22 Kissanime Alternatives – A Comprehensive List Exploring Their Features and Advantages

Kissanime is a streaming website that offers anime content for free. They offer some of the most popular titles from Japan, China, and South Korea, with subtitles in multiple languages. Unfortunately, due to copyright accusations made by Netflix and VIZ Media last year (2020), kissanime has been taken down, which means no more watching online for its fans. In response, many anime websites have come up offering alternatives for the much-loved website.

In this article, we will go into detail about 22 of these kissanime alternatives that offer additional features and advantages over their predecessor. We will also be exploring their frequently asked questions (FAQs) to give you clarity on any existing services or issues you might have with respect to each alternative service provider.

22 KissAnime Alternatives



Gogoanime is one of the most popular alternatives to KissAnime. It offers a large selection of anime in both Japanese and English subbed versions, as well as a good range of movies, OVAs (Original Video Animations), webtoon comics, drama series filled with comedy elements and more. Smooth navigation options inside each video and menu let you capture what you’re looking for without any struggle towards it.



Crunchyroll is another popular anime streaming website and one of the most recognized alternatives to KissAnime. It offers a large catalog of both dubbed and subbed anime series in multiple languages that can be streamed online easily. Crunchyroll also has an extensive library covering many different genres ranging from action, romance, comedy and drama that appeal to all types of fans. With its premium subscription service with access to exclusive content along with legally sourced manga & light novels, this ensures that you are entertained with the best quality.



Animeland is a great alternative to KissAnime and provides its users with an extensive range of dubbed and subbed anime series for them to watch online. It allows visitors that don’t have any accounts registered on the website to access their latest episodes without signing up or logging in hence no credit card payment, which makes it one of the most convenient sites out there. They offer many different genres catering to a large selection of interests and also allow their users to stream videos with outstanding qualities.



Animehaven is yet another perfect alternative to Kissanime, which offers an array of anime series for viewers to watch all for free. With thousands of titles up on their website, AnimeHaven gives you access to shows from both the present timeline and the old classics at minimal cost with top-notch quality streaming service. They also have a great variety of OVAs and even featured films covering all genres imaginable while they can be sorted by their respective release seasons.



AnimeUltima offers an amazing number and selection of anime, manga, and movie titles that you might not find anywhere else. One of its more appealing features is the ability to watch shows in High Definition with no buffering, so perfect for people looking for uninterrupted streaming without paying for any expensive subscription. It also works great for people that are searching for older episodes, as they have a large and extensive array updated on the website with no commitment required to view them.



ChiaAnime is one of the unique alternatives to KissAnme and offers some very interesting features when it comes to streaming anime series online. Its visual interface is quite impressive, while shows on its website can be accessed without signing up or logging in, making it easier and quicker to view the available content. It is also great when looking for older titles as they have been updating their library with classic series taking us back decades ago.



AniLinkz stands out from other alternative sites because of its impressive list of anime character backgrounds, descriptions, detailed reviews and ratings on top shows that can be seen right next to each episode or movie title listed under its huge library. It also supports streaming in multiple qualities ranging up to HD as well as downloads for selected titles that are available on the website, making it easier and quicker to watch our favorite shows without costing a penny.



AnimePlanet is one of the leading alternatives to Kissanime, providing its users access to an unlimited selection of anime series, both classic and recent releases. They have over 5500 series listed, including many exclusive titles along with some great titles composed of mainly subbed anime episodes but also a very good selection of dubbed ones. AnimePlanet is not just another service provider, but it’s an entire community for fan discussion and recommendations as well, plus many other activities ensuring a great user experience with the website.



If you are a huge Otaku fan looking for the latest series, then 4anime should be a one-stop-you checkout before the rest because they provide easy access to this kind of content without any need for registering, building better user trust in their system. It allows its users to watch the anime series and movies in HD quality, both dubbed or subbed versions, while they make sure whatever new show they add is up on the website within no time creating perfect synchronization with other services like kiss anime.



Narutoget, as obvious from its name, happens to be a specific website for all the hardcore Naruto fanatics out there. It creates tutorials on how to watch in a very precise manner and makes sure you don’t have any issues streaming various episodes from both old arcs of the show as well as new arcs that have been added since its debut over 15 long years ago. With no account login needed, it streamlines your journey towards watching quickly, plus provides shows with great audio/visual quality, which keeps thousands tuning back season after season.



Animelab is a great option for Australian users who wish to access some of the best anime series streaming services. This can become very handy as Animelab offers free, exclusive and simulcast episodes at the same time they are broadcast, making sure you’re up to date with all new releases in HD quality, so you don’t miss out on any action by waiting for it to appear online anywhere else.



Animenova provides a wide range of anime series, both dubbed and subbed versions, for their users, along with its huge library, making it one of the most impressive sites you’ll explore today. The layout is easy to understand because of its organized titles, which can be sorted multiple ways from A-Z, alphabetically or typed, so there is nothing stopping their viewers from watching and taking their favorite episodes anywhere without breaking into any copyright law as they are all legally sourced.



