24 Ifun TV Exciting Alternatives to – Be Sure to Check Out Your Favourites!

Many people have been using the streaming platform of Ifun tv for quite some time now. It is one of the most popular streaming platforms available and has a wide variety of entertainment material available for its users, including movies, music, e-books and more. Despite its popularity, however, recently, there were some changes that made many people start looking for ifun tv alternatives.

What happened to Ifun tv?

Due to certain contractual disputes, the content previously found on ifun TV has been removed from its platform and service. However, users need not worry as there are plenty of other streaming alternatives which can provide almost similar services with different features that set them apart in their own unique ways. Here is a list of 24 exciting Ifun TV Alternatives to help you make your choice:



Donao.tv is a streaming platform that primarily offers global live streaming of shows, both comedies and dramas alike. The service also provides an extensive 24-hour TV lineup for its users hence providing diverse options to its viewers.


Duonao live

Duonaolive.com is a streaming service that hosts some of the best Chinese dramas, comedies and musical shows along with other various content. It caters specifically to Chinese-speaking audiences but has become popular in various parts of the world.



Ifsp.tv offers a diverse selection of entertainment: shows from both domestic productions as well as international series, sports events, talk shows and more. The highlight of this service is its “Catch up TV mode,” which allows users to quickly catch any episode that they have missed.



Ifvod.tv features an extensive selection of media content, such as sports programs, music concerts and different types of events– all readily available for quick streaming in high-definition quality visuals with 7 days replay service. It is an ideal streaming platform for people looking for films, TV series and documentaries.



OLATv.net provides a unique library of movies that includes the latest movie releases from across many countries in different languages such as English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French etc., hence being a popular choice among users who are interested in viewing international content.



Duonao.com is an online streaming provider which hosts a large selection of films, TV Shows and dramas in various languages, including English, Chinese and Spanish etc. The service also includes extra features such as a music downloader and photo slideshows maker amongst others.



Timegate.vip offers a curated selection of movies and TV shows from different countries along with Asian dramas, documentaries, music and other material. It includes some additional features such as trailers, language support channels etc.



This streaming service is devoted to providing an extensive collection of Korean Dramas for anyone interested in watching them online anywhere at any time. Furthermore, users have the option to select from overland 520 titles to watch the latest shows in high quality.



Netflix offers one of the best collections of internet streaming content, from popular series and films to blockbuster titles. It has a subscription-based service that includes access to new releases and classic hits with remarkable options such as personalized profiles, HD display etc.



An American entertainment company provides users access to a streaming library of television shows, movies and extra content with its service. It is one of the top contenders in the American entertainment industry, which offers quality content.

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime video holds a collection of Amazon original series along with countless other TV episodes and films from different production houses. It gives users access to download their favorite titles for offline watching anytime on any device.



Disney + is an entertaining streaming service that gives direct access to a vast selection of films, leading live-action and animated movies from many years. It also includes the latest releases along with exclusive content such as documentaries.



HBO max provides its users with a mixed bag of original series, blockbusters, classic shows, featured films and much more. It stands apart in the streaming industry with access to several aspects of entertainment content.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an official streaming provider which offers a diverse selection of SNL skits, WWE events and some exclusive NBC series. Moreover, it provides a live stream option from major networks such as CNBC, MSNBC etc.



Paramount+ features an extensive streaming library that includes exclusive original series from MTV, Paramount Network, Nickelodeon and more to its catalog. It offers a free trial for customers interested in testing it out alongside some additional paid plans.

Tubi Tv


This online video service streams ad-supported movies and TV shows across several genres. It enables users to watch content on different devices, such as Roku and Amazon Fire Stick, with no subscription required.

Pluto TV


The service offers an extensive selection of on-demand programming alongside its scheduled content. It has hundreds of channels featuring many movies, shows, and clippings, along with providing personalized news recommendations.

Crackle Tv


Owned by sony entertainment, the streaming platform hosts a library of both classic and modern films and TV shows, along with providing access to the latest music videos. It is an ideal option for people looking for free movie streaming.



Popcorflix offers a diverse selection of movies and television series ranging from horror, romance, musicals and mystery etc. The service enables users to watch content on all major devices such as smart tv, phone or tablet.

Vudu Movies & TV


Vudu shares an enormous selection of movies and other downloadable content across different genres. It provides users exclusive access to some Ultra HD titles along with accompanying several premium streaming options such as HBO and Starz etc.



This free video streaming platform features shows, films Original series etc., which is owned by Amazon Prime Video. It provides cutting-edge technology to watch popular titles in high quality and supports additional access to some other streaming channels such as PlutoTV.



Plex is one of the leading media players which organizes all your downloaded content alongside giving users access to their own audio library. Besides playback, it gives its users a wide range of options such as podcast streaming, recording live TV and synchronized audio/video across different clients.



Xumo features more than 190 live and on-demand linear streams available across different categories such as news, sports, lifestyle etc. It is a top IPTV streaming service which works without any additional download or subscription.

Roku Channel

Roku Channel

The Roku channel offers its users over 25K+ movies along with hundreds of classic shows, documentaries and exclusive content. Moreover, it provides its users with free access to entertainment along with showcasing some premium titles.

Ifun tv FAQs

Q1:What is ifun tv?

Ifun TV was an online entertainment platform that provided streaming services, including movies, music, e-books and more but has recently been taken down due to certain contractual disputes.

Q2: How do I watch ifun tv?

Since ifun TV has been taken down, you can no longer access the streaming services provided by it. However, there are plenty of alternatives available to view your favorite shows and movies, such as donao.tv, duonaolive.com etc.

Q3: What are the alternatives to ifun tv?

Answer: Numerous alternatives are available which have their own unique features and advantages – some of the popular ones include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock TV etc.

Q4: Are there any free streaming services like ifun tv?

Yes – There are several streaming channels out there that offer content for free. Some such services include Tubi TV, Popcornflix, VH1, IMDbTV and Xumo etc.

Q5: Does Disney+ have any content like ifun tv?

Yes – The streaming service provides an extensive library of both live-action and animated movies from many years with the addition of original documentaries and exclusive shows etc., thus providing some similar content to those on ifun tv.

Q6: Does Hulu have similar content as ifun tv?

Yes – Hulu offers its users a selection of numerous genres, such as comedy, drama and sci-fi, along with exclusive originals. Thus it is possible to find some comparable content on both streaming platforms.

Q7: Are Netflix and ifun TV similar in terms of services?

Netflix is a subscription-based service, while ifun tv does not require any additional payment. They both provide streaming services with a wide range of content but differ in their approach towards the same.

With so many exciting alternatives available, it’s now easier to switch between services and choose the streaming platform which best fulfills your entertainment needs. Make sure you explore all these options before deciding on whether or not to go with ifun TV.