Is Overcooked 2 Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023?

Looking to collaborate in Overcooked 2 across different devices?

Curious about Overcooked 2’s cross-platform capabilities this 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross-platform features of Overcooked 2!

Is Overcooked 2 Cross Platform

Overcooked 2: Cross Platform/Cross Play Explained

Overcooked 2 offers limited cross-platform capabilities. Although it’s been a popular demand among the gaming community, the game is not universally cross-platform friendly.

However, certain versions do allow for cross play. The “All You Can Eat” edition, for example, supports full crossplay. This means players using this edition from different platforms can engage in the chaotic cooking action together.

With a game as cooperative and team-centric as Overcooked 2, understanding the specifics of each version’s cross-platform features becomes crucial if you’re aiming to enjoy the game with friends on different devices.

When Did Overcooked 2 Roll Out Crossplay?

Overcooked 2 introduced crossplay functionality in its “All You Can Eat” version. The introduction was a significant step forward, providing gamers with the opportunity to enjoy crossplay features.

This not only enhanced the overall gaming experience but also played a significant role in fostering a more inclusive and connected gaming community. It marked a milestone where friends, regardless of their device choices, could come together to tackle the challenges the game presents.

When Did Overcooked 2 Roll Out Crossplay

Overcooked 2’s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

For players within the same ecosystem, crossplay works without a hitch. Xbox One players can seamlessly play with those on Xbox Series X.

Similarly, PS4 players have the ability to connect with PS5 users. However, it’s important to note that crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation consoles isn’t currently supported in Overcooked 2. This means that while you can play with friends within the same brand, jumping across brands is not an option.

PS4 vs PS5: Overcooked 2’s Crossplay Dynamics

The relationship between PS4 and PS5 in terms of crossplay is a harmonious one. Overcooked 2 capitalizes on the PlayStation’s ecosystem, allowing for cross-generational play. This ensures that friends can easily connect and relish the game, without being restricted by the PlayStation console version they possess.

It offers a sense of continuity for players, especially those who’ve upgraded their consoles or have friends across both versions.

PS4 vs PS5 Overcooked 2's Crossplay Dynamics

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Overcooked 2’s Crossplay Features

While the game bridges the gap between certain platforms, the divide between PC and PlayStation remains. Players on major platforms like Steam and Epic Games can engage with one another.

However, this camaraderie does not extend to players on PlayStation. This limitation requires gamers to be strategic about their platform choices if they prioritize multiplayer features.

PC to Xbox One: Overcooked 2’s Crossplay Overview

Similarly, the divide is also evident between PC and Xbox consoles. Overcooked 2 currently does not offer crossplay between these platforms. Players need to be aware of these boundaries, as the limitation confines them to engage only with users within their respective platforms.

PC to Xbox One Overcooked 2's Crossplay Overview

Does Overcooked 2 Support Cross-Progression?

One feature often inquired about by gamers is cross-progression. Unfortunately, Overcooked 2 does not support this feature. This means that players cannot transfer their game progress, unlocked levels, or achievements from one platform to another.

Each platform maintains its separate game progression, ensuring players need to start fresh when jumping across devices. While this may be a drawback for some, it also offers a unique opportunity to relive the game’s exciting challenges on a new platform.

Overcooked 2: Cross-Generational Compatibility

Overcooked 2 demonstrates a strong commitment to cross-generational play within specific console families. As highlighted, Xbox One users can mingle with Xbox Series X players, and PlayStation 4 enthusiasts can connect with those on PlayStation 5.

However, cross-generational play does not span across different console families, emphasizing the importance of understanding these intricacies before diving into multiplayer mode.

Overcooked 2: Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

Overcooked 2 offers a delightful mix of chaos, strategy, and cooperation. While the game does present some crossplay capabilities, it’s not universally accessible across all platforms.

These crossplay features are meticulously curated and limited to specific versions and platforms. Understanding these nuances is paramount for players keen on savoring the game’s multiplayer dimensions across varied devices.


Can I play with my friends on PlayStation if I have the PC version?

No, Overcooked 2 does not support crossplay between PC and PlayStation.

Is cross-progression available in Overcooked 2?

No, players cannot transfer their progress between platforms.

Can Xbox One players connect with PlayStation 5 players?

No, crossplay is not available between Xbox and PlayStation consoles in Overcooked 2.

If I own both PS4 and PS5, can I play Overcooked 2 across both without any issue?

Yes, the game supports cross-generational play within the PlayStation ecosystem.

Is the “All You Can Eat” version the only edition with crossplay?

Yes, the “All You Can Eat” edition is the version that introduced full crossplay support.