17 Thewatchseries Alternatives for 2023- Top Streaming Sites For Movies & TV Series

Thewatchseries was one of the most popular online streaming sites available to watch movies, TV series, and many other videos. It allowed web users to instantly stream movies, series, or a variety of other shows with just one click. The website’s interface was user-friendly making it an ideal platform for users to navigate and explore its vast content library.

Moreover, the service was also available for free; one just needed to create an account in order to access all of the thewatchseries’ content. Unfortunately, due to copyright infringement issues, Thewatchseries has been shut down permanently along with several other similar sites over recent years.

What Happened To TheWatchSeries?

The lack of a proper license meant that legal problems were always likely to arise, which ultimately led to the closure of Thewatchseries. This decision was taken by law enforcement agencies in order to protect artists and other copyright holders from seeing their work used without permission or payment for financial compensation. Furthermore, legal issues with external sites linking to TheWatchSeries also contributed to its demise

Best 17 Alternatives To Thewatchseries For 2023

1) YouTube


  • Destination URL: youtube.com

YouTube is an online streaming website used by millions of people around the world. It offers a huge library of movies, series, and other videos that can be streamed instantly. A key advantage of YouTube compared to alternative services is its well-organized user interface which makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for efficiently. Additionally, YouTube provides personalized recommendations as well as many sharing options so that one may share their favorite shows or playlists with others directly from within the service.

2) IMDb TV


  • Destination URL: imdb.com/tv/

Developed by Amazon, IMDb TV is a platform that streams movies and series in high-definition quality for free! It features many popular titles as well as some rare ones from various genres like action, comedy, drama, etc. There are also multiple filters available that allow users to refine their search results according to user ratings or age ratings of the film. Moreover, there are no ad interruptions during video playback making it a smooth and enjoyable experience.

3) Vudu


  • Destination URL: vudu.com

Vudu is an online streaming platform that specializes in offering access to Hollywood hit films, TV shows, and even some Ultra HD titles. It offers users a wide selection of video formats with activities ranging from 480p all the way up to 4K resolution where available. Additionally, VUDU also features parental control options which makes it suitable for families looking for an appropriate streaming experience.

4) Tubi TV

Tubi TV

  • Destination URL: tubitv.com

TubiTV is a platform that provides users with access to premium movies, TV shows, and exclusive content without any subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. In addition, it offers the convenience of being able to manage one’s watchlist across multiple devices by simply signing in with an account from the App Store or Google Play Store. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to search and find movies or shows of one’s interest.

5) Popcornflix


  • Destination URL: popcornflix.com

PopCornFlix is an online streaming service offering access to thousands of hours’ worth of free film watching. It features a wide selection from many popular genres like action, documentary, kids sections, etc with no subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly search for content through various filters. Users may also earn reward points for submitting reviews or responding to polls on the site.

6) Pluto TV

Pluto TV

  • Destination URL: pluto.tv

PlutoTV is a platform that offers on-demand as well as live streaming of movies, series, and news from over 200 genre-specific channels without any subscription fee or signing-up process required. It also has personalization options like giving users access to their favorite genres or tailor-made playlists for different occasions like sports, comedy, etc. What makes it stand out the most is that it offers its users a chance to enjoy videos from different sources like Hulu and Vevo.

7) Crackle


  • Destination URL: crackle.com

Crackle is an online streaming website that features full-length movies, TV series as well short films over many genres. Users do not need to pay or register in order to watch content on Crackle but instead can stream right away with ad-supported videos. Additionally, its user-friendly design makes it easier to navigate and find the content one needs in the shortest possible time frame.

8) SolarMovie


  • Destination URL: solarmovie.mom

Solar Movie is an online streaming service that provides unlimited access to movies and series for free without any subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. It also features a lot of genre-specific subcategories making it easy for users with different tastes in films to search accordingly. Additionally, its user-friendly interface with multiple sorting options enables users to quickly find the content of their interest.

