Is Madden NFL 21 Cross Platform? 2023 Guide For Gamers

Looking to collaborate in Madden NFL 21 across different devices?

Curious about whether Madden NFL 21 is cross platform or supports cross play this 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross platform features of Madden NFL 21.

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross Platform

Does Madden NFL 21 Support Cross-Progression?

Additionally, Madden NFL 21 does not support cross-progression, meaning achievements and game progress cannot be transferred between platforms. This limits flexibility for those who own multiple devices.

Why Doesn’t Madden NFL 21 Offer Cross-Platform Play?

There are various speculated reasons. Challenges in creating a seamless cross-platform environment, profitability concerns, and fairness issues might be some of the reasons. While these decisions might make sense from a business standpoint, they have left a large portion of the community unsatisfied.

Why Doesn't Madden NFL 21 Offer Cross-Platform Play

Will Madden NFL 21 Support Cross play or Cross platform in the future?

No official announcements have been made by EA Sports about the possibility of introducing cross play. However, the community remains hopeful that either updates or future iterations will accommodate such features.

Latest Rumors on Madden NFL 21 Crossplay

While there’s always buzz in the gaming world, no concrete information regarding Madden NFL 21 introducing cross play has emerged. The community eagerly waits for official news, emphasizing the demand for more inclusive gaming dynamics.

Latest Rumors on Madden NFL 21 Crossplay

Madden NFL 21: Cross-Generational and Cross-Progression

Although Madden NFL 21 allows play across different console generations, the absence of cross-progression and cross play does restrict the gaming experience, limiting user flexibility and versatility.

How to Use Split Screen in Madden NFL 21

For those looking for co-op play, split screen is available. This enables multiple users on a single console to play together, offering an alternative to cross play.

How to Use Split Screen in Madden NFL 21

Final Verdict

Overall, the absence of cross play and cross progression features in Madden NFL 21 limits the game’s potential. As the gaming world becomes more interconnected, it’s essential for future iterations to reflect these changes and offer more inclusive features.


Q: Is Madden NFL 21 crossplay in 2023?

No, Madden NFL 21 does not support crossplay as of 2023.

Q: Can PS4 and Xbox users play Madden NFL 21 together?

No, these platforms are isolated in Madden NFL 21.

Q: Will there be an update for Madden NFL 21 to support cross platform play?

There is no indication from EA Sports about such an update.

Q: Is there hope for Madden NFL 21 to become cross-platform in the future?

While the community is hopeful, EA Sports hasn’t made any official announcements.

Q: Is split screen the only co-op mode in Madden NFL 21?

Yes, split screen is the only way for cooperative play on a single console.