17 StreamEast Alternatives for 2023: The Best Stream Sites to Watch Sports

StreamEast was a go-to website for sports fanatics around the world who wanted to access their favorite events online. It allowed people to stream live games and matches from every sport, as well as highlights and replays from recent matches free of cost. It also featured a large collection of classic sports events, as well as documentary films related to sports. Sadly enough, StreamEast shut down in 2021 which has left its fans wondering where they will be getting their fix from now on.

What Happened to StreamEast?

It’s not known why exactly the site was closed down but it can probably be attributed to the rise of piracy issues that websites like these face because streaming copyrighted content for free infringes on the rights of broadcasters who hold exclusive TV rights to stream sports. Additionally, StreamEast also faced a lot of criticism for allowing memberships and viewings from countries like North Korea, Syria and Iran which are blacklisted by certain broadcasting networks.

Best Alternatives for StreamEast

With the sports world still reeling from the closure of StreamEast it’s time to move on and find some reliable websites that can be used to stream sports in its place. Here are 17 of the best StreamEast alternatives that you can consider for streaming your favorite sporting events live:



ESPN is one of the oldest and most popular names when it comes to sports broadcasts and their website, ESPN.com provides users with an easy way to access all kinds of content related to sports like highlights, replays and live streaming as well. It’s a paid subscription streaming service but the price is well worth it in terms of content and quality. Moreover, ESPN has free mobile apps for easier watching at any time.

Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports

Another great alternative for StreamEast, Fox Sports Go also offers top-notch live broadcasts as well as highlights packages and replays with an impressive selection of upcoming events. It’s available on almost all devices and can be accessed either online or through their mobile app. It’s also relatively cheaper than other sites with plans starting at $49.99 a month.



If you’re looking for free streaming services, Sportsurge is the way to go as it does not charge anything for its content and doesn’t require any signup either! All you have to do is open its webpage and get access to live sports streams from around the world which is accompanied by both audio and video commentary. Plus, there are no annoying ads or pop-ups when you’re using Sportsurge to stream sports either.



This website lets you watch a variety of sports events being held around the world with an impressive selection including NFL games, tennis matches and more. It also provides users with access to replays if they have missed out on any event while providing them links to additional sources from where they can watch it. Plus, the website is available for free which makes it a great StreamEast alternative.


Laola1 TV

Boasting more than 700 categories of sports including golf, volleyball, basketball and others Laola1 provides HD streams from around the world as well as replays in up to 8 languages too! It’s also got live channels linked to its page making it an ideal on-the-go streaming service whether you’re at home or the office.



As its name suggests, this website streams live events related to football, basketball and tennis but it also runs coverage on other sports as well like hockey and UFC. The sheer selection of games available makes it one of the best alternatives out there along with its no-sign-up policy and easy navigation interface too!



Another great website for streaming sports is Crackstreams which works similarly to StreamEast used by offering both live streams and replays. It doesn’t require any kind of signup either and offers content catered particularly towards boxing, MMA, basketball and football fans too.



Specifically catered towards European football leagues like Serie A or the premier league Hesgoal gives users access to high-quality streams with audio commentary as well. It’s also got a good selection of live channels, behind the scenes content and interviews with players and managers too making it an ideal StreamEast alternative for football fans in particular.



For NFL fanatics out there NFLBite offers top-notch streaming services whether you’re watching from home or on the go because it supports almost every device available today! Plus, with streams in both HD and SD quality as well as audio commentary, NFLBite is definitely a great alternative to the soon-to-be missed StreamEast.



Myp2p offers a wide range of sports streaming like football, basketball and tennis but also motorsports and golf events too! All streams provided by this site are free though it does require its users to upgrade from time to time in order for them to continue with their streaming sessions as usual.



This website provides users access to a variety of sports streams in up to 5 languages including English, French and Spanish. Along with free streaming services it also shares news regarding sports events all over the world as you watch them too making it an ideal replacement for StreamEast!



A popular choice among many Streamers Firstrowsportes is packed with a wide selection of sports content including ice hockey, basketball and other European sport leagues. Not only that it also has one of the better streaming qualities around too making it an ideal StreamEast replacement for anyone who tried out their services as well.



Also known as Streamsport this website offers high-quality streams without any fees! It’s got dedicated pages to most major sporting events going on round the world too which means users won’t ever miss out on any game as per their preferences. Moreover, it also provides both free and premium services for its users as well making it a great StreamEast replacement in every aspect.


Like many of the other Streamers mentioned above Lshunter is focused mainly around sports with popular leagues like UEFA having their own specific pages to access streaming events playing out all over Europe. It’s got an extensive list of categories to choose from as well so you’ll never run out content once its page has been opened up!


This website claims that is one of the best websites for streaming sports, and it isn’t wrong. Offering free access to a large collection rare archives, replays and even some live events this site lets users get their hands on almost any kind of sports related content which makes it an outstanding StreamEast alternative.


Similar to many of the other options StreamSports provides users with access to a large collection of sports events playing out around the globe which are available in HD quality as well without ads! Plus, they also has audio commentary and an interactive chatbot that can guide you through your streaming sessions too making it one of the better options for sports streams right now.



Viprow has been around for quite some time now and it often acts as an alternative to many of the other sites out there when it comes down to streaming sports jointly or independently with its affiliated pages. Viprow also provides users access to a huge collection of replays too which means you won’t ever have to miss out on any event due to your busy schedule either!

StreamEast FAQs

What Happened to StreamEast?

StreamEast closed down in 2021 as it faced a lot of criticism for allowing memberships and viewings from countries like North Korea, Syria, and Iran which are blacklisted by certain broadcasting networks. It can also be attributed to the rise of piracy issues that websites like these face because streaming copyrighted content for free infringes on the rights of broadcasters who hold exclusive TV rights to stream sports.

Are These Alternatives Free?

Most of the options listed above provide both free and paid streaming services. Stream2Watch, Sportsurge, BatmanStream and NFLBite are all completely free to use but if you’re looking for more comprehensive packages then ESPN or Fox Sports Go can be used with subscription fees starting from $49.99 a month for access to their content.

Which StreamEast Alternative is Best For Football Fans?

Hesgoal is the best alternative out there when it comes down to streaming football matches due to its extensive focus on European leagues like Serie A or the Premier League. It provides users with access to high-quality streams along with audio commentary making it the go-to source for football fanatics.

Are There Any Mobile App For These Streams?

Yes! ESPN, Fox Sports Go and NFLBite all have mobile apps available which make watching sports on the go a lot easier. Additionally, most of these websites can be accessed from computers too though make sure to check if your device is supported beforehand as well.