9) StreamLord


  • Destination URL: streamlord.com

StreamLords is an online movie streaming service that allows one access to movies and series from around the world for free with no subscription fee. It offers a variety of genre-specific titles and makes sure that there are no ad interruptions during playback. Furthermore, its intuitive navigation menus make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

10) Internet Archive

Internet Archive

  • Destination URL: archive.org/details/movies

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, software, and other digital media available for the public domain across the world. It not only provides access to classic films but also features an extensive film collection with titles from the early television era through to present-day streaming services like Netflix or Hulu providing users with a wide range of options.

11) Vumoo


  • Destination URL: vumoo.to

Vumoo is another great online streaming platform that provides access to thousands of films and series for free with no subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. It also features its own tool “ZapIt” enabling quick switching between devices one streams from so users have an uninterrupted viewing experience on multiple platforms like Roku, AppleTV, etc.

12) Viewster (now ConTV)


  • Destination URL: contv.com

ConTV is a streaming service that offers access to various titles from multiple genres including cult favorites, documentaries, and comic books for free with no subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. Aside from movies and series, it also contains original content in its library like Anime selections making it a great one-stop shop for different viewers’ interests.

13) Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

  • Destination URL: freemoviescinema.com

Free Movies Cinema is an online streaming service that delivers over 5000 different movies and series from various genres to its users free of charge with no signup or subscription fee required. It also features a community section enabling viewers to rate films, share comments, etc which makes it great for interaction amongst movie buffs in general.

14) Movie Stars

Movie Stars

  • Destination URL: moviestars.to

MovieStars, as the name suggests, is a streaming site dedicated to movies from a variety of genres. It offers users an extensive library full of hit titles each with its own description page including user comments and overall ratings. Furthermore, it has the convenience that no subscription or sign-up is necessary in order to watch the content on their website enabling users immediate access without any additional setup.

15) Bounce TV

Bounce TV

  • Destination URL: bouncetv.com

BounceTV is an online streaming service that features shows, comedic sketches, and even some sports content that users can watch for free with no subscription fee or ad interruptions during playback. It also allows users to easily search by genre and Date of Birth giving it added flexibility along with its convenient user interface.

16) Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

  • Destination URL: topdocumentaryfilms.com

TopDocumentary is an online streaming service offering a comprehensive catalog of award-winning documentaries from around the world set up in such a manner that viewers can search for titles of their interest with ease. It also allows users to easily read the description and reviews about each film as well as recommend similar releases that one may find enjoyable.

17) AZMovies


  • Destination URL: azm.to

AZMovies is an online streaming service that offers free access to a large library of movies, series, shows, and other digital content without any subscription fee or ads interruptions during playback Its intuitive navigation menus make it easy for users to quickly look up the content which they want and its categorization options enable searching by genre, language or even actor/actress with ease.


Thewatchseries was once among the most popular streaming websites available on the internet till its eventual closure due to copyright infringement issues that left many fans without access to the content they love. Fortunately, with so many alternative services available now such as YouTube, IMDb TV, and Vudu, etc, viewers are really spoiled for choice. Hence, one can still enjoy their favorite movies and series online without breaking any laws or suffering from excessive advertisement interruptions during playback. END_

Thewatchseries FAQs

1) Why was TheWatchSeries Shut Down?

The main reason behind the shutdown of TheWatchSeries was due to copyright infringement issues as proper licensing and distribution were not followed. This led to legal problems ultimately resulting in its closure.

2) Is Free Streaming Legal?

No, streaming content from online sources without proper licensing is illegal and can result in punitive consequences if found to be doing so. Thus, it’s always better to exercise caution when viewing free content on the web.

3) Are There Any Safe Alternatives To TheWatchSeries?

Yes! There are many safe alternatives that offer a wide selection of movies, series, and other digital content without any copyright infringement issues. Some popular services include YouTube, IMDbTV, Vudu, etc.

4) How Can I Access Content Without Ads?

Ads are usually seen on free streaming websites which may be annoying from time to time but there are some platforms that do not feature ads during playbacks such as Tubi TV or Popcornflix for instance.

5) Is thewatchseries Website Down for Good?

Yes, unfortunately, it is no longer active and will never be revived again. Users looking to enjoy their favorite movies or series online must now look towards other alternatives like YouTube, IMDb TV, and Vudu instead.