13 Best Postermywall Alternatives for 2023 – Explore and Find Your Fit

PosterMyWall was a popular online tool used to create posters, social media content, infographics, flyers etc. The platform provided users with an array of designs that could be easily customized according to their requirements. It even allowed them to add logos or photos which made it easy for marketers or organisations to promote their services/products through visual mediums such as posters. Unfortunately, Postermywall stopped offering its services in 2021 due to some cash flow issues but this doesn’t mean that users have to feel dejected as there are several alternatives they can choose from and enjoy the same benefits offered by PosterMyWall. Let’s discuss 14 of them

PosterMyWall Alternatives



Canva is a content creation platform whose features surpass those of other similar platforms out there. It has various templates for creating posters which makes it highly easy to create poster designs, no matter your experience. It also provides an array of images and logos that can be used. Furthermore, it has a drag-and-drop feature which enables you to move objects around without having to manually adjust each one individually – definitely, something users will find attractive


Piktochart is the perfect tool for creating awesome visuals within minutes, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Its simplified takeaway design system ensures there’s a minimal learning curve. It also offers a wide range of design elements as well as plenty of workflow tricks to reduce time when recovering content. This tool is best suited for those who have no experience in graphic design and need visuals quickly and with minimal efforts

Adobe Express

Adobe is renowned for its expertise in creating quality visual designs, something that clearly extends to the Adobe Spark Post offers. It has an array of easy-to-use templates featuring plenty of customization options such as font choices, theme selection, transition effects and more, which ensure you can craft unique designs with minimum effort


Marq is a popular all-in-one template design software that helps users create banners, flyers and posters in addition to overall branding materials. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for even first-time designers to start creating stunning graphics immediately. It also offers preloaded templates as well as an extensive library of art assets


Snappa allows users to quickly turn boring infographics into attention-grabbing visuals, thanks to its collection of over 5 million images. It also provides some cool features such as text overlays and image cropping options which will help you create your design without having to edit individual elements


Easel is a cost-effective online poster maker with plenty of customization options. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it suitable for both beginners and novices in the graphic designing field. In addition, the templates range from classic posters to modern designs, making it easy to create any type of poster


Placeit makes creating professional posters as simple as can be. It offers users a plethora of templates that have been optimized already for web or print formats and all you need to do is insert your image in the blank space provided within the template. On top of this, there are plenty more customization options available too

Gravit Designer

This online graphic designing tool provides an intuitive interface which helps in crafting stunning visuals quickly. Gravit’s feature-rich environment including grids, images and symbols makes it a great choice for those creating posters on a budget or with a limited time

Clip Studio Paint

If you are looking for professional-grade artwork, Clip Studio Paint is definitely your go-to solution. Its layered scene node editor offers a wide range of exportable formats making it suitable for creating digital art or publishing content to the web easily

Font Awesome


Font Awesome makes it easy for designers and non-designers alike to add custom fonts and designs to their posters as well as other types of visuals. By licensing over 1000 icons – including free ones – users can quickly find a design that meets their needs


DesignBold offers a simple online editor which helps you to create stunning posters easily, with almost no learning curve. It also offers plenty of fonts, images and logos that can be used while designing any kind of poster without spending too much time


Desygner is a great choice for anyone looking to make engaging visuals quickly thanks to its vast library stocked with illustrations and royalty-free photographs as well as its intuitive user interface. Its wide range of templates makes it highly suitable for all kinds of poster designs


Overall, these 14 PosterMyWall alternatives offer a range of tools and features that cater to a wide array of design needs. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more complex, there is an option out there perfect for your requirements. Check the above options out and make sure to pick the one which meets your needs perfectly!