27 GoGoanime Alternatives That Are Working In 2023!

GoGoanime was a popular video streaming website best known for its library of anime movies and TV shows. It shut down in 2020 after experiencing financial difficulties, leaving fans looking for substitutes with new ways to enjoy their favorite series and films. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives available across the web that offer thousands of hours of engaging content. Here we explore 27 of the most spectacular alternatives to GoGoanime, so viewers can continue their anime exploration.

27 of the most spectacular alternatives to GoGoanime



9Anime is an extremely popular platform among fans looking for a gogoanime substitute. It has thousands of dubbed versions and subbed versions, which adds to its charm. This way, one can decide if it suits him or her better depending on their preference. Moreover, the streaming service is absolutely free-of-cost which adds to its advantages.



This site is a stunning substitute for gogoanime as it offers diversity in terms of anime content and genres available on it. It boasts almost 10 thousand titles, with new episodes being added every week to keep fans glued for more fun and entertainment value along their journey of exploration. Furthermore, the website also contains manga and is capable of running smoothly even on slow internet speeds, making it a great choice alternative.



If someone wants to watch anime online without any hassle or problems, Kissanime could be the perfect pick. It is among one of the oldest sites which offer a diverse library with amazing quality content that can range from 360P to full HD 1080p for a unique experience overall. Additionally, old series dating back 50 years or more are also present on the site.



AnimePark is amongst the top-rated websites which support direct downloads as well as many other advanced features that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market and serves as an excellent substitute. It has several subbed, dubbed versions available for different regions with multiple genres, including action, adventure, supernatural etc. Moreover, membership signup can help viewers to avail of special offers and discounts for free.



This site has an organized library that includes a list of anime shows whose episodes get added regularly after the periodic updates it undergoes every few weeks or so. It also allows users to download media such as wallpaper, theme songs etc., from the available sources giving them additional value with opportunity. The streaming service at this site is also quite fast, with quick playback and no buffering issues faced.



MasterAnime is another excellent option when looking for alternatives to any gogoanime substitute. It offers both subbed and dubbed versions in multiple languages making it accessible globally to the diverse audience getting content according to their language variations. Moreover, it is completely free, allowing anyone to access media content without any subscription or fees involved, thus highly affordable and economical.



Animelab has an amazing library of anime movies, TV shows as well as series, which is continuously updated with the latest releases being added regularly worldwide. It also allows direct streaming from external sites reducing interruptions during playback for an uninterrupted journey through fun and entertainment, along with allowing users to watch multiple series all at the same time in the absence of disturbing ads.

Anime Kisa


AnimeKisa is like a blessing for those who want to enjoy anytime variety and organized library made available just one button press away without a complicated registration process or subscription-related procedures. It also features genres such as romance, sports and much more, thus giving viewers a nostalgic feeling along with access to unrestricted content streaming on this site.

Anime owl


AnimeOwl has an interactive interface that allows viewers to search for their favorite Anime stuff without any delay. It contains a well-organized content library that users can access in a single click while exploring its multiple genres, such as music, comedy etc., thus keeping them entertained and engaged simultaneously. Moreover, it also supports subtitles with different languages and a wide range of options available globally, making the viewer experience much more enriching.



SoulAnime has been around for a long and is the ultimate platform for anyone who wants to watch anime content without any subscription fee. It is hosted under servers that are also quite reliable, thus reducing the chances of buffering delays or server errors, making playback smoother and uninterrupted. Additionally, it offers a wide range of dubbed Anime options for certain shows so viewers can choose whichever language version suits them the best.

Kuro ani


If one is tired of buffering issues or slow streaming, then KuroAni can be the most suitable option to enjoy his anime experience with hassle-free and no delays for an uninterrupted session. It has a user-friendly design that allows viewers to access content quickly, as well as filter tools too in order to easily segregate media according to their requirements. Moreover, it supports both subbed and dubbed versions giving users a choice to pick at any given time as per animation preference.



Animeland has a huge catalog of the latest episodes available as soon they get released, thus enabling users to watch their favorite shows without much delay or problems. Furthermore, it gives viewers a choice to select from multiple resolutions such as SD, HD and sometimes even full HD, depending on episode quality. Additionally, its database is regularly updated along with other features, such as a favorites list, making the viewing experience more enriching for all audience types.



KissAnime is the epitome of any good replacement to gogoanime with its over 20 thousand titles from a plethora of genres to keep viewers busy. It also has a diverse library that consists of various old as well as new shows for anyone who wants to relive childhood days or explore different mediums. Moreover, users can search for animes directly using their sort and filter option provided on this website which makes the searching process much simpler and faster.




This is another great choice for fans looking for a gogoanime alternative as it contains some amazing titles like Naruto, One-Punch Man, Parasyte etc., offering users richness in terms of themes and styles one can choose from as per his / her liking. It also supports a direct download feature, which speeds up downloading process and adds convenience to the overall user journey.



