25 Gmkit Alternatives That Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Despite being popular with teachers around the globe, gmkit is no longer available for use. However, there are several alternatives that can help make learning fun and engaging. In this article, you will learn about 25 such amazing tools that act as great substitutes for gmkit.

An Overview of User-Friendly Alternatives to Gmkit

For those looking for user-friendly gmkit alternatives, these are some of the best options.



Kahoot is an interactive game-like learning environment where students compete against each other with quizzes, surveys and conversations. It allows teachers to easily create customized games and activities that can be shared across different platforms like classroom computers or mobile devices. With its intuitive design, Kahoot makes it easy for both teachers and students to understand how it works.



Quizalize is a unique online game platform that facilitates the giving of practice quizzes based on different topics. With its user-friendly interface, Quizalize enables teachers to quickly design customized activities while tracking student performance in real time with intelligently generated charts & reports.



Classtime is an AI-backed web platform designed to make teaching and learning easier. It enables teachers to create engaging activities such as quizzes, polls, video tutorials etc., which can be easily monitored for real-time progress tracking and assessment purposes. With its simple interface, Classtime makes it easy for both students and teachers to use the platform in efficient ways.



ClassQuiz offers an online quiz module where questions can be sorted by topic and grade level. It also enables teachers to directly send feedback, performance scores and customized activities in a secure environment for students to take up their respective quizzes or tests with task points & ranks visible on their mobile phones or computers.



Blooket is an interactive learning platform that encourages student engagement through fun games, surveys and quizzes. With its ready-made templates, both students and teachers benefit from the user-friendly interface and templates, allowing them to create customized activities without any technical hassle.



Seesaw is a collaborative learning platform that allows teachers to engage, motivate and support their students in a secure online environment. Through this innovative platform, teachers can easily create interactive quizzes or assignments for classes or groups of students using multiple formats like text files and videos.

Kids A-Z:

Kids A-Z

Kids A- Z is an interactive e-learning platform providing teachers with a variety of educational resources to enable them with the ability to create engaging and fun activities. Through this intuitive platform, teachers can customize quizzes according to individual students’ needs while tracking their performance in real-time through scores obtained on each question they take up.



Quiver is an innovative tool that enables students to explore multiple concepts within minutes and allows educators/teachers to assess their learning in real-time. Teachers can track individual students’ performance and create activities that are tailored to their needs, eliminating any monotony in the classroom.



Acadly is an interactive platform designed for both students & teachers with simple yet effective learning tools like quizzing, polls, MCQsets & conversations to facilitate knowledge sharing in a secure environment. With its integrated analytics engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, Acad ly reduces the efforts & time taken to track and assess student performance in real-time.



Popplet is an online interactive platform where teachers can easily create multimedia activities by incorporating different types of content, such as photos, videos and sketches, into their lessons. With this simple yet efficient tool, teachers can customize quizzes according to students’ needs while tracking individual student progress in a secure environment with real-time analytics.



Socrative is an interactive platform that encourages student engagement through various activities and games. Through this innovative tool, teachers can easily design online quizzes for the classroom to assess any topic or subject in real time with valuable insights about their students’ understanding of the material.



Quizizz is another engaging quiz module designed to give students practice tests on topics of study while collecting assessment data in real time. With its unique game format, students benefit from the user-friendly platform as they battle it out with other players by answering questions on every topic imaginable.



SuperTeacherTools is an online learning platform that provides teachers with instant quizzes and questionnaires for grades 1–12 to track student performance in real time. Without any complicated setup, this tool enables teachers to create fun study games like Jeopardy or bingo, which can be tailored according to their students’ needs.

Gameshow Pro LearningWare:

Gameshow Pro LearningWare

Gameshow Pro LearningWare is a powerful online tool designed specifically for teachers who want classroom gamification. This platform allows them to design customized quizzes and activities while tracking student progress in real time with instant analytics insights provided after every session.

HP Classroom Manager:

HP Classroom Manager

HP Classroom Manager enables teachers to create collaborative learning experiences in their classrooms with customized quizzes and assignments. This innovative platform allows teachers to design activities easily while keeping track of student performance.

Quizalize Zzish:

Quizalize Zzish

Quizalize Zzish is an interactive quiz-style curriculum designed to make teaching and learning easier. It provides interesting games, polls as well as questions that can be tailored according to the teacher’s preferences and need for assessment purposes in a completely secure environment.



Padletis an easy-to-use online platform that enables teachers to create engaging activities for their students in any subject imaginable. Through this intuitive platform, teachers can easily design quizzes and assignments within minutes with an auto-grading feature provided after each session.



Quizletisanother interactive learning game designed specifically for teachers who want to make studying fun. With its intuitive game design, teachers can easily create custom quizzes on various subjects while keeping track of student performance in real-time with detailed reports and insights provided after every session.



Active Campaign is a web-based platform designed to help teachers manage their day-to-day activities, such as creating class quizzes and assignments. Through this powerful tool, they are able to customize assessments according to the needs of their students from any part of the world in a secure environment.



Benchmark is an online learning platform designed to make teaching and learning efficient and enjoyable. It enables teachers to create custom quizzes, polls and surveys while tracking student performance in real time with detailed analytics provided after each session.

No matter the type of classroom activity a teacher wants to introduce for their students, there are many user-friendly gmkit alternatives that can help add interactivity to any learning process. From Kahoot to Quizlet and Benchmark, it is easy to find an alternative for gmkit that can be tailored according to any requirements of teachers or students!

Gmkit FAQs

What happened to gmkit?

Gmkit was discontinued due to its inability to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology platforms in the market. The developers had decided that they could no longer provide the needed maintenance and updates.

Are there any gmkit alternatives?

Yes, there are several alternative tools available in the market that act as a substitute for gmkit. Some of these include Kahoot, Quizalize, Classtime, ClassQuiz and Blooket.

Where can I find user-friendly options for educational activities?

There are various user-friendly options available for teachers when it comes to creating educational activities. Some of these include Kids A-Z, Quiver, Acadly and Popplet, which offer the ability to design interactive quizzes or assignments tailored according to individual students’ needs without any technical hassle.

What is the best online quiz platform?

The best online quiz platform would be one that offers a secure environment with intelligently generated charts & reports and easy-to-use interfaces. Some of the popular online quiz platforms include Socrative, Gameshow Pro LearningWare, HP Classroom Manager and Quizalize Zzish.

What is the best platform for creating customized activities?

The best platform for creating customized activities would be one that offers an intuitive design with ready-made templates to avoid any technical hassle. Popular platforms in this category include Padlet, Quizlet and ActiveCampaign.

Now that you know about various user-friendly alternatives to gmkit, go ahead and explore the different platforms available to make teaching and learning fun!