offers social integration which allows you to share links on your timeline so others can enjoy too!

  • VIPLeague


VIPLeague provides quick updates for all the sports events with streaming quality that rivals Volokit, which allows you to stay up to date with every match out there. The website also offers forums and betting services where users can discuss their favorite sport and get reliable predictions from experienced tipsters.

  • FirstRowSports


First Row Sports is yet another great source of immersive streaming that replicates what Volokit offered. It features live content from most major sports leagues and championships including football, cricket, and basketball. The website has a wide selection of streaming choices labeled as low, medium, or HD quality allowing users to get the most out of their viewing experience.

  • RojaDirecta


Roja Directa is a one-stop shop for all your live streaming needs with plenty of content from around the world along with an easy-to-use interface that won’t leave you confused while navigating through different sections. Additionally, the updated streaming schedule keeps you well-informed about upcoming broadcasts so you never miss an important match or game.

  • WiziWig


Wizi Wig is a great source of sports entertainment with plenty of streams from all major leagues across various categories such as football, volleyball, and basketball to name a few. It also offers chat rooms alongside each stream where users can discuss their favorite teams while watching the game.

  • Sport365


Sport365 is a streaming service that lets you watch your favorite sports events online without running into any lags or buffering issues. Here, users have access to multiple streams of different quality levels depending on their preference as well with user-friendly interface makes surfing more enjoyable compared to Volokit.

  • FromHot


From Hot is a great streaming site that offers multiple streams from different sports events around the world without asking for subscriptions or any additional fees. It also allows users to rate broadcasts and chat with others while they enjoy the full HD experience, offering great value compared to Volokit.

  • Feed2All


Feed2All provides free uninterrupted viewing of Live HD Sports streams including Football, Soccer, Basketball, and more indicating detailed information on each stream so you don’t miss any critical parts. And with its low latency rates, Feed2all is a great Volokit alternative for live streaming lovers to get the best out of their experience.

  • SportsBay


Sportsbay is another excellent Volokit replacement and arrives with all features necessary for an immersive sports viewing along with free access to in-depth analysis provided by experts who are well versed on facts and betting strategies. In addition, Sportsbay supports all major sports leagues including UEFA champions League, La Liga, Copa America, etc.

  • Sportsurge


Sportsurge is a great source of free live streaming with plenty of categories ranging from American football to MMA Fight Nights offering HD quality streams in different formats such as mp4 or mkv so you can choose what suits your viewing experience the best. Plus, a user-friendly interface makes it easier to access different categories quickly.



ATDHE is yet another good Volokit alternative with plenty of sports streaming services such as baseball, football, and many more that feature mainly international tournaments or matches taking place around the world accompanied by expert analysis often shared on the platform itself.

  • Strikeout


Strikeout is highly compatible with mobile devices allowing users to watch their favorite sports intimately on the go. The site offers a wide range of content from various categories ranging from football to baseball and features plenty of streams for each event in different quality levels such as 360p, 480p, or even 720p depending on the user’s taste.

  • 6streams


6Streams is great Volokit alternative offering top-notch streaming services designed specifically for sports fans. It has a simple but effective layout that makes it easier to browse the website with plenty of streams covering most major tournaments from around the world.

  • CricFree TV

CricFree TV

CricFreeTV is well renowned for its reliable and high-quality HD streams as compared to Volokit and offers a wide variety of content related to Cricket including commentary in multiple languages like English, Hindi & more alongside live feeds from the matches taking place.

Above were some of the best Volokit alternatives that offer quality streaming services to customers looking for a non-stop entertainment experience, no matter what their interests are.


 Is there any free alternative replacement to Volokit?

Yes, there are plenty of free alternatives available such as La ola1, CricHD, and BatManStream that provide reliable streaming services.

Does LiveTV support streaming on mobile devices?

Yes, it supports streaming on mobile devices such as iOS or Android.

What content does Sport365 provide?

Sport365 is a great source for viewing different sports events from around the world in various categories such as football, hockey, and cricket. It also provides links for archived matches in HD quality so users can relive their favorite moments from the past.

Are there any content filtering options available on Bosscast?

Yes, Bosscast allows its customers to filter content according to different categories depending on their interests.

Is JokerLive stream suitable for novices?

Yes, Joker Live Stream is an IPTV platform that provides plenty of options for newbies as well. The website has a neat and tidy layout which makes it easy to navigate even for beginners.

Does Wiziwig offer betting services?

Yes, WiziWig comes with its own betting page where users can read and discuss tips from experts on a number of sports matches.