27 Exciting Pokemon Showdown Alternatives for 2023

Pokemon Showdown was an amazing way to battle and make your own team of Pokemon. Despite being one of the best simulators, this site has gone offline in 2021 which has made a whole lot of trainers look for alternatives that provide similar features. To help you out with it here are 27 exciting Pokemon showdown alternatives available in 2023.

Pokemon Showdown – An Overview

Pokemon Showdown was a popular, free, and play-by-post simulator that allowed players to make teams of Pokémon in order to battle with other opponents on the same site. Through this game, users could create personalized accounts, build teams consisting of different Pokemon monsters and trade them like real-life owners. The site had gained immense popularity over the years until 2021 when it went offline after 14 long years leaving millions of trainers devastated and looking for options similar to Pokemon Showdown.

What happened to the Pokemon Showdown?

After pacing steadily through the years, the Pokemon Showdown site announced its closure in 2021 due to certain valid reasons. For example, a lack of players and the inability of the development team to keep up with the latest game updates caused this classic simulator to shut down operations. Since then users have been looking for similar sites that provide a similar gaming experience as Pokemon Showdown used to give them back in their day. So here are the 27 alternative options available for the Pokemon Showdown in 2023.

Best Pokémon Showdown Alternatives for 2023

1. Tuxemon:


This open-source, free, and classic RPG game includes features like an intuitive editing system to customize your unique experience with over 850 diverse species available on their website along with individual creature AI control mechanisms and a turn-based fighting system that enables users to build tactical strategies while they fight.

2. Shoddy Battle:

Shoddy Battle

This simulator comes with a downloading and installable version that helps users to battle sharply against their opponents in turn-based mode while allowing them to set rules according to game-level abilities like using legit Pokemon or cheating modes etc. It’s sure to give all the hardcore trainers an adrenaline rush!

3. OpMon:


Based on the classic Pokemon Blue version, OpMon is a customizable turn-based Pokemon simulator that enables trainers to level up their monsters in order to face the toughest opponents head-on. It also allows you access to unique forms of battling like collaborative and gym battles while giving them various rewards for completing levels faster.

4. Pokemon Laboratory:

Pokemon Laboratory

This open-source simulator gives users unlimited freedom to design Pokemon lineups and teams for complex, tournament-level fights where players battle each other live online in real time. It also supports several modes, including team previewing, item picking, and global ladders for competing with top players around the world.

5. Smogon:


A great platform for serious Pokemon trainers who take battling on Pokémon simulator sites seriously, Smogon provides a wide range of services such as running tournaments, setting up teams to battle each other, and a Superbuzz system that helps players find out new strategies from others.

6. Pokémon Online:

Pokémon Online

An online simulator developed in 2011, It allows trainers to battle each other in real-time and set up gyms where they can compete with each other’s teams while maintaining the authenticity of a classic Pokemon showdown game as rivals still fall into their hands when they least expect it!

7. Chrono Trigger:

Chrono Trigger

This interactive roleplaying site offers players great Pokemon simulation experiences featuring incredible 3D graphics, an engaging storyline, and a true-to-life turn-based simulator that allows users to customize the rules of their games such as teams with multiple individual players or single-player battles.

8. Monster Rancher:

Monster Rancher

This old yet interesting game has various adventurous and currently trending mini-games where users can create their own monsters and battle them against each other in order to battle for high scores and masteries over Pokemon showdown battles.

9. Jade Cocoon 2:

Jade Cocoon 2

A great alternative for those who don’t want the graphics or storyline of the monster ranch, this Simulator allows players to customize their team compositions to adapt and overcome whatever Game Level comes in front making it a good substitute for Pokemon showdowns’ adventure mode.

10. Pokemon World Online:

Pokemon World Online

An interactive 3D RPG website that provides users with an unbeatable Pokemon battle simulator with customizable move sets and battles. Players get to choose from a large selection of Realistic backgrounds, Customization options that help players design unique avatar looks and even team up or compete against random strangers online.

11. Pokemon Vortex:

Pokemon Vortex

A good choice for the serious battlers who want to make sure their opponents play on completely legit teams rather than cheat in battle mode, this site ensures its users are facing off against trained human players and not bots with its ‘ Verify’ feature which looks out for any suspicious activity while they browse.

12. Pokemon Planet:

Pokemon Planet

Featuring a unique interactive world where trainers can set up Gyms, join Puzzles and Collectors Club, mine gems from mountainsides or even explore dark caves in the process- this game lets users stay completely immersed no matter how long their battle lasts!

13. Pokemon Reborn:

pokemon reborn

A standalone, mobile, and web-based Pokemon simulator made for users all around the world. It features a brilliantly crafted storyline centered on player decisions, an incredible fighting system, and intriguing tasks like freeing captured monsters from cages in various regions along with detailed animations that make it stand out completely.

14. Pokemon 3D:

Pokemon 3D

Adding rich graphics to the simulation list is this amazing game which is based on the legendary adventure mode of three different generations. It allows users to battle random or preset trainers, trade team Pokemon and defeated wild Pokemon in order to build their own gyms for tournaments online.

