18 Movierulz Alternatives for 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

Movierulz – An Overview

Movierulz is an online streaming service initially popular in India and worldwide. It offers a large selection of movies from around the globe, including some exclusives that are not available anywhere else. Over time, it has become one of the most sought-after platforms for streaming movies.

What Happened to Movierulz?

Due to copyright issues and legal disputes, Movierulz was shut down indefinitely in 2021. This caused great grief among the fans of this platform and avid movie buffs who used it regularly. Fortunately, fortunately there are some alternatives available that can satisfy people’s cravings for online cinema entertainment.

Best Movierulz Alternatives for 2023

This article offers a comprehensive guide of 18 alternatives to Movierulz that can provide users with streaming movies in high quality and without having them worry about copyright restrictions or legal disputes.



Destination URL: 123movies.la
123Movies is an online streaming website that provides free access to thousands of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood films worldwide. It can be accessed from any region, allowing users to watch movies without hosting the website locally.



Destination URL: beetvapk.me
BeeTV is a streaming platform with high-quality and ad-free content for viewers worldwide. The UI of the app is straightforward to navigate, so it makes finding your favorite movie more accessible than ever before. Moreover, BeeTV also provides subtitles in multiple languages for all its videos making them accessible to everyone.



Destination URL: dopebox.to/
DopeBox is one of the oldest and fully legal streaming platforms, which brings you blockbuster films from around the world without any fuss or restrictions. It provides high-quality videos and allows its users to watch movies on multiple devices at once and download them in various formats to their hard drives like MP4, MKV, etc.



Destination URL: filmplus.co
Filmplus is another excellent alternative to Movierulz that offers a wide range of movies in various categories, such as comedies, thrillers and more. It provides users with the ability to watch their favorite films online on any device they choose, be it computers or handheld devices like mobiles/tablets etc. It also allows them to download content for offline viewing too.



Destination URL: lookmovie.ag
Lookmovie is one of the best streaming services available, with a website with an intuitive UI and clutter-free design. It offers users access to all kinds of movies for free, TV shows from countries such as America, the Philippines, and India, and even animated films, which can be streamed or downloaded on any device of their choice easily!



Destination URL: moviecrumbs.net
Moviecrumbs is an online streaming service with many movies, shows, and documentaries. It boasts a modern design, beautifully-arranged categories for easy navigation and the best part – You don’t even have to sign up or create an account to start streaming! Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes sure that everyone can get access to their favorite movie in no time.



Destination URL: katmoviehd.vg/
KatMovieHD is another fantastic alternative to Movierulz, offering a thriving library of films and full HD quality, whatever you choose. It has an easy and uncluttered user interface with categories like “top-rated” for quick access to good movies and sections for the latest releases or film news. Plus, this streaming site guarantees smooth playback every time you press play!

Cima Cinema

Cima Cinema

Destination URL: cima4u.tv
Cima Cinema is a paradise for all movie buffs! This online streaming website provides over 10,000 movies and TV shows in HD quality without buffering. It’s also integrated with different platforms like Windows/Mac, iOS and Android mobile devices as well so users can enjoy their favorite films while they are on the go!



Destination URL: vudu.com
Vudu offers an ever-growing selection of movies for you to rent at an affordable price. It captures up-to-date US movie releases with 1080p picture quality, smoothly running audio and a variety of formats such as HDX and SD/HD so users can pick the one that suits their budget or device more conveniently.

Xumo TV

Xumo TV

Destination URL: xumo.tv
Xumo is another excellent alternative to Movierulz, boasting thousands of fantastic films across all genres. It works with various devices, offering an easy-to-use app that can be accessed directly from the homepage or downloaded on your device. This streaming service also provides multiple benefits such as no ads while watching films and low prices on rentals/purchases too!



Destination URL: spacemov.top
Spacemov is a free online streaming website that features movies that are hard to find anywhere else. It offers high-quality videos with excellent sound quality and easy navigation through hundreds of movies sorted by genre, type and even people involved in making them. Plus, you don’t have to create an account to watch any film, so grab some popcorn and prepare for the best cinematic experience on Spacemov!

Yes Movies


Destination URL: yesmovies.to/
Yes Movies is a premium streaming service that provides access to thousands of films and TV shows with no ads in between. It also offers significant discounts when you rent or purchase films ahead of time, not to mention its intuitive user interface makes it easier to find your favorite movie!

PopCorn Time

PopCorn Time

Destination URL: popcorntime.app/
Pop Corn Time is an excellent alternative for online streaming where users can watch movies & TV shows without the hassle of downloading them first. The best part is that this streaming site offers high-quality videos with no buffering and even lets you resume playback in the middle of a film! Plus, its intuitive design allows for easy navigation through all sorts of films without leaving the comfort of your home.



Destination URL: 4Movierulz.se/
4Movierulz is one among many online streaming websites, but it stands out from the rest with its huge selection of movies and TV shows from different genres, countries and even some exclusive films which can’t be found anywhere else. It also boasts a clutter-free interface with intuitive navigation, plus they offer the ability to stream any film at lightning speed!



Destination URL: 2Movierulz.sx/
2Movierulz is another great streaming website that offers an impressive selection of films, TV shows and other exclusive content. It is free to use, so there’s no need to create a membership to access all features. Plus, its intuitive design allows for easy navigation through different categories as well.



Destination URL: hindilinks4u.lat/
Hindilinks4U is one of the best alternatives if you’re looking for Indian films, dramas and television shows. They have a huge selection of Bollywood classics and some current releases, plus you can stream without interruption since there are no ads between the films.



Destination URL: bolly2tolly.net/
Bolly2Tolly is an online streaming website that provides access to high-quality content from India’s film industry. Not only are its movies and TV shows exclusive, but it also allows users to watch without any ads, which can be quite a plus for those who value their time!



Destination URL: https://todaypktv.com/
TodayPkTV is an excellent alternative for streaming that focuses on Indian cinema and Telugu, Kannada and other regional language films. It has an extensive selection of films that can be watched for free; no registration is also necessary.


Movierulz was once a beloved online streaming service, but due to copyright issues and legal disputes, it had to shut down indefinitely in 2021. Fortunately, some alternatives are available now that can provide users with access to high-quality movies without any hassles or restrictions. All of the mentioned 18 alternatives offer a great selection of films plus some exclusive content, making them worthwhile for anyone who loves watching good cinema!

Movierulz FAQs

Is Movierulz Available Now?

As of 2023, Movierulz has been shut down indefinitely due to copyright issues and legal disputes. However, some alternatives provide users with access to a wide variety of movies without having them worry about any infringement or legal disputes.

What are the sources from where Movierulz uploads its content?

Movierulz gets its content from numerous sources, including torrent websites, streaming sites, private servers etc.

How to watch movies on Movierulz in 2021?

Movierulz is no longer active and, therefore, cannot be accessed. Instead, viewers should explore alternatives such as 123Movies, BeeTV, DopeBox etc. which provide access to a wide range of high-quality movies without any restrictions or legal disputes.

What are the best Movierulz alternatives?

Some notable alternatives to Movierulz include 123Movies, BeeTV, and Lookmovie.ag, Moviecrumbs and KatMovieHD, to name a few. Each one provides access to thousands upon thousands of films and TV shows from different genres and countries, so there’s something for everyone!

Is it illegal to use Movierulz?

Due to copyright infringement laws, viewing or sharing content from Movierulz is deemed illegal. Therefore all online users should stay away from this website and instead look at alternatives such as 123Movies, Lookmovie.ag etc., which are safe and legal to use.