20 Incredible Tubi TV Alternatives That You Need To Know About

Are you searching for an alternative to the popular streaming service Tubi tv? Have you been disappointed by the recent technical issues plaguing this app? Well, look no further! We have put together a list of 20 incredible alternatives that will give you access to free and low-cost movies and shows. Keep reading for our breakdown of each platform as well as a FAQ on what happened to Tubi tv.

Tubi TV – An Overview

Launched in 2014, Tubi was the first streaming service of its kind that allowed users to watch full-length movies and TV shows for free. Its ad-supported model meant no subscription fees or membership costs, and many popular content choices allowed people to save money while still enjoying their favorite entertainment. Unfortunately, Tubi has not been working as expected for many viewers since March 2021.

What Happened to Tubi TV?

Tubi experienced a technical issue in mid-March when it launched its new site and app, which caused the video playback feature to malfunction. Since then, users have been unable to watch their favorite shows or movies on the platform. While the exact cause of this glitch has not yet been determined, Tubi has released a statement that it is currently working on fixing the issue and restoring full service shortly.

20 Incredible Alternatives To Tubi TV

Coke & Popcorn


Coke&Popcorn (also known simply as C & P) offers users with an extensive library of free streaming content. It has been praised for its unique design, which allows viewers to pick their desired tv shows and movies straight from the homepage. Additionally, one of its key features is that it allows users to filter their searches according to genres or popular trends.



Another great alternative to Tubi TV is Myflixer. This streaming service offers an extensive library of film and tv show titles in high-quality resolutions ranging from 360 p HD to 4K Ultra-HD format. Most impressive, though, are its movie reviews, which are written by professional critics from across the world and allow users to gain a better understanding of films before viewing them.



Bflix is one of Tubi’s top competitors in terms of affordability, as it has no advertisement interruptions or subscription fees required for access. Furthermore, its user interface allows for an enjoyable streaming experience due to its easy navigation menu that separates movies into action, drama, comedy and other genres.



If you are looking for a streaming service with high video quality, then check out Flixtor. Like other sites on this list, it offers users ad-free content from hundreds of categories and has the availability to link, which means you can stream movies directly from external websites such as Google Drive or Dropbox.



1movieshd is a highly popular alternative to Tubi TV as it offers very detailed descriptions and user ratings for each title. Additionally, the website features a search bar which makes finding movies or tv shows much easier. It also allows users to download titles directly instead of simply watching them.



A great benefit of using this streaming service is that the majority of its content is available in HD quality. Its intuitive design will make sure you have an efficient streaming experience as well since titles can be found easily via its search engine.



This website features a large selection of movies and tv shows, as well as skips commercials when they appear while users are watching a show or film. It also offers dedicated channels to stream content from Netflix and Hulu.



For those who prefer to enjoy older shows and movies, Putlocker is a great option. Its up-to-date library will allow viewers to take full advantage of the content it has available.




The user interface of this service is one of its highlight features, as titles are listed on the homepage in a neat grid according to category. Additionally, it provides support for all major video players, such as VLC.



One of the standout features of this streaming platform is that users can directly search through titles by typing series or movie names into its search bar. It also allows for downloads and has received positive reviews from viewers.



This library includes less popular films that are often overlooked by many streaming services. Its website provides detailed information on each title available, including its length, rating and genre.




Cucirca is known for its fast and reliable streaming experience, making it a great alternative to Tubi TV. It also features one of the biggest libraries in terms of quantity available, with over 2000 movies and tv shows.



This website is a good choice if you prefer watching multiple episodes at once, as it allows users to queue up as many as they want. Additionally, titles are organized according to season, making it easier to find them.



This platform offers quality streaming services for a low monthly fee and also provides support for mobile devices, allowing users to watch their favorite shows or movies on the go.

Yes Movies


Although its extremely intuitive user interface makes it one of the easiest websites to navigate, Yes Movies is more focused on streaming Asian films than other services.



This service features an impressive library of movies and shows from various countries, making it the perfect choice for global film lovers looking to find something a little different.



As its name implies, this is a great site for catching up on missed episodes of your favorite shows. Unlike many other streaming services, it also allows you to stream live channels from the US.



Kanopy is free to use and does not feature any ads or subscription fees. Its library covers more than 70,000 films in its database as well as documentaries, educational videos and short films.



This streaming service is perfect for those who prefer classic films, as it offers an extensive library of vintage titles from the 1920s and older. Additionally, Rainerland has no charges or sign-up required.



As one of the few sites that allow users to download movies instead of just streaming them online, Vumoo also offers excellent streaming speeds to ensure a smooth user experience.

Tubi TV FAQs

1. Is Tubi TV still operational?

At the moment, no, it is not operational due to technical difficulties with its new site and app that were released in mid-March 2021.

2. When will Tubi TV be back? 

Tubi has released a statement that it is currently working on fixing the issue and restoring full service shortly.

3. Will I be able to watch content from Tubi TV in the future?

Yes, once the technical issue has been fixed and full service is restored, you should be able to watch content from Tubi TV again.

4. Is there any customer service I can contact for technical help? 

Yes, the form to receive assistance and support with regard to streaming issues on Tubi TV is available here. You can also find technical answers in their FAQ as well.

5. Are there any alternative to Tubi TV that I can use?

Yes, there are numerous alternatives available such as Coke & Popcorn, Myflixer and Bflix which provide similar streaming services without advertisement interruptions or subscription fees required for access.

6. What is the usual video resolution when watching content from Tubi TV? 

It varies depending on the device you are streaming from, but it generally ranges between 360p HD to 4K Ultra-HD.

7. Is there a way I can download titles directly instead of having to stream them? 

Yes, certain streaming platforms, such as 1movieshd and Putlocker, offer downloads for individual titles.

No matter what kind of content you are looking to watch or your budget, there’s sure to be something in our 20 alternatives to Tubi TV that will meet both. So don’t miss out on these great choices, and start searching today!


Tubi TV has gone through some technical difficulties; however, there are plenty of great alternative streaming services still available for viewers to enjoy free and low-cost movies and shows. From 1movieshd, which allows for movie downloads directly onto your device, to Rainerland offering a large selection of classic films from the 1920s and earlier, there’s sure to be something in our 20 alternatives that will meet both your taste in content as well as budget. Whether you prefer foreign films or classic sagas, check out these streaming sites today to begin your movie-watching journey!