14 StudentUniverse Alternatives That Might Offer The Best Deals For You!

Get To Know What is StudentUniverse?

StudentUniverse is a travel platform for students and youth ages 18-25. It offers exclusive discounts on airfare, hotels and hostel bookings – making it easier for young people across the world to explore places as well as seek educational opportunities outside their home countries. The company lost a considerable number of customers in 2020 due to the pandemic and thus, many are now on the lookout for StudentUniverse Alternatives that they can use to book flights, hotels or other travel services at better discounts. Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of alternatives to Studentuniverse you might have access to!

What Happened To StudentUniverse?

StudentUnivers had experienced financial difficulties pre-pandemic, as the cost of maintaining their services surged gradually and kept increasing. Although the platform implemented several strategies to make up for these financial losses; however, it never recovered from them. Then came 2020, which brought forth an Unprecedented spike in canceled flights due to Coronavirus Pandemic had made worse StudentUnivers’ situation forced many travelers to opt for alternatives sources like Kayaks etc to book aviation tickets online

Alternatives To StudentUniverse You Must Check Out



If you’re looking for StudentUniverse alternatives, Kayak is another great choice. The site allows users to conduct comparative searches of hundreds of different airlines and compare prices on thousands of flights worldwide in just a few clicks! With its advanced search filters, time-saving tools, alerts and detailed travel info – it makes a flight booking an easier task. What’s more, Kayak also offers hotel booking and car rental services at unbeatable prices!



Founded in 2003, Skyscanner is another one of the best StudentUniverse alternatives. With over 70 million users worldwide, it enables users to search and compare prices on flights from more than 1,200 airlines all across the globe. The platform helps find great deals within seconds as well as determine what destinations won’t break travelers’ budgets. Skyscanner’s goal is to ensure travelers get the best deals possible.

Invisible Hand:

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand is a popular platform used for flight price comparisons and tracking prices on specific destinations at cheaper rates! It notifies users about discounted fares on flights and hot airfares and saves valuable time in searching for lowest-fare tickets across various websites. With their intuitive user interface and reliable customer support system, it’s no wonder that Invisible hand has become the preferred choice for many travelers.

Google Flights:

Google Flights

Google flights is another alternative to StudentUniverse, and it is considered one of the most reliable sites around! It offers a wide range of services, from ticket booking and flight comparisons to destination suggestions – all at unbeatable prices! What sets Google Flight apart though, are its comprehensive filtering features that allow users to customize searches according to their budget, travel dates and preferences. Keep an eye out for other great features like price graphs that compare the prices of different flights.



With its powerful user interface and an array of advanced search filters, Momondo is quickly becoming one of the best StudentUniverse Alternatives out there! It offers detailed information on tickets, including cancellation policies and fees as well as a range of helpful tools to find discount fares with little effort. You can also save up to 40 percent on airfare with this platform, making it a great choice for budget-savvy travelers.



Another noteworthy alternative to StudentUniverse is Kiwi! This search engine helps users compare prices on flights and get unbeatable deals in an instant – saving claimants time as well as money. With its “Flexible Tickets” feature, you no longer have to worry about changing plans or losing the cost of your flight if something changes last minute.



Being one of the most popular travel websites, Expedia offers a wide range of services like booking flights, hotels and car rentals directly from its website. It also features helpful tools to compare prices on tickets and track price fluctuations across different airlines. What makes it stand out is that customers can earn rewards every time they book their trips as well as other great deals!



Hopper is another great option for those looking for StudentUniverse Alternatives. With its advanced machine Learning algorithms, this platform analyses over 3 billion flights daily and predicts the lowest prices 30 days in advance – giving users enough time to plan their trips ahead. What’s more, customers can save up to 10 percent per ticket by subscribing to the Hoppers app!



With Priceline, travelers have access to an exclusive range of discounts on hotels, flights and car rentals. It also aids customers in finding better prices for accommodations by providing detailed information on guest reviews, hotel ratings etc. Furthermore, the platform offers access to guides and deals as well as travel tips to help users save while they travel!



Another popular choice for StudentUniverse Alternatives is Orbitz – a leader in providing services related to the traveling hospitality industry. It offers a great range of services like ticket booking, hotel reservations, car rentals etc., at affordable prices. Furthermore, customers can save up to 30 percent per trip when they sign up with the Orbitz loyalty program – making it a no-brainer choice for budget-conscious travelers!


Q1: What are the best StudentUniverse Alternatives?

A: Some of the best StudentUniverse Alternatives are Kayak, Skyscanner, Invisible Hand, Google Flights, Momondo, Kiwi and Expedia.

Q2: What’s special about Expedia?

A: Expedia offers great discounts on flights, hotels and car rentals as well as access to guides and travel tips to help customers save while they travel! It also features helpful tools such as price comparison charts which can assist customers in getting the best prices available.

Q3: Does Hopper offer discounts?

A: Yes, the Hoppers app offers up to 10 percent discount for tickets when customers subscribe to them. It also provides detailed information on flights, airfares and saving tips to help users save more money.

Q4: How does Kiwi work?

A: Kiwi is a search engine that allows travelers to compare prices on flights and get unbeatable deals. It also features a “Flexible Tickets” option, which enables users to change plans or cancel their booking without losing the cost of the ticket!

Q5: What sets Google Flights apart from other alternatives?

A: Google Flights offers comprehensive filtering options for customers that allow them to customize searches according to budget, travel dates and preferences. The platform also provides a price graph to compare the prices of different flights.

Q6: Does Invisible Hand provide customer support?

A: Yes, Invisible hand has an experienced customer service team that offers reliable help with any technical or booking-related queries. The platform is user-friendly and also notifies users about discounted fares on airfares which helps them save valuable time in searching for lowest-fare tickets.


StudentUniverse has been a popular platform for young travelers seeking to save money on travel services. However, owing to the 2020 pandemic – it lost a lot of its customers, and this gave an opening for several alternative sites like Kayak, Skyscanner etc., that offer great deals at unbeatable prices! With their powerful user interfaces, detailed information resources, loyalty programs and reliable customer support system, these sites are certainly better options than StudentUniverse in terms of convenience and price range.