22 Best USTVGO Alternatives: Explore All the Key Features and Benefits

With the loss of USTVGo, many viewers are in search of an alternate streaming option. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that provide live sports access and entertainment! We break down each one so you can find which is right for you — whether it’s YourSports.stream or Rojadirecta. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of 22 ustvGo Alternatives.



This is a streaming service that streams all major sports events worldwide, including football, baseball, basketball and MMA fights. It has live match coverage with HD quality video along with push notifications to remind users when their chosen game or event is about to start. With this streaming option, you won’t miss any action due to buffering or lagging out.



This streaming service focuses mainly on soccer, having an extensive database of live matches from around the world. Its basic features include push notifications as well as highlights and replay support for quick access to all the key plays you may have missed whilst away from your device during the game. It can also be used with other supporting applications, such as Kodi, to enhance user experience even further!


This streaming service is a great option for watching sports online. It has a wide array of channels available, and its current lineup includes NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAAF football and much more. Plus it’s easy to use, too — the viewing experience is supported by timeshift features, so users never miss any key moments of the game or get left behind on their favorite team.



This is one of the biggest sports streaming services available. It offers a massive collection of international soccer matches and local leagues as well as basketball, tennis, AFL/NRL Rugby League games and lots more! Plus, it also allows viewers to watch multiple streams simultaneously on different devices – so if you have friends wanting to watch the same game, they don’t need their own device with Feed2All they could use yours (or vice versa).



It is a great site for watching live sports completely free without any hassle. This streaming service offers you uninterrupted and ad-free streams of all major sporting events, including the NBA, NFL and more. Plus, it also has an impressive library to choose from on-demand content such as old matches, replays etc.



For those that are looking for only baseball coverage then Strikeout may be worth checking out. This streaming service provides live MLB games and on-demand replays of your favorite baseball teams as well as having an impressive coverage range of other sports too, such as UFC, NFL, NBA etc.



This is another reliable streaming site that is highly recommended due to its extensive library of international cricket matches (both current and past). They stream both domestic league fixtures from all around the world and have streams available in high-definition. It also gives users a chance to stream tennis, rugby and more through their website as well!



This streaming site is great for those looking for amazing sports coverage from around the globe — offering both live matches and replays at any time you need them. The interface is simple – allowing easy access to your favorite sports like soccer, basketball, boxing etc., with a content library that includes big matches from earlier seasons as well.



This streaming service is exclusively devoted to NBA and basketball fans, providing quality broadcasts for all important games in both high-definition format and live streams. It has a variety of teams included ranging from Europe’s topmost leagues down to the lesser-known domestic ones all over the world.



This site specializes in Major League Baseball and shows all MLB games live streaming or on-demand whenever you need them — plus, their push notifications keep viewers up to date with any late changes that may occur during the game. Post-game highlights round off this service which also offers important match statistics to allow users to analyze each match accurately.



Sportsurge is another great sports streaming option. It focuses mainly on football matches and covers a bunch of international tournaments and major leagues across Europe, America and Asia, including the UEFA Champions League! Plus, they offer exclusive content such as replays of classic games, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else, too — making this a popular choice for many fans around the globe.



This service was created in 2020 and is quickly growing in popularity due to its extensive library of NFL, UFC, MMA and other sports matches. It also has a comprehensive database of replays that allows users to review any key moments they may have missed whilst away from their screen or did not have time to catch live.



It offers quality streaming for football enthusiasts with an expansive selection of American college football games spanning across the NCAA Division I FBS. It covers games from the best conferences, including ACC, Big Ten and SEC providing unlimited access to every eligible team available.



This streaming service allows users to watch a variety of sports, such as football, hockey, volleyball and basketball. Its interface is user-friendly, making it easy for viewers to find live matches quickly, along with full replays if needed immediately after the game has finished airing too — so you never miss out!



This is a great alternative for those that solely want NBA coverage. It has all major games available as well as classic replays to relive the moment of any important championships or individual player achievements. The service allows users to watch at home on their TVs if they have compatible devices and stream over the internet wherever they go worldwide!



This streaming service covers all kinds of sports, from hockey to soccer and everything in between. It offers an impressive selection of international tournaments, along with replays and post-game highlights. Plus, viewers can obtain extra features such as free download links for the games they enjoyed watching or keep track of past scores even if they missed them via this website’s quick score search feature!



This online platform is devoted to football exclusively and provides exclusive broadcasts from around the world. It also has a comprehensive database of highlights as well as providing links to download any matches you may have missed due to travel or work commitments — making this an ideal source for hardcore soccer fanatics!



This streaming service focuses on football exclusively, offering quality streaming in HD format along with other extra features such as live score updates and match analysis tools. It covers major international leagues as well as lesser-known tournaments, split into categories by country for your convenience.



This streaming service is ideal for those with a passion for motorsports from around the world, such as NASCAR/Formula 1 and MotoGP. It covers all available international races live in high-definition quality, along with additional features like pre-race statistics or post-race highlights & replays, depending on what you’re looking to find.

Fox Sports


This streaming service offers an extensive range of sports content along with exclusive rights to broadcast Super Bowl, and other American Football games live around the world. It also includes on-demand replays from past seasons as well as updated game stats & analysis for those interested in finding out more about each match!



Finally, Nhl66 is a great choice for ice hockey fans, delivering both domestic and international games all year round. It has an up-to-date calendar schedule viewer so you’ll never miss a match, as well as providing replays & highlights in case you can’t catch it live!


Q1 – What happened to USTVGO?
A1 – In late 2020, the primary streaming provider for USTVGO, Fab Channel, announced the closure of their streaming services, and thus USTVGo was no longer available.

Q2 – What are some alternatives to USTVGO?
A2 – There are a number of great alternatives to USTVgo, including YourSports.stream Viprow, Bosscast, Feed2all Volokit, Strikeout Crichd Rojadirecta etc

Q3 – What features do these alternatives offer?
A3 – Features of the streaming services include push notifications, HD quality video and replays in addition to sports-specific features such as timeshift for games, on-demand replays and live score updates.

Q4 – Is USTVGO still available online?
A4 – Unfortunately, no. USTVGo is officially closed due to the closure of its primary streaming provider Fab Channel.

Q5 – Are the streaming services free?
A5 – Some of the options are free to use, however, unlike USTVGo, which was entirely free some of these alternatives offer additional benefits for a paid subscription.