Is Dying Light 2’s Cross Platform? 2023 Guide For Gamers

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Is Dying Light 2's Cross Platform

Dying Light 2: Cross Platform or Cross Play Explained

The term cross-platform or cross-play refers to the ability of gamers to play with others regardless of the gaming console or device they are using.

Initially, at launch, Dying Light 2 did not support cross-platform or cross-play features, which was a downer for many. This implies that players could only engage with others on the same hardware, thereby limiting the broad spectrum of multiplayer interactions.

The essence of cross-play is to bridge the gap between various platforms, fostering a more inclusive gaming community. This feature is increasingly becoming a staple in modern games as it enhances social interactions and competition among players.

When Did Dying Light 2 Roll Out Crossplay?

As of now, the information available suggests that Dying Light 2 has not rolled out crossplay support yet. The absence of this feature at launch was confirmed by Techland’s lead game designer, Tymon Smektala, through a Q&A session on Twitch.

This revelation came as a disappointment to many fans who were looking forward to enjoying the game with friends on different platforms. The gaming community continues to hope that Techland will introduce this crucial feature in the near future to enhance the cooperative gameplay experience.

When Did Dying Light 2 Roll Out Crossplay

Dying Light 2’s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

Dying Light 2, unfortunately, does not support crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Players on these consoles are isolated in their own platforms, which hinders the multiplayer experience that the game could potentially offer.

The absence of cross-platform support also signifies a missed opportunity for fostering a larger and more integrated community of gamers who could collectively engage in combating the horrors that await in the game’s dystopian world.

PS4 vs PS5: Dying Light 2’s Crossplay Dynamics

The situation isn’t better between PS4 and PS5 either, as there’s no crossplay support. Players on PS4 cannot connect with those on PS5 for cooperative gameplay, and vice versa. This cross-generation play barrier is a setback for players who might have upgraded their consoles or have friends on the other platform.

The inability to cross-interact between these two PlayStation versions reflects a certain limitation in the game’s social interaction design, which many players find restrictive.

PS4 vs PS5

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Dying Light 2’s Crossplay Features

Similarly, the wall between platforms extends to PC and PlayStation consoles (PS4/PS5) with crossplay features being non-existent. PC gamers can only engage with other PC users, creating a siloed gaming experience.

This isolation prevents the rich, cooperative engagements that could occur between friends and gaming communities across these platforms.

The joy of tackling challenges together in the chaotic city is limited to those on the same platform, which is a stark contrast to the crossplay features offered by other contemporary games.

PC to Xbox One: Dying Light 2’s Crossplay Overview

The narrative remains unchanged for PC and Xbox One users. Without crossplay support, gamers on these platforms are unable to join forces to battle the infected in Dying Light 2.

This absence of a unified gaming ecosystem further amplifies the call from the gaming community for Techland to implement cross-platform features that could potentially elevate the gaming experience to new heights by pooling together players from different platforms.

PC to Xbox One

Does Dying Light 2 Support Cross-Progression?

Regrettably, there is no official information supporting the existence of cross-progression features in Dying Light 2. This implies that players cannot carry their game progression from one platform to another.

The lack of cross-progression is a detriment to players who own multiple gaming systems, as they cannot seamlessly transition their game progress and continue their adventure on another platform.

The necessity for starting afresh on each platform can be tedious and discouraging for players keen on exploring the game’s extensive content from different consoles.

Dying Light 2: Cross-Generational Compatibility

Although Dying Light 2 is available on various consoles, there is no cross-generational play, meaning that players on older consoles can’t interact with those on newer versions, and vice versa.

This restriction inhibits a wider scope of interaction and collaborative gameplay among players across different generations of consoles.

The evolving nature of gaming hardware necessitates a level of adaptability in game design to cater to cross-generational play, an aspect that seems to be overlooked in Dying Light 2’s current setup.

Dying Light 2 Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

For those pondering, “is Dying Light 2 cross-platform in 2023?” the answer remains no. The game does not support crossplay, cross-platform, or cross-progression features, severely limiting cooperative gameplay to users on the same hardware.

The absence of these features, particularly cross-play, puts a damper on the otherwise exciting cooperative gameplay aspect of Dying Light 2. As a potential area of improvement, the introduction of cross-platform features could significantly enhance the game’s appeal and longevity in the competitive gaming market.


Q: Will Dying Light 2 ever support crossplay?

There is no official confirmation regarding the introduction of crossplay in the future. However, the gaming community remains hopeful that Techland may consider adding this feature to improve the gaming experience.

Q: Can I play Dying Light 2 on different consoles?

You can play the game on different consoles, but not cooperatively with players on other types of hardware.

Q: Is there any way to play cooperatively on Dying Light 2?

Cooperative play is available, but only with players on the same platform.

Q: What has been the response of the developer regarding cross-platform play?

The developer, through their lead game designer, confirmed the absence of cross-platform play at launch but has not provided any further updates regarding the introduction of this feature.

Q: How does the lack of crossplay affect the game’s community?

The lack of crossplay tends to create a fragmented community where players are siloed based on the platform they use, reducing the opportunity for broader social interactions and cooperative gameplay.