18 Inflact Alternatives for 2023 – Stand Out from the Crowd

Inflact is an online marketing platform that helps users see, track, and manage their digital presence across multiple networks. This all-in-one tool has features that let users view analytics, send and receive messages directly, create content, or schedule posts ahead of time for better customer reach.

What Happened to Inflact?

Recent updates to some of its features made Inflact risky for its users, as it would often crash and was very difficult to use. This caused many people to look for alternatives, fearing their data might get lost. Besides, due to a need for more updates concerning special tools meant specifically for online marketing, businesses were looking for platforms that could help them achieve a better ROI.

Best 20 Alternatives to Inflact


Destination URL https://hootsuite.com/

With Hootsuite, you can organize campaigns across your social media profiles and set up posts a week or month in advance. In addition, the Social Media Listening feature allows you to monitor hashtags and conversations about your brand, giving users insights into what people think about their brand in the market. It also has a benchmarking & reporting tool and other features, making it a great alternative for Inflact users.

Zoho Social 

Destination URL https://www.zoho.com/social/

The Zoho Social platform helps you manage, measure, and analyze multiple social media accounts quickly & easily from one dashboard location, all custom designed according to user needs and requirements, making the experience enjoyable.

Sprout Social 

Destination URL https://sproutsocial.com/

Sprout is one of the leading alternatives with features like brand and employee advocacy, engagement management tools, and rich analytics that help keep track of campaign performance no matter what social platform users use. In addition, the Visual Builder can help you create stunning Instagram Stories in just a few swipes while allowing users control over their image styles, ultimately enhancing their visual content creation process quickly & easily.


Destination URL https://www.semrush.com/

This useful tool can save you time by making competitor analysis, keyword research, and marketing data easy to run and track. With its intuitive dashboard, users can quickly spot trends in the market & make important decisions according to their benefit or learn more about what rivals are up to, thus helping them stay ahead of the competition! Semrush also contains an SEO Writing Assistant, which prompts writers to use certain phrase optimizations in line with their content.

Facebook Business Manager 

Destination URL https://business.facebook.com/

The Facebook Business Manager helps businesses to create, manage and launch ads across the platform without having an expert who knows coding or anything of the sort, as the application is easy-to-use for both novices & experts alike! In addition, this cost-effective tool helps users monitor their ad performance while giving valuable insights into the trends & data of how it performs.


Destination URL https://www.meltwater.com/

Meltwater is a perfect substitute for Inflact mentioned above. It has many useful features, like advanced analytics, crisis management tools for social media, content curation tools, and publishing tools that help users stand out. In addition, it helps users create better-quality campaigns & content easily and effectively.


Destination URL https://instazood.com/

One of the great features that Instazood offers apart from other alternatives is its 24/7 Customer support, which allows users to ask queries directly and get instant solutions quickly! It also helps users plan & schedule posts across several platforms with ease. Moreover, this application offers a marketing automation suite and a powerful analytics tool that provides users with new & real-time data that can reap great rewards once utilized.


Destination URL https://bigbangram.com/

BigBangram helps users target the right people quickly and immediately start engaging, responding, and driving conversions for their business or brand’s goals. This system is so intelligent that it runs campaigns on your behalf, helping you reach and nurture leads, convert them into customers, and easily deliver great results.


Destination URL https://instarazzo.com/

Instarazzo is an AI-driven marketing solution that can easily help user automate their campaigns, track leads & boost ROI without any heavy investment of time or resources needed for the same purpose. This cost-effective and intuitive system helps users drive real growth on their chosen networks within a few hours of installation! It’s a great alternative for people who need powerful, flexible marketing software that meets their needs.


Destination URL https://likeslive.com/

This alternative instantly helps users increase their likes & engagement rates on social media profiles. It also offers plans tailored to each person’s needs, with fast results and low prices. Their feature-rich dashboard also includes 24/7 customer support that allows users to get quick replies to all their queries & questions regarding this application.


Destination URL https://socialfollow.co/

This application is specially designed for businesses that sell services related to digital marketing. It provides users with insights into the reach & engagement rate that a given post fetches on their profile, along with analytics about what worked best for them in terms of creating access content or campaigns, giving detailed info about web traffic & followers as well!


