Is Far Cry 6 Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023?

Looking to collaborate in Far Cry 6 across different devices?

Curious about Far Cry 6’s cross-platform capabilities in 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross-platform features of Far Cry 6!

Is Far Cry 6 Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023

Far Cry 6: Cross Platform/Cross Play Explained

Far Cry 6 does not inherently support cross-platform play. While players can enjoy co-op modes, the options are limited to users within the same platform.

This means if you are on Xbox, you can’t team up with someone on PlayStation or PC. This limitation impacts the gaming community significantly as gamers have always looked forward to such features to enhance their collaborative gaming experiences, especially for users hoping to partner up in gameplay with friends using different devices.

When Did Far Cry 6 Roll Out Crossplay?

As of my last knowledge update in 2022, Far Cry 6 did not roll out a crossplay feature. This means that the gaming community remains restricted to their respective platforms for cooperative gameplay.

With the evolution of gaming dynamics and the increasing demand from the community, it remains a possibility that developers might consider introducing this much-requested feature in future updates.

When Did Far Cry 6 Roll Out Crossplay

Far Cry 6’s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

Currently, Far Cry 6 doesn’t bridge the gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5 users. Despite both consoles having massive user bases, the inability to crossplay cuts down on potential interactions, collaborations, and competitions within the global gaming community.

PS4 vs PS5: Far Cry 6’s Crossplay Dynamics

It’s worth noting that even though both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 run Far Cry 6, they operate as separate entities when it comes to crossplay.

This limitation can be frustrating for players who may own both consoles or have friends on one version and not the other, restricting them from enjoying cooperative gameplay sessions together.

PS4 vs PS5

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Far Cry 6’s Crossplay Features

Given the increasing popularity and capabilities of PC gaming, it’s surprising that Far Cry 6 doesn’t offer crossplay between PC and PlayStation consoles. The demand for such a feature is undoubtedly high, and its absence restricts the game’s potential for broader interactive experiences and collaborations.

PC to Xbox One: Far Cry 6’s Crossplay Overview

Similarly, PC gamers cannot engage in cooperative gameplay with Xbox One users. This limitation emphasizes the broader theme of Far Cry 6 not embracing crossplay capabilities, which many in the community hope will change in the future.

PC to Xbox One

Does Far Cry 6 Support Cross-Progression?

On the brighter side, Far Cry 6 does extend support for cross-save on all its platforms. This feature stands out for players who might switch between devices or platforms. Having the ability to pick up where they left off, without any hassle, ensures a consistent and enjoyable gaming journey.

Far Cry 6: Cross-Generational Compatibility

While Far Cry 6 is playable on a range of gaming platforms, spanning previous and current-generation consoles, the absence of cross-generational play is noticeable.

In an era where technology rapidly evolves, and gaming consoles are frequently updated, the ability to play across different generations can be a vital feature for many gamers. Unfortunately, this is another area where Far Cry 6 falls short.

Far Cry 6 Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

Far Cry 6 undoubtedly offers captivating graphics, storytelling, and gameplay dynamics. However, when it comes to cross-platform and crossplay features, there’s room for improvement.

While the cross-progression feature is a saving grace, the broader lack of cross-platform support may deter some gamers. As the gaming community becomes increasingly interconnected, many hope that Ubisoft will consider these features in future updates or sequels.


Q: Can I play Far Cry 6 with friends on different gaming platforms?

No, Far Cry 6 does not support cross-platform play. You’re restricted to cooperative gameplay with players on the same platform.

Q: Does Far Cry 6 support cross-progression?

Yes, Far Cry 6 offers a cross-save feature. This means you can transition between platforms without losing your game progress.

Q: Will crossplay be available for Far Cry 6 in the future?

A: As of now, there’s no official information from Ubisoft about introducing cross-play for Far Cry 6. However, given the demand, it’s something many in the community are hopeful for.

Q: Why is crossplay important for modern games?

Crossplay enhances the gaming experience by allowing a wider collaboration and competition, breaking the barriers of platform-specific limitations.

Q: Is Far Cry 6 available on all major platforms?

Yes, Far Cry 6 is available on major platforms including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, crossplay is not supported between these platforms.