30 Best Sky Sports Alternatives for 2023

Sky Sports is a British television company dedicated to sports. Their channels include Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Cricket and many others. They also have online services such as the Sky Sports app and website which enables users to watch live streaming of various international sporting events in HD quality across devices like mobiles, laptops and computers. Sky Sports offers a variety of sports coverage from around the world.

What Happened to Sky Sports?

Recently, there have been reports that Sky has decided to cease its satellite television services in 2020 due to falling viewership numbers and increasing costs associated with the broadcasting rights for some sports channels on their service. This would mean no more live streaming services from Sky Sports and fans are left wondering what other options they have to watch their favorite sports.

29 Best Sky Sports Alternatives

Sky Sports’ closure has left many fans disappointed, but those wanting to continue watching live sporting events in HD quality don’t need to despair just yet. The following 30 alternatives provide a great solution that will cater to everyone across the board and make sure no one misses out on any of their favourite matches or tournaments – whatever sport it might be.




One of the leading names in sports streaming, Sport365 stands out for its superior HD video quality and reliable coverage that is available on a range of different devices including mobiles and laptops. This service also provides users with a comprehensive guide to upcoming events so they can never miss their favourite game or tournament again.



If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing interface, BatmanStream is your go-to option. It has a clean and attractive layout which makes it easy to navigate along with detailed event overviews so you know what’s coming up next. Additionally, users get access to featured sports news and previews throughout the year to keep them informed about all that is going on in the sporting world.



SportSurge offers an impressive array of live-streaming options including coverage of different sports and events, leagues, news and previews. It also has an extensive collection of videos so you can relive the best moments again and again.



This live-streaming site prides itself on delivering a smooth user experience with minimal buffering times regardless of internet speed and device. In addition to providing detailed overviews about what’s on offer, BuffStream also allows users to set reminders for their favourite teams playing.



For those looking for an immersive experience, SportStream has a unique feature called “watch parties” which allows up to 6 people at once to tune in and watch their favourite sports matches with friends or family remotely. It also has a very active website discussion section where members can share news or insights about any particular sports event they may be watching together.



SonyLIV is an all-in-one sports streaming website where users can watch live matches or browse through old archives. It has a library of past events and matches making it very easy to search for the match or tournament you’re looking for with accurate descriptions helping you decide which ones are worth watching.



As the namesake implies, Ronaldo7 offers comprehensive coverage of real-life footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar, plus various other sports personalities. It provides users with up-to-date news and analysis about players as well as match highlights so you can stay in the loop even if you miss out on a particular game.



Bilasport is another very popular sports streaming website that’s dedicated solely to American leagues like NFL and NBA. Firstly, it has an easy user interface which makes navigation very intuitive and secondly, it also has a comprehensive array of sports content from across the country making it ideal for those looking to keep up with American teams.



Crackstreams is an excellent live streaming option if you’re watchful about internet speeds as some other services are limited in this regard. It caters specifically to users living outside the US so that they don’t have to suffer through slow-loading sites. It also provides current news and analysis related to different sports plus highlights of previous matches which makes it a top pick for many.



This platform is one of the most trusted online sites if you’re looking for live streams on various international sporting events – first-row sports offers quality streaming services at great prices. It works perfectly with any device so you can use smartphones, tablets or pc to access some of the best matches from around the world.



What sets Stream2watch apart is its comprehensive coverage of various sports and live streaming for desktop, laptop and mobile devices. It also stores archives of past matches so you can go back in time and catch up on some classic games if need be. Furthermore, there’s a highly active discussion board full of interesting conversations related to different events going on in the sporting world which makes this an ideal place if you’re looking to connect with other sporting fans.



StopStream provides users with a superlative viewing experience complete with HD streaming and detailed overviews of different live matches taking place worldwide. The audio-video synchronization makes this an ideal platform for those who want to tune into sports matches in real time.



This website offers you an amazing experience not only with its clean and user-friendly interface but also the fact that it allows you to watch live matches from across the world. Plus, users get access to extensive archives of past events so they can enjoy games bygone anytime.


Laola1 TV

Laola1 stands out for its huge MultiSport TV Guide which lets viewers find exactly what they’re looking for. It covers an impressive number of different sports tournaments both international as well as domestic and is the best app to get if you’re looking for some quality sporting action.



