20 Rojadirecta Alternatives For All The Sports Streaming Fanatics!

With streaming websites taking over the internet, rojadirecta was one of them, offering insights on what sports events are airing around the world. In short, it offered an amazing platform for sports lovers to stay connected and explore live sports happening all across the globe. However, due to unavoidable instances, they had to cease their services in 2020, which left a void in many hearts but not anymore. Here’s introducing 20 alternative solutions to rojadirecta that’ll answer all your broadcasting needs.



NBAbite is a dedicated free streaming service for NBA fandom and one of the alternatives for Rojadirecta. Unlike other sites, it offers quality content; even HD streams are available at some live events making it a more user-friendly and feature-rich resource for basketball enthusiasts. It provides detailed information on every match with schedules and scores as well, and it has a very good UI/UX design, which makes navigation easier.



USTVGO is another free streaming service for US local TV channel shows like NBCSN, ABC sports etc.; They have a fairly simple yet the best design that provides information about the most current newsfeeds. Users can live stream channels over their internet connection in different quality to suit their needs, such as 720p, 1080p etc. It has features like sports scores, highlights and highlights archives feature which makes it more enjoyable for the viewers.



For Hockey fans, NHL66 brings live streams as an alternative to rojadirecta which offers on-demand blue ray quality video with surround sound. The match details are given at the prior start of the game so that users can enjoy their favorite team games without any buffering or lagging issues or missing a single event. It has a huge selection of hockey games and matches analysis, so it is a great resource for any Hockey fan out there.



Another best alternative to rojadirecta, Stream2watch provides numerous streaming services for all types of sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball etc., with no delay or lagging. It has a very simple design with media players compatible divided by the names of the sports, which makes searching for events easier. Every day updated highlights and schedules are given on-site, so it’ll be easy to track your favorite team’s live play performance directly from their home page.



If you are looking for soccer streaming of all types, then Bosscast is the ultimate destination as they cover various international leagues and clubs Division 1 2 3 games, providing quality streams that don’t create any disturbance during the show. It also features highlights and a schedule section from previous days to help you in tracking your missed live events.



A great one for a worldwide soccer audience, GoatDEE, as an alternative for rojadirecta gives users insight into managing every detail about their team’s performance with a clear audio-video experience like upcoming schedules and past analysis of the match. It has interactive features like comments and ratings on short clips along with full-duration streams.

Mama HD


It’s one of its own kind free streaming service featuring HD-quality live links to sports events going anywhere around the world that too no surrender or ads involved; long story short, it’s a perfect alternative to rojadirecta with lots of amazing qualities in store. With the easy search feature, anyone can easily search for their team’s live stream present on its home page. Also, every event detail and hundreds of link options provide you with a quality streaming experience.



Offering similar services as rojadirecta StreamHunter provides links to all popular sports like basketball, Cricket etc. It has a unique feature called an alternator which will notify the user when a match related to his/ her search term starts at any point in the future so they can watch it without delay.



HesGoal allows sports to stream football-related events with complete live scores, past matches analysis and upcoming highlights all on one single platform making this a great alternative for rojadirecta. Its user-friendly UI makes it more efficient along with its added feature, such as a chat option where people can talk about their favorite leagues and discuss the match results etc.,



An exclusive streaming site for ESPN, by using a single account, users can browse through multiple on-demand Match news and highlights. Its wide range of collections includes coverage from NBA, EFL and even documentaries regarding different sports persons making this an ultimate streaming service for everyone who wants to watch all types of sports on one platform, having events from everywhere around the globe.

NBC Sports


For any US-related sports channels, NBC Sports provide an accessible solution as an alternative to rojadirecta. It has tons of features such as watch matching with quality links and providing the highlights from past days in full 720p HD resolution videos, which can make any fan full-heartedly happy while watching it anywhere, anytime on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.