Funimation is yet another popular alternative to Kissanime, where users can watch a selection of both dubbed and subbed anime titles. This streaming website has become quite popular due to its original content from Crunchyroll being added to the app as well, so now you don’t have to keep switching between different tabs or sites in the search for series any longer. Funimation also offers many subscription packages that unlock various benefits like unlimited access to their library with extra features like offline downloading, exclusive monthly discounts and more, so make sure to check them out.

Anime Kisa


If you love watching anime series regularly for free, then AnimeKisa should definitely be at the top of your list when looking for convenient streaming services. It carries a huge collection that caters to many different genres like Comedy, Romance, and Action, plus provides both dubbed and subbed versions in good quality audio/visuals making this one of the best sites to explore before jumping into any other competitors’ services.



Masterani is yet another great alternative for those who love watching subbed versions of anime series and movies but with a twist, as it allows users to access its large range just by logging in with their existing Facebook profiles, adding an extra layer of security which works perfectly fine without subscriptions required so you can watch the content on this service while discovering more titles season after season.



SoulAnime is a great place for those who want to take their anime viewing journey up a notch as it offers numerous genre-based titles plus streaming in the best HD quality you can find online with additional benefits that let its users have access to exclusive episodes before other sites. Furthermore, they provide easy downloads along with a unique theme and caption-making options, so absolute must-visit service if you’re looking good alternative to Kissanme.



Kissanime is an anime streaming service that allows you to watch a variety of series for free. It has an extensive library with both recently released and classic titles, along with many genres for viewers who have different interests or preferences when it comes to animation. Kissanime also offers subtitles in multiple languages so everyone can enjoy the content available on their platform from wherever they are located. However, due to copyright claims made by Netflix and VIZ Media in 2020, it is no longer available to viewers.



JustDubs aims at targeting the crowd that likes dubbed content over subbed as they offer numerous anime series and films from its extensive library that can be watched directly online or downloaded on their device with unique settings so you can watch them even when offline, plus provide direct access to older arcs of iconic shows saving us time towards exploring various titles that have been on other competitors like kissanime.

Anime Owl


AnimeOwl is yet another great streaming website and alternative to Kissanime when it comes to enjoying the latest dubbed or subbed titles for free, as it offers a wide range of different genres pertaining to all interests, for example, action, adventure, mystery etc., that make watch everything take up without having any limits on your viewing which work the same online as well as offline after downloading from their service.



If you are looking for the latest trends when it comes down to anime, then Animetoon should be stopped by as they provide unique shows featuring both subbed plus dubbed versions at its players’ disposal while their exclusive titles shouldn’t miss either while they have upgraded their streaming quality up to HD any time so make sure exploration more advanced series produced today and also from some decades ago on this service.

Kuro ani


Kuroni is a lesser-known streaming website and one of the most recent additions to KissAnime’s list of alternatives. The website provides viewers with anime shows in HD quality (both dubbed, subbed and original), as well as providing online manga texts for those who prefer reading instead. Kuroni also has unique search options that allow users to find videos specific to their liking faster than many other services, which makes sure you don’t miss out on any important titles from past or present layers added to their list.



AnimixPlay is an interesting alternative service to KissAnme as it uses AI technology on its website that detects users’ search requests and then provides them with relevant results, which makes the overall experience smooth plus highly efficient. Although many of the old classic anime series are unavailable for requests towards new offerings, you should definitely check out first before other competing sites, so watch the latest releases without paying a penny to make sure to explore more offerings by signing up with their free service as it unlocks free viewing privileges on its massive selection of titles.

Kissanime FAQs

Q: Is Kissanime safe to use?
A: Unfortunately, due to new legislation prohibiting access to the website, kissanime can no longer be used legally or safely online. We recommend that you instead explore some of the alternatives listed in this article for your anime streaming needs.

Q: Are there any legal alternatives to Kissanime?
A: Yes, there are many legal and safe alternative services that provide anime streaming. Some of the ones mentioned in this article include GogoAnime, Crunchyroll, Animeland, AnimeHaven and Anilinkz. Additionally, you can explore some more listed on our website for a wider selection of shows.

Q: Does using kissanime incur a fee?
A: No, Kissanime is completely free to use. However, the website has been taken down due to copyright legislation prohibiting it from continuing its services online.

Q: How can I watch anime if kissanime is offline?
A: There are many alternative streaming websites available today that offer legal and safe access to content for viewers. We recommend exploring some of the ones listed in this article or checking out other alternatives on our website as they all provide different genre-based movies/series to watch, so there’s something for everyone.

Q: Is kissanime down permanently?
A: Yes, due to new legislation that has been put in place, the website can no longer operate legally online and will remain offline unless any changes have occurred over time.

We hope that this article sheds some light on the below list of alternatives to Kissanime, and provides you with all the information needed when it comes down to picking out a streaming service for your anime needs. Keep an eye open for any updates occurring in future as they may change state of previous services or bring new ones into existence today.