This website lets viewers catch up on sports matches in real-time ensuring they never miss out on any chance to watch their favourite team live. SportLemon also has a wide array of HD videos so that users can enjoy crystal-clear visuals anytime.



This platform is ideal for those who want to keep up with the latest sports matches regardless of where they live. RojaDirecta offers multiple streams at once so you can switch between channels without any delay and watch your favorite team in every country simultaneously.



StrikeOut stands out for its low latency streaming protocol which ensures that users experience no buffering even when watching live events on 4K UHD resolution. Similarly, it has robust and secure servers so you can watch matches without worrying about privacy or security threats.



This website is one of the top live-streaming platforms currently in operation due to its comprehensive coverage of both international as well as domestic sports. Additionally, BossCast also supports multi-language audio options for a more refined viewing experience along with an easy navigation system throughout the site.



A great alternative to Sky Sports offerings, fuboTV has an impressive line-up of HD and SD channels with up to 500 hours of storage space allowing users to save and watch their favourite shows at any time. It also supports multiple languages for easy viewing as well.

Bally Sports

This streaming service is ideal if you’re looking for coverage on some major leagues like NBA and NFL since it provides comprehensive schedules plus plenty of other sports-related content like news, analysis and highlights.



CricFree is the go-to website if you’re looking for in-depth coverage of top cricketing events taking place around the world. It provides live streaming with HD quality along with detailed overviews so viewers can decide what matches they want to watch at any given time.


ESPN+ is the perfect platform for those wanting detailed overviews along with HD-quality streaming of different sports taking place around the globe. The low latency network ensures you can watch matches without any buffering and its vast archive allows users to access recordings from past tournaments too.



DAZN stands out for having a tailor-made viewing experience thanks to its sophisticated content library which enables viewers to catch up on various events from across countries at once. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and with DAZN’s “Cut the cord” feature; you are allowed access even if your internet connection is not great.



Hotstar is an India-specific streaming service boasting a vast library of content from cricket matches plus other sports like tennis, badminton, hockey etc. It also provides quality coverage of various Hollywood movies and TV shows along with in-depth previews and news of different sports events taking place all year round.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports

NBC has one of the best live-streaming services with plenty of options to choose from. It also offers extensive coverage on most major teams and leagues making it ideal if you’re looking for some quality American sporting action. Lastly, its “Quick Links” feature makes navigation throughout the site very easy.



SportRAR is an excellent alternative for those looking for detailed schedules along with reliable live streams. Its in-built high-definition video ensures viewers can watch the match with utmost clarity and its extensive database covers almost all major international sports tournaments.



MamaHD is a free streaming platform that offers reliable HD-quality streams of various popular sporting events. It also has a library of old matches which are available round the clock plus detailed overviews of each upcoming tournament so you never miss your favourite team’s latest game.



LiveTV provides up-to-date coverage of various events plus its dynamic interface makes it straightforward for viewers to navigate through the site. It also has a news and analysis section where users can read in-depth articles related to different sporting matches or tournaments they wish to watch.



VIPLeague is an all-inclusive streaming website that offers quality live feeds along with extensive archives of past games and tournament highlights which makes it ideal for those looking to stay informed about international sports. It also has a mobile version making it easy for users to watch live events on the go.

Sky Sports FAQs

What happened to Sky Sports?

Sky Sports ceased its satellite television services in 2020 due to falling viewership numbers and increasing costs associated with broadcasting rights.

Is there an app available for Sky Sports?

Yes. The Sky Sports app is available for free on iOS and Android.

What are some good alternatives to Sky Sports?

Some great alternatives include Sport365, BatmanStream, SportSurge and BuffStreams etc.

Is there any way to watch matches in HD quality using my laptop?

Yes, many of the alternatives such as SportStream and SonyLIV allow users to stream games in HD quality on their laptops.

Is there any way to watch live sports with friends or family?

Yes, platforms such as SportStream offer a “watch party” feature which allows up to 6 people at once to tune into the same match remotely. There are several alternatives available that provide high-quality HD streams and coverage from across the world at great prices. From Sportsurge for comprehensive schedules to SportStream’s watch parties – all these alternative platforms have something unique which makes them an ideal choice when it comes to watching live sporting events. No matter the sport it is or what device you choose to watch on, these platforms provide the perfect alternative to Sky Sports offerings.