15 Tasquitos Alternatives to Take Your Online Freelancing Jobs to the Next Level

Tasquitos – An Overview

Tasquitos was a popular online freelancing job platform that allowed users from across the globe to find and apply for jobs in their specific fields. Unfortunately, as of April 2021, Tasquitos has officially shut down after more than 10 years of providing an invaluable service.

What Happened to Tasquitos?

Although the exact reason for the closure of Tasquitos remains uncertain, it is speculated that their business model was no longer viable. Despite its popularity, its prices meant they were unable to compete with other competitors and failed to attract more users. The lack of new job offers compared to other platforms also contributed greatly towards its downfall as demand steadily declined over time.

15 Alternatives to Tasquitos for Online Freelancing Jobs



Freelancer is one of the best alternatives when it comes to finding online freelancing job opportunities. It boasts an impressive database containing more than 14 million users and a comprehensive system that allows businesses and employers to find and hire skilled professionals from all over the world in almost any field they need. Additionally, their fee structure is comparatively low compared to other competitors, allowing users to make a decent profit.



Upwork is another website that can help you find excellent freelance job opportunities right from your home. It has an impressive database and boasts one of the most comprehensive search systems in the industry. Users are actively ranked based on their skills and performance, making it easy for employers to find skilled professionals quickly. The fees here are also relatively low compared to other competitors as well so you can find great deals.



FlexJobs is one of the top alternatives to Tasquitos, offering a wide range of job opportunities with different types of employer settings, along with competitive salaries and an excellent customer service team. Employers can post jobs in almost any industry they need, and people from across the world can apply for these postings, making it a great option for those looking to supplement their income or even start full-time online freelancing jobs.



Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services and is one of the most popular alternatives to Tasquitos. It has a straightforward interface that makes it easy to find work in almost any industry, ranging from graphic design and programming to music production and translations. Additionally, Fiverr also offers unique features such as setting up recurring payments, time tracking, collaboration tools and more which make it a great option for those looking to get the job done quickly and efficiently.



TaskRabbit is a platform that allows users to post tasks they need help with and have them completed by online freelancers around the world in no time. They offer a wide range of services spanning from basic things like lawn care, pet sitting or grocery shopping all the way up to more complex projects such as web design, software development and copywriting. The fees here are also quite competitive, and the features are similar to that of Tasquitos, making it a great alternative.

Collective Work:

Collective Work

Collective Work is one of the newer options for freelancers seeking online job opportunities, but don’t let their lack of years fool you as they offer incredibly helpful tools such as blog posts, articles & documents along with other numerous services related to support, software development and content writing. Collective Work also allows employers and clients from all around the world to directly find freelance talents for their specific needs.



Codemap is a website service that offers software development services from professionals around the globe, including code review, support and testing assistance. It boasts an impressive network of more than 10 million users along with features such as project-based freelancing, video conferencing, team collaboration and more which make it a great option for anyone looking to work in this field regardless of their experience.



HYVE provides freelance services in a multitude of areas, including engineering, web design and finance, as well as marketing and customer service. Their fees are surprisingly low compared to other competitors, which makes it an excellent choice for both employers and freelancers alike. Additionally, HYVE also offers collaboration tools, task tracking & time-tracking features along with customized job postings to ensure that the best talent is attracted quickly at the lowest cost.

Hubstaff Talent:

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a great online freelance platform for finding work in almost any field, ranging from content writing to software engineering or even photography, without needing actual office space. With its impressive network of more than 5 million freelancers worldwide and easy-to-use platforms, Hubstaff talent allows employers to find workers suitable for their specific needs quickly and with minimal cost.



Narrato.io is a great platform for finding high-quality digital professionals from around the world in almost any area and at a reasonable cost. It allows employers to search through an extensive database of freelancers and connect with potential matches within minutes. Additionally, Narrato also offers onboarding support as well as secure payment processing, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled safely and professionally.



SproutGigs is a personalized job search platform that helps employers find talented yet affordable professionals from around the world in almost any field. With detailed profiles and intelligent algorithms, SproutGigs makes it easier to connect with those perfect for your projects quickly without needing extensive interviewing processes or fee negotiation haggles which reduces cost and man hours overall.



PeoplePerHour is an online global freelance marketplace where employers can post their project requirements along with their desired rates and find freelance professionals in almost any area they need quickly. The website allows freelancers to easily show off their skills, portfolio, education and experience while employers can also select rating systems to ensure quality as well as a secure payment process that ensures client’s funds are safe during the duration of the contract.



Guru is an excellent alternative for those looking for reliable yet affordable services from around the globe. With its easy-to-use tools and comprehensive search systems, Guru makes it incredibly simple for employers to find the perfect freelancer they need in almost any field. The services here are also surprisingly low considering their wide range of features allowing clients to hire excellent professionals without breaking the bank.



Toptal is one of the best alternatives when it comes to finding highly skilled software development experts quickly and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional staffing agencies. They have a selection of experts from across the globe that cover software development, data science, engineering and design fields who can fill almost any type of project needs for businesses and employers in no time.



99designs is one of the most popular options when it comes to finding talented designers quickly and efficiently. With over 20 million applications being processed annually, this platform provides an incredible array of designs ranging from logo creation to web development that caters to almost any purpose and budget. Additionally, their pricing structure is also surprisingly affordable, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a one-stop solution for all their design needs.

Tasquitos FAQs

1: When did Tasquitos shut down?

Tasquitos officially shut down in April 2021 after more than 10 years of providing online freelancing job opportunities.

2: What is the reason behind Tasquitos’s closure?

The exact cause of Tasquitos’s shutdown remains unknown. However, it is suspected that their business model was no longer viable as fees and new job offers kept declining over time.

3: Are there any alternatives to Tasquitos?

Yes, there are plenty of excellent alternatives to Tasquitos, such as Freelancer, Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr and TaskRabbit, just to name a few.

4: What services make the Tasquitos Alternatives offer?

The alternatives are almost identical to that of Tasquitso, with different platforms offering different services such as software development, data science, engineering and design fields while others specialize in more complex projects like web design or content writing.

5: Are there any fees involved with the alternatives?

Most of the Tasquitos Alternatives have their own fee structures that vary according to each platform. Generally, fees are quite competitive compared to traditional staffing agencies and lower than most competitors, which makes them even more attractive to employers.

6: What features make these alternatives stand out from one another?

Each Alternative has a unique set of features suiting different purposes, such as Freelancer’s comprehensive search system, Fiverr’s recurring payments, and HYVE’s team collaboration etc. Additionally, some platforms offer useful extras such as project-based freelancing, time tracking & task tracking or even secure payment processing for extra safety.

7: Are the alternatives reliable?

Yes, each Tasquitos Alternative is completely safe and secure. All of them boast comprehensive databases with rating systems for employers to ensure quality as well as support teams and Vividly skilled freelancers who provide help whenever needed. In conclusion, Tasquitos may be gone, but there are still plenty of excellent alternatives that can solve the same problem. These Alternative platforms offer a wide range of services and features at competitive prices allowing employers to find professionals quickly and with minimal cost. Make sure you check each one out before deciding which is best suited for your needs!