15. Pokemon Infinite Fusion:

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

A turn-based simulator gives players complete control over which games they play on any professional platform with multiple brains playing alongside them. It also provides great customizability options such as ability manipulation tools that let the users create brand-new variants of legendary creatures!

16. Pokemon Revolution Online:

Pokemon Revolution Online

A Classic 3D simulator that turns players into trainers and gives a basis involving adventure featuring over 700 varied Pokemon species available to be caught, trained, and battled against others through a simple & easy turn-based system for gamers all across the world!

17. PokeMMO:


Created from scratch by game developers as an alternative to main series games, this site features an open playground where users explore beautiful regions with their own customizable avatars and level up Pokemon earned in battles against opponents from around the world!

18. Pokemon Uranium:

Pokemon Uranium

This open-source version combines classic game genres, offering players a unique spin on the main-series games by delivering vibrant graphics and interesting storylines while giving users access to over 190 new species which can be used during battles as well postgame activities.

19. Pokemon Zeta/Omicron:

Pokemon Zeta Omicron

A fan-made version, this simulator provides plenty of challenging and rewarding game modes such as puzzles and tricky boss fights along with the most usual features while they explore a thrilling world filled with underground structures full of Pokemon secrets!

20. Pokemon Insurgence:

Pokemon Insurgence

Challenging the rival prowess is what this adventure website excels at when trainer creates their own custom teams to fight fierce wild opponents in different environments in ‘ turbo mode’ while they explore territories.

21. DelugeRPG:


In this simulator, users can pick from a large selection of unique Pokemon species and cute characters for their teams to create balanced battle line-ups with ample resources on the sides such as strategies developed by experts in order to gain leverage over opponents!

22. Pokemon Showdown Ubers:

Pokemon Showdown Ubers

This game encourages players who are serious about their battle strategies and encourages them to make sure not only that they have the best team, but that it is built with proper strategy and zoning in order to win. It also provides an ‘Ubers Calculator’ which means players can check variables linked with each move before they act during gameplay!

23. DragonflyCave:


Developed around 2009 when users battled against computer-controlled trainers scattered across various regions of a fictitious world featuring smooth landscapes and exciting challenges, this website is one of the most underrated alternatives and deserves more recognition from gamers everywhere.

24. Pokemon Dawn:

Pokemon Dawn

This version focuses on a unique strategy that enables trainers to gain ‘exp’ points by completing quests which leads them down the route of being a top-level trainer. With several gym battles up for grabs spread across various regions, it will definitely hook you in no time!

25. Pokemon Legacy:


Giving users a complete experience while they battle wild and random opponents, this simulator focuses on quick decision-making combat while also introducing charming character sprites along with beautiful battlegrounds to test their strategies against any level of the opponent!

26. Pokemon Legends:

Pokemon Legends

This turn-based simulator brings exciting tournaments as rewards for players who excel in gyms and battles which can also be played with up to 5 additional poker friends allowing strategists around the globe to get creative on their Pokemon lineups!

27. The Pokemon RPG:

The Pokemon RPG

Last, a modern-day simulator that focuses upon an Official region and turn-based fighting style with regular updates which includes new story content, brand new Pokemon forms, graphical improvements& other interactive surprises– this one is sure to be remembered for its overall level of engagement for many years ahead!


There are many alternatives available to Pokemon Showdown in 2023, each with its own unique feature set. The above-mentioned 27 alternatives provide great options for any kind of Pokemon enthusiast looking for a similar gaming experience.

Pokemon Showdown FAQs

1. What happened to the old website called Pokemon Showdown?

The beloved simulator site closed down its operations in 2021 due to various reasons such as a lack of players and being unable to keep up with game updates.

2. Can I still play pokemon showdown on other platforms?

Yes, you can find various alternative options such as Tuxemon, Pokemon Laboratory, and Smogon which provide a similar gaming experience with many different features.

3. What kind of tournaments can The Pokemon RPG website offer?

The Pokemon RPG simulator offers official region-based game tournaments along with regular rewards for tournament winners who excel in their battles and gyms.

4. Are there any online servers where I can trade my Pokemon?

Yes, platforms such as Pokemon Vortex offers users the amazing feature of trading their Pokemon with others through a verified system in order to make sure there is no cheating involved during the process and that both parties are happy about it.

5. What type of Wild Battles does the DelugeRPG website offer?

DelugeRPG website offers an amazing range of wild battles with varied objectives ranging from rescuing a captive monster to defeating a dangerous boss.

6. Is there any simulator that provides advanced team-building features?

Yes, sites such as Pokemon World Online enable users to gain access to various team-building tools through various customization options like giving special abilities and move sets making sure their teams get the best strategy against the toughest opponents!

7. Is Smogon a great option for competitive Pokemon Trainers?

Definitely, the site provides awesome services such as tournaments where trainers can set up their teams and compete with each other while getting assistance from the Superbuzz system in order to gain more strategies. END_OF_ARTICLE