Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform Or Cross Play In 2023?

Are you looking to collaborate in Battlefield 5 across different devices?

Are you curious about Battlefield 5 cross-platform capabilities this 2023?

Let’s delve deep into the cross-platform features of Battlefield 5!

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5: Cross Platform/Cross Play Explained

As of the information available, Battlefield 5 does not support cross-platform or cross-play between different devices. The decision behind this choice is primarily rooted in maintaining a fair gameplay experience.

Crossplay introduces many challenges, like the stark difference in controls between a PC’s mouse and keyboard setup compared to a console’s controller. Furthermore, the variability in system capabilities among PCs and consoles can give an unfair edge to some players.

But, without cross-play support, players on one device cannot challenge or team up with those on another. This confines multiplayer sessions to those using the same hardware platform.

When Did Battlefield 5 Roll Out Crossplay?

Battlefield 5 hasn’t implemented crossplay since its launch. Despite the game’s tremendous success and community demand for such a feature, it’s yet to see the light of day. Gamers have been eager for a more interconnected world, bridging the gap between different consoles and PCs.

But as of the moment, Battlefield 5 remains exclusive to each platform, and there haven’t been any strong indications from the developers about adding this feature soon.

When Did Battlefield 5 Roll Out Crossplay

Battlefield 5s Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay

Many gamers hoped there might be crossplay between consoles, given they share closer gameplay dynamics. However, Battlefield 5 doesn’t support crossplay, even between Xbox One and PlayStation platforms, whether PS4 or PS5. The game’s servers for these platforms remain separate, ensuring no overlap in the player base.

PS4 vs PS5: Battlefield 5s Crossplay Dynamics

Interestingly, even though the PS4 and PS5 are iterations within the same brand, Battlefield 5 doesn’t bridge the gap between them.

Many modern games offer cross-generational play, but in the case of Battlefield 5, both platforms provide unique experiences. Thus, players on a PS4 cannot squad up or challenge their counterparts on a PS5.

Battlefield 5s Crossplay Dynamics

PC Vs PS4/PS5: Battlefield 5s Crossplay Features

Community discussions, especially on platforms like Reddit, have highlighted the demand for crossplay between PC and PlayStation consoles. But Battlefield 5 has kept its stance firm. A primary concern is the potential imbalance arising from the performance and control differences between PCs and consoles.

Ensuring a level playing field is paramount, and currently, the two platforms remain isolated in the Battlefield 5 universe.

PC to Xbox One: Battlefield 5s Crossplay Overview

The story remains consistent regarding crossplay between PC and Xbox One. Despite the gaming community’s appeal, the game developers have kept these ecosystems separate.

Just like with PlayStation, the emphasis is on delivering a balanced gameplay experience without giving undue advantages based on platform-specific features.

Battlefield 5s Crossplay Overview

Does Battlefield 5 Support Cross-Progression?

Another feature that’s becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community is cross-progression. Unfortunately, Battlefield 5 does not support this either.

Players’ progression, achievements, or unlocks are platform-specific. If a player decides to switch from Xbox to PC or vice versa, they must start their Battlefield journey from scratch, without any carryover from their previous platform.

Battlefield 5: Cross-Generational Compatibility

While players can enjoy Battlefield 5 on older and newer console generations, the game doesn’t support cross-generational play. This means a player on an older Xbox cannot team up or compete against someone on a newer version.

Each generation’s servers and player ecosystems are kept separate, ensuring consistent gameplay experiences within each generation.

Battlefield 5: Cross-Generational Compatibility

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Battlefield 5 has kept a clear boundary regarding cross-platform interactions. The game maintains exclusivity based on the platform, whether it’s crossplay, cross-progression, or cross-generational play.

Those eager for a cross-platform experience in Battlefield 5 may have to remain patient and hopeful for future game updates or future iterations.


Q: Is there any plan to introduce crossplay in Battlefield 5?

Based on the latest updates, no official word is on introducing crossplay to Battlefield 5.

Q: Can players transfer their progress from one platform to another?

Unfortunately, no. Battlefield 5 does not support cross-progression, so players cannot shift their game progress across platforms.

Q: Why is there no crossplay between PC and consoles?

The main reason is to ensure fairness in gameplay. The control and performance differences between PCs and consoles can potentially provide an unfair advantage to certain players.

Q: Is cross-generational play possible within the same console brand?

No, even within the same console brand, like PS4 and PS5, Battlefield 5 does not support cross-generational play.

Q: Will future updates or new Battlefield releases potentially support crossplay?

While players remain hopeful, there’s no official confirmation regarding the introduction of crossplay in future updates or releases.