23 Amazing NHL66 Alternatives to Ensure Sports Enthusiasts Never Miss a Match!

In the world of live-streaming sports, NHL66 was a leader in providing users with unrivaled quality. Unfortunately, due to certain measures taken by the National Hockey League and other carriers that affect user access, we are no longer seeing it as a reliable option for hockey fans. But this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the live hockey action, and here’s why. Fortunately, there are other top NHL66 alternatives that provide users with access to stream any game from their favorite teams in high-quality video.

What happened to NHL66?

NHL66 did an amazing job of providing its fans with easy access and navigation for streaming ice hockey events. Though it successfully fulfilled its mission for many years, eventually, new regulations were imposed by the NHL that made it no longer feasible to serve any content.

23 Incredible Alternatives To Watch Live Hockey Streams



ESPN+ is the official streaming service of ESPN, offering subscribers a premium selection of live sports and exclusive shows. Subscribers get access to dozens of in-depth analyses from hockey experts, plus tons of additional coverage from other major leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB. With ESPN+, you can stream most NHL games in high-quality HD video – with support for mobile and tablet devices, as well as Apple TV & AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku and the Xbox One X.

First Row Sports


FirstRowSports is another great alternative to NHL66 that offers all of your favorite hockey streams from around the globe. All live games are easily accessible – no matter where you are – and it allows you to browse through the entire catalog of Sports streaming channels from around the world, giving hockey fans endless options. Plus, all content is in high-quality HD video with support for mobile devices as well as Chromecast & AirPlay accessories.



For sports fans looking for a great alternative to NHL66, CrackStreams represents an excellent addition. CrackStreams is an aggregator of live sports streams from around the world, and it guarantees access to all major hockey events, including NHL games. The streaming quality on CrackStreams is also top-notch, with support for Chromecast & AirPlay as well as mobile devices available.

NBC Sports


NBC Sports have been providing exclusive streaming coverage of some of the biggest hockey games in years – so if you’ve got a subscription to their streaming service, consider yourself lucky. NBC Sports also has a mobile app that makes it easier to access their sports coverage on the go. The quality of the video is also excellent, with support for Chromecast & AirPlay as well as mobile devices available.



Sportsurge is a solid NHL66 alternative that provides users with unlimited hockey streaming options from around the world and HD-quality video. Plus, its interface allows you to customize search filters, making it easy to find matches from your favorite hockey team and competition. The streaming quality is also excellent, with support for Chromecast & AirPlay and mobile devices – so you can take action with you anywhere.

Mama HD


Mama HD is a great alternative to NHL66 that offers unlimited access to live Premier League, La Liga, NBA and ice hockey content in high-definition video streaming quality. It also provides other useful features like stats, live scores and upcoming match previews. Plus, it offers a user-friendly interface that makes the navigation of content a breeze.


Q1: What happened to NHL66?
Unfortunately, due to the new regulations imposed by the National Hockey League (NHL), NHL66 is no longer available as an option for streaming ice hockey events.

Q2: Are there any alternatives to NHL66 that offer access to hockey streams in HD?
Yes, there are several alternatives to NHL66 that provide users with access to high-quality video streaming of ice hockey games. These include ESPN+, FirstRowSports, CrackStreams and NBC Sports, among many others.

Q3: Is it safe to use any of the offered alternatives for watching live sports events?
Most of the alternative services mentioned above are legitimate sites, so using them should not be a problem. However, we always recommend caution when streaming live sports content from unofficial sources, as there is always the risk of downloading malicious software or being exposed to inappropriate content.

Q4: Is it possible to watch replays with any of these alternatives?
Yes, many alternative services like Netflix and Hulu provide options for viewing replays of hockey games in HD quality, such as ESPN+ and NBC Sports.

Q5: Can I stream on multiple devices using one subscription?
This depends on the service you are using. Some services like ESPN+ and NBC Sports provide options for streaming up to two devices at the same time with one subscription, while others may offer more or fewer simultaneous streams depending on the plan you choose.

Q6: Can I use a VPN to access any of the NHL66 alternatives?
Some services may not be accessible using a VPN, but many of the others do support VPN connections. However, it is important to remember that connecting via a VPN should only be done for legitimate reasons, as passwords and other account data can potentially remain exposed when browsing with one.

Q7: What are some of the most popular NHL66 alternatives?
Some of the most popular alternatives to NHL66 include ESPN+, FirstRowSports, CrackStreams and NBC Sports. Each of these options offers a reliable way to watch live hockey events in high-quality HD streaming – so it’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs best.