Is Call Of Duty Mobile’s Cross Platform? 2023 Guide For Gamers

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Curious about Call of Duty Mobile’s cross-platform capabilities this 2023?

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Is Call Of Duty Mobile's Cross Platform

Call of Duty Mobile: Cross Platform/Cross Play Explained

Call of Duty Mobile introduces a seamless cross-platform feature allowing players on iOS and Android devices to play together. This innovation broadens the gaming community, fostering connections and competition among diverse players.

The cross-play feature bridges the technological gaps between different operating systems, making it more accessible for friends to connect and play together regardless of the device they are using. This integration ensures that no player feels left out based on their device choice, promoting a holistic gaming culture.

When Did Call of Duty Mobile Roll Out Crossplay?

Call of Duty Mobile rolled out its cross-platform play feature simultaneously with its global release in October 2019. This feature was embedded within the game’s core design, emphasizing the goal of creating a unified gaming platform for everyone.

Such early adoption of crossplay was pivotal, and was a key contributor to the exponential growth in the game’s user base, ensuring inclusivity of both Android and iOS users right from launch.

When Did Call of Duty Mobile Roll Out Crossplay

Call of Duty Mobile’s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

Currently, Call of Duty Mobile primarily supports crossplay between Android and iOS devices. There has been no official word on incorporating this feature for Xbox One or PS4/PS5 platforms.

While the current scope is limited, the gaming community remains optimistic about future updates that might bring console players into the fold, further enriching the overall gaming ecosystem.

PS4 vs PS5: Call of Duty Mobile’s Crossplay Dynamics

As the gaming scene evolves, platforms like the PS4 and PS5 gain more traction. However, as of now, the crossplay dynamics of Call of Duty Mobile are yet to adapt to these platforms.

The gaming community is eager and hopes that the developers might consider opening doors to such platforms, thereby broadening the player base and enhancing gameplay through varied interactions.

PS4 vs PS5

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Call of Duty Mobile’s Crossplay Features

Despite its name, Call of Duty Mobile’s focus remains true to its mobile roots. While the game offers a stellar experience on mobile, it hasn’t provided crossplay features for PC or console gamers.

Given the game’s success on mobile platforms, there’s a considerable expectation that integration with PC and consoles might be on the horizon, paving the way for a more comprehensive gaming experience.

PC to Xbox One: Call of Duty Mobile’s Crossplay Overview

When it comes to crossplay between PC and Xbox One for Call of Duty Mobile, the feature is still missing.

With the game’s design centered around mobile platforms, the integration of other platforms like PC and Xbox remains a major point of speculation.  However, the possibility of such expansions has kept the excitement alive in the gaming community.

PC to Xbox One

Does Call of Duty Mobile Support Cross-Progression?

One of the significant aspects of gaming is the ability to retain progress. Call of Duty Mobile champions this cause by supporting cross-progression between Android and iOS.

This means players can easily switch between their devices without losing game achievements. This functionality not only enhances user experience but also ensures consistent gaming momentum.

Call of Duty Mobile: Cross-Generational Compatibility

Presently, while Call of Duty Mobile champions cross-platform play between mobile OSs, it stops short of cross-generational compatibility with gaming consoles or PCs. The primary focus remains steadfast on mobile gamers.

Yet, the growing demand and the evolving nature of gaming suggest that the introduction of compatibility with other platforms might just be around the corner.

Call of Duty Mobile Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

Call of Duty Mobile has made significant strides with its inclusive cross-platform play between Android and iOS. But the lack of cross-generational compatibility and non-support for gaming consoles and PCs remains its Achilles’ heel.

Nonetheless, the game’s success and its adaptability hint at the possibility of broader inclusions in the future, promising an even more immersive gaming world.


Is Call of Duty Mobile Crossplay between Android and iOS?

Yes, Call of Duty Mobile supports crossplay between Android and iOS.

Can I play Call of Duty Mobile on consoles or PC?

No, currently, Call of Duty Mobile is exclusively available for mobile platforms.

Does Call of Duty Mobile support cross-progression?

Yes, players can maintain their game progress across both iOS and Android devices.

Are there plans to introduce crossplay with consoles or PC?

As of now, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding this. However, the gaming community is hopeful for future inclusions.

Is the crossplay feature available since the game’s launch?

Yes, the crossplay feature was rolled out simultaneously with the game’s global release in October 2019.