Social media is an Internet-based channel where users are allowed to interact with each other and share opinions and also involves the building of communities or networks and encouraging participation and engagement. It has become the necessity of one’s daily routine. A general social person spends atleast2 to 3 hours on Facebook/WhatsApp/twitter etc., so what could be the best platform for marketing a product where millions of people are active together. Digital marketing is promoting the product or services using the Internet.

We can relate the social media as one of the biggest platforms in digital marketing where

• Social media helps to categorize customers. We can have a look into one’s life from the likes and dislikes they have expressed on social media and the products/brands or the services they are interested or looking forward to using. Planning the business accordingly will make sure that most of the leads are made to conversions/sales.

• Promoting the product on social media makes sure that the product is being in the front line to watch. Offers or any gift voucher plans introduced by the concerned business people can catch the eye of viewers and also watching the product more frequently may attract the viewer to buy the product.

• As there is an option called sharing views in social media, the reviews or feedbacks can be used to improvise the products/services; quick attention towards resolving the issue with the product/service will make the present customers happy and also helps in improving the chance of grabbing the new customers as well.

• The brand name can be recognized more by the people once they start noticing the products or services on social media. And also if your product/brand is present on social networking sites, it will help you to gain brand loyalty, as it is easy and accessible for the customers to reach your business. Because the customer seems more approachable when the concerned brand involves direct interactions with the customers. And also that will earn the goodwill of the customers, which indirectly earns the publicity for getting the new leads through the existing users of product/services.

• Trust gained products/services are the ones which people tend mostly to rely on. As Social media allows the people concerned with business to buildup and maintain healthy relationship directly with the customers, based on the related feedbacks of the customers if the product is improvised then the trust can be gained easily which can be the key to success.

• Analysis through the social media platform can be done comfortably and utilized for the research of the market and find the recent inclinations or interests of the people and also it is easy to understand their exact point of engrossment and even they can know what actually their customers think of their business by the reactions and comments gave towards the product/services which are provided, through which modifications can be done to the product/service accordingly. Digital marketing will be the future of marketing that gradually gains more place in the online and offline World.

Whereas Social media is the platform to connect with other people and change the way to find new customers and promotion of the products/services. It has its own share in the Digital marketing.

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