Is Madden 22 Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023?

Looking to collaborate in Madden 22 across different devices?

Curious about Madden 22’s cross platform capabilities this 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross platform features of Madden 22!

Madden 22 Cross Platform

Madden 22 2023: Cross Platform Support Insights

In the rapidly evolving gaming industry, cross-platform support has become almost a standard feature that players expect. However, as per the details from a reliable source, Madden 22 does not support cross-platform or cross-gen multiplayer, creating a barrier for players on different consoles wishing to play together.

This limitation has left a significant portion of the community wanting more. The lack of cross-platform play means the Madden 22 community remains fragmented across different console ecosystems, a situation that often detracts from the game’s social and competitive aspects.

Why Doesn’t Madden 22 Offer Cross-Platform Play?

The absence of cross-platform play in Madden 22 could be attributed to various technical and licensing challenges. These challenges may include differing system capabilities, synchronization issues, and potential licensing agreements with console manufacturers.

The exact reasons remain unclear, but what’s clear is that players on PS4 cannot compete against those on PS5, and the same goes for Xbox One versus Series X/S users. This fragmentation hampers the community’s growth and can result in a less vibrant competitive scene.

Why Doesn't Madden 22 Offer Cross-Platform Play

Will Madden 22 Support Cross play or Cross platform in the future?

While there’s hope within the gaming community for cross-platform play to be introduced in Madden 22, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding this feature’s inclusion. Gamers continue to hope that EA Sports will consider adding cross-platform play in future updates to enhance the gaming experience.

The anticipation of cross-platform play continues to thrive in forums and social media discussions, with gamers expressing their desire for a more inclusive Madden community.

Latest Rumors on Madden 22 Crossplay

Rumors are always swirling in the gaming community, and Madden 22 is no exception. Although there’s a strong desire for cross-platform play, no substantial evidence or official communication from EA Sports has surfaced regarding this feature’s introduction.

However, gamers keep a close eye on official channels and gaming forums, hoping for an announcement that could address the cross-platform play issue.

Latest Rumors on Madden 22 Crossplay

Madden 22: Cross-Generational and Cross-Progression

Cross-generational play is another feature that Madden 22 players yearn for. However, similar to cross-platform play, cross-gen multiplayer is not supported. Cross-progression, on the other hand, which allows players to retain their progression across different platforms, is also a missed feature in Madden 22.

The lack of these features further delineates the gaps within the Madden community, creating a somewhat disjointed experience for gamers who have friends on other platforms or those who own multiple consoles.

How to Use Split Screen in Madden 22

Despite the absence of cross-platform play, Madden 22 does offer split-screen functionality which allows two players to play on the same console.

This feature partially mitigates the limitation of not being able to play with friends on different platforms. Although split-screen play provides a solution, it’s not a replacement for cross-platform play.

The split-screen feature is a nod to traditional couch gaming, yet it underscores the need for a more modern and connected gaming experience.

How to Use Split Screen in Madden 22

Final Verdict

The lack of cross-platform play in Madden 22 is a letdown for many in the gaming community. While split-screen play is a workaround, it doesn’t replace the comprehensive gaming experience that cross-platform play could offer.

It’s high time that EA Sports consider incorporating cross-platform play in Madden to keep up with the industry standard. This would not only benefit the players but also potentially broaden the game’s audience, making it more appealing to a wider demographic.


Q1: Is Madden 22 cross platform?

No, Madden 22 is not cross-platform.

Q2: Can PS4 and PS5 players play Madden 22 together?

No, cross-gen multiplayer is not supported in Madden 22.

Q3: Will there be an update for cross-platform play in Madden 22?

As of now, there’s no official information regarding the introduction of cross-platform play in Madden 22.

Q4: Can I play Madden 22 with my friends on different consoles?

Unfortunately, no. Madden 22 doesn’t support cross-platform play, so you can only play with friends on the same console.

Q5: How does the lack of cross-platform play affect the Madden community?

The lack of cross-platform play keeps the Madden community fragmented across different console ecosystems, which can detract from the social and competitive aspects of the game.