Anilinkz is a complete solution for anyone who wants plenty of anime content. It supports highly stable servers, which reduces buffering issues and provides an effortless streaming experience. Along with being absolutely free of cost, subs and dubs in different languages are also available on this site, ensuring that viewers get understand the text as well that they can follow the desired genre with ease. Moreover, the website also has multiple download options so users can enjoy their favorite shows offline too.



This website comes with a great design that has multiple features like a calendar, comments etc., to get users engaged. Besides having a rich content library filled with new and old titles, it also supports fast loading of host links which allows viewers to access them quickly without much wait time or hassle. Additionally, the support team of 4Anime is highly reliable, providing continuous updates and making sure that issues faced by users are taken care of effectively.



Chianime offers a broad selection of dubbed Anime titles for viewers to enjoy without any restrictions or problems ever arising in between the streaming experience. It provides high-quality videos along with different versions being synced, all available across wide platforms, ensuring no interruption takes place during playback, thus enhancing user satisfaction levels much higher and ensuring a great stay.



This website contains shows from numerous genres categorized accordingly so viewers can find their favorite anime easily and quickly with the assistance of the filters option present on it. It also supports high-resolution quality up to full HD 1080P, adding more to the value along with smooth streaming for an uninterrupted experience making this site count as one best gogoanime alternatives.



AnimeUlitima is quite popular among viewers due to its exceptional features, such as numerous external links support and fast loading, which makes the streaming experience more enjoyable. It allows direct downloads of shows and season packages along with multiple episodes also in order to access them when the internet connection fails without loss of quality, ensuring that anime adventure never pauses even for a moment.



This site has a nice user interface with different sections and genres clearly labeled for simpler navigation of the website. AnimePlanet offers a diverse content library, which comprises movies, TV shows, drama etc., thus providing viewers variety one could wish from a great gogoanime alternative. Furthermore, it also provides data related to viewership trends as well as other useful metrics, updating them daily, adding more to its greatness already present on this platform.



AnimeNova provides an exquisite collection of games, movies and TV series in a variety of languages ensuring that users get a chance to watch them in their native language. It also contains subtitles for various video versions along with direct link options so users can download shows from external sources quickly. Moreover, this website’s design is error-free, and it also supports almost all popular devices, such as mobiles, tablets etc., for a better experience overall.



This site contains large catalogs of old and new titles to keep fans hooked, with plenty of choices always being available in various anime genres present here. It is totally free like most other gogoanime alternatives allowing uninterrupted media consumption without fee payment or a subscription plan also included while signing up. Moreover, Animepahe also provides data related to community ratings, suggestions and comments, which can provide its patients with deep insight into what they should watch next.



This website is amongst the finest alternatives available for gogoanime due to its many features, such as a chat room, active members and viewership information supplied by viewers themselves. It also supports few external links and comes with easy navigation providing a robust structure, making it a smart choice when talking about exploring different worlds of Anime without any problems or delays.



Animeland has been acclaimed worldwide to be one of the reliable free streaming websites with an amazing library filled with titles and series. It offers dubbed versions in multiple languages giving its global users a diverse experience along with support to all the latest devices so that viewers can access shows anytime, anywhere, without any discrepancies or issues ever arising during the course of time.



The website is widely known for providing high-speed loading rates ensuring that viewers get smooth audio/video playback for an uninterrupted journey through fun and entertainment. It contains a few external links as well while providing direct downloads so users can access their desired content on days when getting internet issues or server errors. Plus, the website is absolutely free with no registration required, ensuring that viewers can perform uninterrupted binge-watching anytime during the course of time.



This site does not have many flashy features like other gogoanime substitutes. Rather it just offers a simple experience without load times in which to explore different universes of TV shows and movies. It supports a few external links to download episodes that can be watched offline, too, along with an impressive library named specifically A-Z, thus helping viewers filter out items as per their choice.



With its well-organized content library, CartoonCrazy provides users with intuitive navigation allowing them to access any genre with a single click starting from action to romance, with varying levels of complexity. Additionally, it also ensures that all followers get continuous updates related to new releases through their streaming system with minimal buffering issues experienced once everything gets fired first time ever.

GoGoanime FAQS

Q: Why didn’t GoGoanime exist anymore?
A: GoGonaine had financial difficulties, which eventually led to its closure in 2020.

Q: What is the best alternative to gogoanime?
A: There are plenty of alternatives available for gogoanime, each offering its own unique features. Some popular options include 9Anime, Animixplay, Kissanime and AnimePark.

Q: How do I watch anime online?
A: There are various websites that provide streaming services where you can find your favorite anime titles and enjoy them quickly with minimal wait time or buffering lag.

Q: Does anime cost money?
A: Most of the websites that offer anime streaming services are free, though some might require you to pay a minimal subscription fee.

Q: What’s the best way to watch old anime?
A: Kissanime is often regarded as one of the top sites for streaming classic titles due to its rich library and reliable servers. You can also look for external download links on websites like AnimeKisa and AnimeOwl.