Destination URL https://aigrow.me/

This comprehensive AI-driven alternative to Inflact helps users grow & manage their relationships with current customers while creating a pathway toward potential new ones! Moreover, it takes the stress out of tedious tasks like creating a unique feed or hunting for hashtags by doing all that in one centralized and understandable platform. Most importantly, this powerful tool can send personalized and automated messages within minutes instead of the hours it usually takes to do such tasks manually!


Destination URL https://www.combin.com/

This alternative has more features for influencer and content marketing analytics. It gives marketers a full report about their digital presence, which they can use to expand their campaigns or make themselves look more appealing to potential customers. Moreover, it offers features such as comment & hashtag filters that allow users to search for something specific without wasting time scrolling through thousands of words!


Destination URL https://ingramer.com/

This app is a special kind of marketing software that focuses on Instagram. It lets you create content, schedule posts, and track hashtags, so you don’t have to do any work by hand to reach your goals. It also comes with powerful insights tools to track effectiveness & ROI when it comes time to assess results or make necessary decisions regarding any campaign!


Destination URL https://upleap.com/

Upleap provides users with a dedicated virtual assistant who handles everything on Instagram, such as posting, managing searches, or finding the right target audience. This all-in-one solution ensures that the user receives tailor-made suggestions, automated insights & analytics on what kind of content should be posted to exceed expectations.

Social Sensei 

Destination URL https://socialsensei.co/

This tool helps users easily create stunning campaign visuals without technical knowledge or expertise! Furthermore, it assists them with obtaining better quality content for their campaigns in shorter time frames and then helps analyze performance afterwards. In addition, the workflow automation feature offers users to create customized templates which can be shared repeatedly without consuming more of people’s valuable resources.

Social Buddy 

Destination URL https://socialbuddy.com/

This advanced application allows users to keep track of all relevant trends & data quickly, effectively making decisions based on this info. From scheduling posts on multiple networks to creating custom reports, this ally can do everything that any modern marketing platform needs. In addition, its customer support team will also help users with the best recommendations. Hence, they always stay caught up when it comes time to execute their digital campaigns!

Social Runner 

Destination URL https://socialrunner.net/

final alternative helps user optimize their content & increase engagement on social media networks using powerful yet easy-to-use tools. The intelligent algorithm comprehends and curates the best stories for each user, making them more likely to get noticed in the crowded marketplace. It can also measure performance easily through its insights feature, giving detailed information about how every post fairs against competitors.

FAQs About Inflact Alternatives

What is a good alternative to Inflact?

A good alternative to Inflact is Hootsuite which offers features such as social media listening tools and benchmarking & reporting tools.

What are the best alternatives to Inflact?

The best alternative for Inflact includes Shoutt, Aigrow, Social Sensei, Instarazzo, Semrush, and Bigbangram, among many others.

Is there any free alternative to Inflact?

Yes, a few freemium alternatives to Inflact, such as Facebook Pages Manager, Meltwater, and Socialrunner, offer limited features for free.

What are the cons of using alternative platforms after Inflact?

The cons of using other platforms include difficulty understanding the platform at first, inconvenience due to missing certain features that you had on Inflact, and fewer support options compared to Inflact. It also may take some time before users can utilize the latest features available on the platform.

How to choose the best alternative for Inflat?

When choosing an alternative, evaluating their feature list and ensuring that they cater to your specific needs is important. Additionally, check if users can upgrade or downgrade based on budget, whether the customer service team offers adequate support when needed & how often these platforms release updates with new features suited for users’ requirements!

What are the benefits of using alternatives to Inflact?

The top benefit is cost savings as these alternative platforms offer discounts & deals while charged on a feature basis or subscription plans tailored specifically according to users’ needs, giving more flexibility when it comes time to budgeting digital campaigns. Additionally, they provide helpful insights & analytics compared to Inflact, which helps them run better-targeted ad campaigns, thus leading to better conversions. Inflact Alternatives are a great option for those who want to get better value out of their digital marketing while streamlining the process! With all these features and more, users can explore different platforms to find the best.