Is A Way Out’s Cross Platform? 2023 Guide For Gamers

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Is A Way Out's Cross Platform

A Way Out 2023: Cross-Platform Support Insights

In 2023, A Way Out continues to make waves as a remarkable co-op game that fosters a strong sense of partnership between players. One pressing concern that players frequently inquire about is its potential for cross-platform gaming.

Many enthusiasts and dedicated fans often wonder, “Is A Way Out cross-platform?” Based on current data and feedback from the gaming community, A Way Out does not permit cross-platform gameplay between Xbox and PC using Game Pass.

For those seeking more detailed information or any updates on this topic, checking the Game Pass App’s “capabilities” section is a recommended approach.

Why Doesn’t A Way Out Offer Cross-Platform Play?

The brainchild of Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts, A Way Out, was envisioned to deliver a one-of-a-kind co-op experience. Central to its gameplay is the split-screen format, wherein two players partake in the story simultaneously on a shared screen.

Introducing cross-platform functionalities is no simple feat. It demands significant resources, rigorous testing, and alterations to the existing gaming framework.

The intrinsic nature of A Way Out’s split-screen experience, combined with these technical challenges, likely played a role in the decision to forgo cross-platform compatibility.

Why Doesn't A Way Out Offer Cross-Platform Play

Will A Way Out Support Crossplay or Cross platform in the future?

The gaming landscape is ever-evolving, and players worldwide hold onto the hope of seeing cross-platform support for A Way Out. As 2023 unfolds, neither Hazelight Studios nor Electronic Arts has given any official indication or announcement in this regard.

Although the immense popularity of cross-platform gaming and the direction the industry seems to be leaning toward could potentially sway future decisions, at present, we have no concrete answers.

Latest Rumors on A Way Out Crossplay

As with many high-profile games, A Way Out is frequently the subject of numerous speculations and rumors, especially in gaming forums and communities.

Whispers about possible crossplay features in forthcoming updates can occasionally be heard. Still, without any official confirmation or announcement, it’s prudent for gamers to approach such claims with caution. To date, there’s no authenticated report or evidence pointing toward the introduction of crossplay in A Way Out.

Latest Rumors on A Way Out Crossplay

A Way Out: Cross-Generational and Cross-Progression

The progression of gaming technology has made cross-generational support increasingly relevant. While A Way Out might not accommodate cross-platform players, it does recognize the importance of cross-generational gaming.

This ensures that irrespective of the console generation, players can seamlessly engage in the game’s immersive experience. As for cross-progression, the specifics are yet to be fully articulated. Players looking for accurate and detailed information should seek out the game’s official channels or trusted sources.

How to Use Split Screen in A Way Out?

The split-screen cooperative mode in A Way Out is truly a standout feature that sets it apart from many contemporary games. Engaging in this mode is straightforward.

Players simply initiate the game, opt for the ‘Local’ setting, and then both participants can access the game using their individual controllers. This shared gaming mode ensures that the story unfolds based on collective decisions, thereby underscoring the essence of teamwork and effective communication.

How to Use Split Screen in A Way Out

Final Verdict

A Way Out, even without the cross-platform capability, remains a treasure in the co-op gaming domain. Its unparalleled split-screen gameplay allows players to embark on a joint narrative-driven adventure.

The emphasis on consequential decisions and cooperative mechanics more than compensates for the absence of cross-platform features. It’s a testament to the game’s intrinsic quality and the vision of its creators.


1. Is A Way Out cross-platform in 2023?

No, as of 2023, A Way Out does not facilitate cross-platform gameplay between Xbox and PC.

2. Can I engage in A Way Out with players from different console generations?

Absolutely! A Way Out extends support for cross-generational gaming. This means that players with older console versions can collaborate seamlessly with those equipped with the latest ones.

3. What are the steps to activate split-screen mode in A Way Out?

Commence the game, select the ‘Local’ mode, and both participants can then sign in using their controllers. This enables both players to indulge in the game on a unified screen, making decisions together.

4. Who are the developers behind A Way Out?

A Way Out is a creation of Hazelight Studios and is published by Electronic Arts.

5. Is there any word on future updates introducing cross-platform play?

As of now, in 2023, neither Hazelight Studios nor Electronic Arts has confirmed or hinted at any such updates.