17 Best toptoon Alternatives for 2023

Whether you’re a fan of manga or webtoons, Toptoon is one of the most popular online sources for your comic fix. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, their services were recently suspended for good. This means it’s time to look elsewhere if you want your regular dose of anime and manga! Don’t worry; we’ve got some great options in this list of 17 Toptoon alternatives for 2023. So read on and check them out!



Webtoon is a popular online platform that allows readers to enjoy thousands of comics in both English and Korean and other languages. It offers romance, drama, fantasy, horror, and more genres. You can even create your own stories or share them with friends.


Toomics is another great choice for those missing out on their Toptoon fix. It features thousands of stories from various genres, including love, fantasy, adventure, and more. Also, Toomics’ original content has colorful art and unique stories that readers can enjoy.



KissManga is a great site for all manga fans. It offers free manga chapters, anime, and light novels in both English and Japanese. You can create your library by adding titles to your favorites list or explore the new releases section to quickly find the latest releases.



Mangakakalot is a great website where readers can find various comics from different genres. The site has a great user interface; readers can access the content for free. It also regularly updates its library with newly released chapters!



Mangapark is another great source of manga, anime, manhua, and several other genres of comics. The site’s extensive collection is constantly updated, and new titles are added accordingly. Those who have read their fill on TopToon may find solace in checking out Mangapark!


For those who want to read both English and Japanese comics, SoulLandMangal is a great alternative. It offers an amazing selection of chapters from thousands of titles across multiple genres like romance, comedy, horror, and more. You can also set up notifications for new releases to never miss out on the latest updates.


Mangago is a great website full of manga, manhua, and other comics across various genres. It features titles from around the world that you can browse through for free. The site also offers users unlocking chapters sooner than usual when they become part of their “VIP” membership.


As its name implies, Mangahouse was created as a place for readers to have their manga fixed from the comfort of their homes. This site offers free access to over 8,000 titles from genres like shoujo, comedy, and horror. It also provides categorization so you can easily find the type of comic you’re looking for.


If you like variety, then Mangahasu should be right up your alley. With over 40,000 titles to choose from, most of them in English and from various publishers across the world, Mangahasu is sure to provide you with plenty of reading material.


Heavenmanga is a great site for manga fans, allowing readers access to a huge selection of comics for free. It also has comment systems where people can discuss their favorite comics and genres.


MangaNelo is a great site for readers looking for manga, manhua, and Chinese webtoons. It also includes new titles in its collection that are added frequently. You can even leave reviews on your favorite content so other users can discover it!


Bulumanga is a great source of new comics, manga, and webtoons. It has many titles from genres like shonen, seinen, and even yuri. You can read your selections on the site without downloading anything.


If you’re looking for something different than what’s usually offered, you should try MangaClub. This website offers some of the most popular comics from Korea at the moment and classic favorites that have been updated with new illustrations.

Net Comics

Regarding manga and webcomics, Net Comics is one of the best. It offers thousands of titles across genres, such as romance and horror, for readers to enjoy. Some even feature exclusive titles from Japan and Korea, so you’ll have plenty to explore!

Naver Webtoon

Readers of manga, webcomics, and manhua looking for something in Korean should check out Naver Webtoon. With a huge selection of new and classic titles and some exclusive pieces, it’s sure to satisfy everyone.

Kakao Webtoon

Kakao Webtoon is another great website featuring a variety of manhua, webcomics, and manga from different genres. It provides readers with the ability to create their collections as well. Plus, users can get notifications for updates to never miss out on anything new or exciting.

TappyToon Comic

With TappyToon Comics, readers can access genres such as shonen, seinen, and josei. It also offers exclusive titles from its network that you can’t find anywhere else! Plus, you have the option to purchase premium subscriptions for additional content.

TopToon FAQs

What happened to TopToon?

TopToon had to stop its services recently because of some legal problems, but they have yet to be shut down.

Which are the best sites for manga and webcomics?

Some of the best websites include Webtoons, Toomics, Mangakalot, Mangapark, Manga Soul, and many more.

Can I still read the content that was published on TopToon?

Most titles were removed from their website; however, they can be found on other websites. We suggest you start with some of our recommended alternatives.

Do any of these alternatives offer subscriptions or extra features?

Most alternatives offer subscriptions and payment options, while some may not. However, they all provide additional features like notifications when new chapters emerge.

Is it free to read content on any of these sites?

Yes, most websites we have mentioned are free for readers to enjoy their favorite titles without any hidden fees or payments.

What kind of genres is available on these alternatives?

Each website offers a different selection; however, all the websites usually carry similar titles and genres like shoujo, comedy, romance, and more.