Wherever you are, SkySports will provide the most high-quality media streaming services available online, making it an excellent option for Roku and Apple TV users by allowing steaming on both devices with its free version rate, which can be upgraded anytime if needed. It also provides in-depth coverage of sports news and updates related to Football, Cricket etc., so any user can stay connected with its desktop or mobile app by easily getting updates 24/7



For LiverpoolFC fans, the club itself provided an amazing platform for streaming their events as well as highlights from past days and fixtures collection. This particular service replaced rojadirecta with several user-friendly features such as official show coverage, live scoring analysis and match/league reporting, which makes it easier to track any LFC team’s progress.



A dedicated streaming service FeedToAll is a good substitute for rojadirecta that covers all types of sports like Football, Soccer etc., which will make the viewers joyful while watching any live matches without ads or buffering issues in their comfort zone. It may not have advanced features such as a discussion area, but it allows people to talk about their shared interests in chat rooms.



Another decent streaming site for sports VipBox is well-designed for web users who can easily get protected access within seconds of its use. It allows watching live streaming without any subscription or payment as a virtual alternative to rojadirecta; they also provide several schedule calculations and game highlights that can be viewed directly from their online library.



NBASTREAMS is a streaming platform where NBA fans can stream high-quality matches and stay up to date with reviews and schedules related to NBA games which makes it an ideal replacement for rojadirecta. On the site’s homepage, you will find out details about upcoming events within a few clicks, sporting some useful features just as alerts when any match starts or approaches its end time.



Voolcot puts up an amazing replacement for rojadirecta which provides free live streaming of basketball and other different sports channels like Golf, NFL etc.; its coverage range is worldwide as it covers sports from different countries giving the viewers more options to watch their favorite countries’ leagues. It also supports multiple video players, so you can choose whatever player suits your needs best.



An online streaming website for Major League Baseball MLB66 allows viewers to enjoy their desired sports Games with no interruption. Including free live stream and highlights from past events, Users get plenty of opportunities under this streaming site, like opting for audio commentary in any language and even marking their favorite teams so they can track upcoming games quickly.



A wonderful replacement to rojadirecta, Yoursports provides streaming coverage of premier Hockey and Football leagues, but it includes other sports notable names like Rugby, motorsport etc.; you won’t see any irritating ads here as it features a clean and smooth streaming experience without any subscription.



VIPRow offers some good sports resources for all viewers who need a substitute, just like rojadirecta in their daily lives. The stream quality is reliable, so you can watch your favorite matches or events with no buffering issues, along with its on-demand library, which provides highlights from various events.

RojanDirecta FAQs

Q: What was rojadirecta?
A: Rojadirecta was an online streaming website that used to provide information about live sports taking place around the globe. It enabled viewers worldwide to best quality content without any delay or buffering issue in their desired language.

Q: When did it cease its services?
A: Rojadirecta ceased its services in 2020 due to unavoidable instances.

Q: Do they have any mobile applications?
A: No, unfortunately, there is no official rojadiecta or alternative app available at this moment. However, you can use their websites on your respective appliances using browser support.

Q: What kind of sports is it used to cover?
A: It provided coverage for virtually each and every sport like Football, Baseball, Cricket etc., along with several other sporting events with detailed information on schedules, highlights etc.

Q: Was there any subscription required to watch or stream?
A: No subscription was involved while streaming as it used free resources only, which made this an ideal platform for all the fans of online streams.

Q: What was the quality of the streams?
A: Quality varied upon the event and its availability on free resources as it provided stream in HD, SD and BlueRay resolutions.

Q: Will I require a VPN to view the content?
A: Not necessarily; some platforms do provide restrictions or country-wise regional limits on their streams, so in such cases, one might need to get connected with any good USA or UK-based VPN for a better streaming experience.

Q: What is the best alternative to rojadirecta?
A: With 20 amazing alternatives already discussed in detail, like espn+, nbabite, ustvgo etc., it all comes down to personal preferences and availability of content. However, from all these streaming services Stream2Watch and MLB66 look promising for sports enthusiasts who want a smooth streaming experience with no delay or buffering issue whatsoever.

With all the suitable alternatives listed above, one can easily switch over without missing out on live sports progressions, So don’t worry! You won’t have to miss a single event of your favorite team as you now know what rojadirecta had and what its replacement has in store. So go ahead, choose your favorite alternative and start streaming today.