Is Conan Exiles Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023?

Looking to collaborate in Conan Exiles across different devices?

Curious about Conan Exiles’s cross platform capabilities this 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross platform features of Conan Exiles!

Conan Exiles Cross Platform

Conan Exiles: Cross Platform/Cross Play Explained

Despite the strong demand from the gaming community, Conan Exiles does not support cross-platform or cross-play functionality as of 2023. Each gaming platform operates on its respective server, meaning players on PlayStation can’t engage with those on Xbox or PC and vice versa.

The absence of cross-play limits the multiplayer experience to users within the same gaming console or PC platform. This has been a point of contention for many players who hoped to team up with friends across different platforms.

When Did Conan Exiles Roll Out Crossplay?

Conan Exiles has never rolled out crossplay support since its inception. The game was initially released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Since its launch, fans have continuously shown interest in crossplay, but up until 2023, there hasn’t been any update regarding the introduction of crossplay functionality among these platforms.

When Did Conan Exiles Roll Out Crossplay

Conan Exiles’s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

There is no crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation consoles. This segregation has led to players missing out on potential interactions and shared experiences.

Players on these devices cannot interact or engage in gameplay together due to the lack of cross-platform support, thereby limiting the community interactions within each platform’s respective ecosystem.

PS4 vs PS5: Conan Exiles’s Crossplay Dynamics

Given that both PS4 and PS5 are from the same brand, it was a widespread expectation that some level of crossplay might exist. However, Conan Exiles does not offer this feature. Each console version functions independently, emphasizing that players need to be on the exact platform to experience multiplayer together.

PS4 vs PS5 Conan Exiles's Crossplay Dynamics

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Conan Exiles’s Crossplay Features

Many games nowadays support crossplay between PC and consoles, but Conan Exiles isn’t one of them. PC gamers and PlayStation gamers exist in entirely separate realms in Conan Exiles. The distinct platform servers mean that neither group can join the other for co-operative or competitive gameplay.

PC to Xbox One: Conan Exiles’s Crossplay Overview

The story is the same for PC and Xbox One players. As with other platform combinations, there’s no crossplay, underscoring the game’s strict platform-dependent multiplayer system. Such limitations have been a source of frustration for many in the Conan Exiles community.

PC to Xbox One Conan Exiles's Crossplay Overview

Does Conan Exiles Support Cross-Progression?

One of the modern gaming conveniences is cross-progression, allowing players to pick up from where they left off, regardless of the device.

However, Conan Exiles does not support cross-progression. Players cannot maintain or transfer their game progress, achievements, or in-game purchases across different platforms. This means your hard-earned progress and items remain strictly tethered to the platform on which you play.

Conan Exiles: Cross-Generational Compatibility

With the advent of new gaming console generations, there’s often an expectation of some level of backward compatibility or cross-generational play. However, even though the game is available on various consoles, there’s no cross-generational compatibility in Conan Exiles.

Each generation of consoles has its separate player base, reinforcing the lack of sharing or multiplayer compatibility across different console generations.

Conan Exiles Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

As of 2023, Conan Exiles remains staunch in its approach of not offering any cross-platform or crossplay capabilities.

For players eager to connect with friends across different gaming platforms, the current solution is to invest in the same console or gaming PC. While the game offers a rich and immersive experience, the lack of cross-platform play is a significant limitation.

With no indications from the developers regarding future updates in this direction, the community holds onto hope for cross-platform inclusion in the upcoming versions or patches of Conan Exiles.


Q: Will Conan Exiles introduce cross-platform play in the future?

A: As of now, there’s no official announcement from the developers regarding future support for cross-platform play in Conan Exiles.

Q: Why does Conan Exiles not support crossplay?

A: The game’s design, technical limitations, and marketing strategies are among the primary reasons why Conan Exiles lacks crossplay support.

Q: Can I transfer my game progress in Conan Exiles to a different platform?

A: No, the game strictly does not support cross-progression across different platforms. Your progress remains tied to your initial platform.

Q: Are there any workarounds to play with friends on different platforms?

A: Unfortunately, there are no workarounds. The game’s design prevents any form of cross-platform multiplayer.

Q: Has the lack of crossplay affected Conan Exiles’s popularity?

A: While Conan Exiles has a dedicated player base, the lack of crossplay has been a topic of discussion among players. It’s unclear how significantly it’s impacted the game’s overall popularity.