30 Free Sports Streaming Alternatives: Find Out Which One is Right For You

Sports streaming has become a popular way of watching live sports events, no matter the time or place. But when it comes to free sports streaming sites, many people find themselves struggling to figure out exactly where to go and what’s available. That’s why we have put together this list of 30 alternatives for you so you can decide which one will suit your needs best.

Each of these sites has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we will go into detail explaining each one’s pros and cons, plus any special features they may offer that other services don’t. So without further ado, let us get right to it!



Sportlemon is a great option for those looking for fast streaming with high-quality visuals. With plenty of sporting events covered from around the world, you are sure to find your favorite teams and events on sport lemon. The downside is they only cover the most popular sports and leagues, so if you’re looking for niche options or lesser-known teams, then this site isn’t the one for you.



MamaHD provides a reliable source of free streaming services that are well-structured, with plenty of links available to stream from at any given time. Unlike some other sites, MamaHD offers coverage of almost all sports worldwide, with plenty of basketball and football coverage in particular. However, one downside is that the website does suffer from some bad links at times, but this isn’t a major issue.


Fubo TV

If you’re looking for on-demand streaming, then FuboTV is your go-to option. With its huge library full of thousands of events to choose from, it sure lives up to its reputation as a great streaming service for sports fans. Plus, it has some neat added extras like cloud DVR and channel packages, so you can pick the one that best suits you.



If live-streaming is more up your alley, then StreamComando should definitely be on your radar. The website offers low-latency streaming of sporting events making sure that viewers get to watch their favorite games in real-time without any lag issues. However, with its limited selection of sports, this isn’t one for true sports fanatics who enjoy watching a range of different games.

Fox Sports Go


Fox Sports Go is another great option allowing you to watch thousands of sporting events from around the world with its user-friendly streaming platform. Furthermore, it has plenty of extras like in-depth statistics and analysis about teams and players, as well as dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices so you can access its content from the palm of your hand.


Laola1 TV

Laola1.tv is another popular option for sports fans, offering an extensive range of events ranging from football to ice hockey and even beach volleyball. However, it does suffer a bit when it comes to streaming quality, with quite a lot of lag issues at peak times, but that’s something you can expect with most free streaming sites these days. On the bright side, this website takes minimal buffering and is easy to access from anywhere in the world.



Firstrow Sports is another great streaming site that covers a range of sports, including football, ice hockey, basketball and many more. What makes it stand out, however, is its ability to sort by sport type as well as provide extra info on events such as match analysis and betting options. Unfortunately, important tournaments are often unavailable or blocked due to copyright issues, so this might be a bit of an issue for some.



StreamWoop is the perfect platform if you’re looking to catch up on a sporting event that got missed during the week, as it provides both archives and replays. With its slick design, finding archived content isn’t difficult either, plus plenty of reliable links meaning smooth streaming even at peak times. On top of this, it also covers games from different continents, unlike other streaming websites with coverage largely centered around Europe and America.



StreamHunter is yet another reliable streaming site with plenty of options for those looking to watch their favorite sports from the comfort of their own home. Plus, it has great coverage exceeding what you get from traditional television broadcasters, as well as easy accessibility through its website or mobile app, making watching sports on the go much more convenient.


CricFree TV

C ricFree TV has a wide selection of live sports streaming covering almost all major leagues, as well as its own dedicated channels where users can find regular updates and highlights. The downside is that its library doesn’t tend to be very up-to-date with more recent events, but this isn’t usually an issue for those looking back at older matches.



Batmanstream offers viewers tons of options when it comes to watching sports online, with real-time coverage of events from around the world. Unlike many other websites, its library is updated quite frequently, meaning that viewers can always keep abreast of recent matches and get access to content without having to wait for long durations. Plus, it has an easy user interface making finding live streams much easier.



LiveTV sx offers another great streaming experience with thousands upon thousands of sports feeds available at any given time. Its simple interface and easy access are what make this site stand out the most, plus with multiple language options available, everyone can watch their favorite sports no matter where they come from.



CricFree is a great alternative for those who want to keep up-to-date with live scores and full-match replays around the clock. It also gives boosts video streaming speeds as well, so you don’t have to suffer through low-quality streams when watching games. Plus, it supports plenty of different devices, meaning its suitable for any type of device, making accessing content on the go easier than ever.



Another popular streaming site is BossCast. It provides viewers with access to sports like basketball, football and much more from across the globe. One great thing about this website is that, unlike traditional TV channels, which require long-term subscriptions, you can get free access with ease through its service in a matter of minutes.



SportRAR is perfect for those who don’t want to miss out on their favorite sports, with plenty of options available that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it has great video quality, making sure you get a seamless streaming experience no matter where you are.

Live Streams on Reddit

Reddit Sports

Live streams on Reddit are an underrated medium for watching sports online for free using various subreddits. It has plenty of options to choose from depending on what type of sport you are looking for, and since it’s a relatively new service, it doesn’t suffer from long waiting times or poor streaming quality like some other services.

VIPRow Sports


VIPRowSports is perfect if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, as it provides viewers with access to live streams, highlights and archives covering just about any sport that you can think of. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes finding sports streams a breeze, plus the fact that it supports multiple devices is definitely another bonus.



Stream2watch is one of the best sites for those who are looking for a reliable source of free streams and new events added on almost every day, ranging from mainstream sports like football and basketball to smaller niche ones like rugby or skiing. The downside is many links don’t tend to have a great quality service, although that can always be improved with their ongoing upgrades.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

The Facebook Watch offers users an alternative way of watching sports without having to find streaming sites for each game. It has official broadcasts from some leagues as well as interviews, analyses and highlights from top games all in one convenient platform. However, it does have its fair share of problems, with streams often taking forever to load or not working at certain times, making it a bit hard to use at times.

Roja Directa


Roja Directa specializes in streaming football games from around the world. With its extensive library of sporting events and frequent updates, users can watch practically any game that’s currently taking place or past ones, as well as giving viewers more control over what they can access compared to conventional television networks. One downside, however, is due to copyright issues, some streams are often unavailable, making viewing options limited for some.


goATD offers viewers a great way to watch their favorite sports, both live and archived, across nearly any device or platform. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes finding what you need simpler than ever, with regular updates on new events and highlights from the world of sport. On top of this, it’s also completely free, making it one of the most budget-friendly options out there for those who want an affordable streaming experience.




If you want to watch sports without having to worry about streaming issues or buffering, then the one site that comes highly recommended by users is Watch ESPN. It offers access to thousands of sporting events with exclusive broadcasts and up-to-date scores, all neatly packaged into one great platform. Plus, due to its convenient apps for both iOS and Android devices, accessing content on the go couldn’t be easier either.



SONYLIV should be your go-to place if you’re looking for a one-stop shop with access to thousands of sporting events from around the world. It also has multiple language options available, so no matter where you are, accessing live streams and highlights is made easier than ever before. With this being said, though, its lack of specialization when it comes to sports makes it an impractical option for those who only watch certain games or leagues.



StreamWoop is yet another reliable streaming site with plenty of features that make finding and watching sports an enjoyable experience. With its low latency streaming, you can watch games in near real-time, which makes the viewing process much smoother, plus it provides viewers with easy access to highlights and archived events as well for those times when a game gets missed or even if you just want to look back at your favorite moments.

Disney+ Hotstar


With its huge library full of both sports and entertainment content, Disney+Hotstar is the perfect platform for those looking to watch a bit of everything. Plus, with thousands of live streams available at any given time, you can find just about every major league game out there, as well as niche ones too, so no matter what sport you like, you’re guaranteed to access something good on this site.

Crack Streams


CrackStreams is one of the most popular streaming sites for sports fans, with plenty of coverage on all major leagues in addition to some fringe ones as well. The best part about this website is that it’s totally free, making it a great option for those who don’t want to pay out for premium services but still have access to quality live streams.



Vidgo is perfect if you’re looking for sports streaming with no ads or buffering, making it one of the best services for uninterrupted consumption. Plus, its library is frequently updated, so viewers can be sure to get access to all their favorite events from any device; plus, there’s also plenty of exclusive content on offer as well.



Fite offers a wide selection of live and archived sporting events as well, with great coverage spanning multiple genres like MMA, wrestling and boxing too. It’s also a great way to watch lesser-known sports like Judo, Skeet shooting and many more. Unfortunately, the service isn’t free, and viewers have to rely on their own devices in order to access content which can be pricey for some making it less appealing.



Sport Surges offers exclusive coverage of live-streaming events from around the world as well as TV shows related to sports. However, since it’s an add-on subscription service instead of a free streaming site, some viewers may find it to be quite expensive compared to other services.



123TV is perfect if you’re looking for hassle-free access come game day, as it’s designed with hardware compatibility in mind, making accessing streams much easier than ever before. Plus, there are plenty of language options available, so no matter where you are, finding sports content has never been simpler. The only downside is that the quality tends to fade away when streaming from lesser-known sources.

So there you have it, 30 great alternatives for watching sports online without having to pay a single cent. Whether it’s live-streaming or archived content that you’re after, we are sure this list of services has got something in store for everyone. So go forth and experience the thrill of getting caught up with sporting events at any time, anywhere!

Free Sports Streaming Site FAQs

1. Are there any completely free sports streaming sites?

Yes, there are plenty of completely free streaming sites available, like Sportlemon, MamaHD and StreamComando, just to name a few. There are also some services that offer premium content for additional fees, such as FuboTV, FoxSportsGo and SONYLIV.

2. What are the best sources to stream live sports?

The best sources for streaming live sports vary depending on your needs, but some popular options include FuboTV, Fox Sports Go, StreamWoop and 123TV.

3. Are there any good free alternatives to subscription-based sports networks?

Yes, there are plenty of great alternatives, such as SportLemon, MamaHD and StreamComando, which all offer reliable streaming services for those on a budget.

4. Can I watch sports without cable?

Yes, you can absolutely watch sports without cable, with plenty of streaming sites available offering access to live and archived coverage of various events from around the world. Also, good alternatives are monthly subscription-based platforms like FuboTV and Fox Sports Go, as they offer more features that traditional television networks don’t typically provide.

5. Are there any legal streaming sites?

Yes, there are plenty of legal streaming sites that you can use to watch sports ranging from popular platforms like FuboTV and Fox Sports Go to smaller niche services such as Roja Directa and goATD.me. Just make sure the website is legitimate before signing up in order to avoid any potential issues.

6. Are there mobile apps for free sports streaming?

Yes, many of the free streaming services mentioned above offer their own dedicated apps so that you can watch sports on the go. Some good examples include WatchESPN, SONYLIV and 123TV.

7. Are there any great options for archiving sporting events?

Yes, some popular services such as StreamHunter, Stream2Watch and FirstRowSports all have extensive libraries of previous games, which you can access at any time. You can also find archived streams on SONYLIV, Crack Streams and FITE, which usually come with subscription fees.