14 Fox Sports Alternatives for 2023: Incredible Options to Watch Sports Online

Fox Sports is a well-known cable television channel for live sports. Originally established in 1994, it is now one of the most popular channels amongst U.S. viewers. The network covers more than 04 major leagues and has started streaming to its own FOX+ app as well at present times. It has also been able to secure the rights to major sporting events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, and Champions League which have made it one of the main sports providers for U.S viewers.

What Happened to Fox Sports?

In recent times, cable subscription costs in the U.S. have shot up considerably due to multiple factors including carriage agreements between network affiliates and local pay-tv providers around the nation. Due to such changes, more people have been left in the lurch with regard to subscription costs, and are now searching for more affordable options to watch live sports. It is no surprise then that Fox Sports too has started streaming but it comes at a hefty price tag that doesn’t look like going away anytime soon in the immediate future either due to certain circumstances.

Best Alternatives for Watching Sports Online This Year 2023

If you are looking for alternative ways of watching live sports without breaking the bank, then you can look at these 14 recognized services and platforms in 2023.

SportRAR.TV: The Perfect Platform for Live Sports


SportRAR.TV is a reliable online streaming platform with an extensive library of sporting events from around the world. It provides access to various football leagues such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa league along with other major tournaments like NBA, MLB, etc. Football fans can also watch replays of all their favorite football leagues as well as find news and other information related to sports.

StreamEast: A Comprehensive Sports Streaming Service


Stream East is another great streaming service with a vast selection of live sports accessible anywhere in the world. It offers coverage for major sporting events including NBA, NFL, MLB, Premier League, and various international tournaments apart from some regional cricket matches too which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking to find access to multiple sporting events.

Stream2Watch: A Versatile Platform for Live Streaming Sports


This service is well known for its extensive coverage of various sports and leagues, along with a massive selection of live streams. It offers high-quality video quality which makes it perfect if you are looking to watch streamed concerts or any major event taking place across the globe including those happening in the U.S. such as NBA, NFL, etc. Apart from that, you can also access replays of major leagues as well were originally broadcasted on FOX Sports.

StreamWoop: Watch Live and On Demand Offering


This streaming service is one of the most popular and reliable out there in terms of providing both live sports coverage and on-demand broadcasts. With StreamWoop, users get to enjoy streams from major sporting events such as NFL Super Bowl or Champions League games along with other international competitions like Euro Cup, NBA Championship, etc. On-demand videos are also available for those who prefer watching their favorite sports

Cricfree: Football and Cricket Fans Delight


Cricfree is an online streaming platform catering primarily to football and cricket fans. It offers some of the best coverage for matches from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga 2, and other leading European leagues along with all international tournaments across different platforms like IPL T20 in India or Champions Trophy. Additionally, it also provides users access to some of the best entertainment channels like Movies, Music and Kids in HD quality

VIPBox Sports: A Trustworthy Platform


If you are looking for reliable streams of your favorite sports that too without going through much fuss then VIPBoxsports is just what you need! It provides coverage for major leagues such as NFL, and NBA along with other international ones. You can count on this service to keep up with your favorite team and watch them win in all their major matchups.

LiveTV: An All-in-One Service


This one-stop sports streaming service is certainly a favorite for many viewers as it offers coverage of major leagues such as NFL, Formula 1, or Cricket on various platforms like IPL T20 to name a few. It also provides access to highlights videos so that if you have missed out on any important match due to circumstances then don’t worry, LiveTV has you covered.

SonyLIV Sports: Get the Best out of your Favourite Games


This service specializes in providing sports news and updates around some major leagues including IPL T20 or Indian Premier League so Sony LIV might be the go-to option for those looking to follow their favorite teams closely. Also, if that isn’t enough then it offers users access to exclusive sports shows as well which makes it a personal favorite for many.

ESPN+: A Comprehensive Service


ESPN is one of the world’s leading sports broadcasters and now its streaming service, ESPN + provides access to some major leagues such as NFL, NBA, and MLB apart from international ones like Rugby World Cup or Cricket Champions trophy too. It also includes coverage for college sports as well so no matter what your preferences are there is certainly something worthwhile available on this platform.

SportSurge: A Good Alternative


Sport Surge is an English-based streaming service offering access to some major sports including NFL, MLS, and Premier League. It also provides users with other interesting features like stats and news updates which makes it great if you are looking for a more in-depth experience while watching your favorite games too.

RedstreamSports: An Affordable Offering


Redstream Sports is a great sports streaming service with an extensive selection of live matches and highlights from international leagues across various regions. It also supports some major platforms like Apple TV, Android devices or Roku so no matter where you are, Redstream Sports can give you access to some top-notch sporting events without any fuss for a small one-time fee.

BuffStreams: An Easy Choice


If you want to watch your favorite teams playing in action then Buff Streams can be a great choice with its easy-to-use interface. The features and services provided in the platform make it perfect if you are looking for a hassle-free experience while watching live sports without spending too much on subscription costs. You can access some leading leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, or Bundesliga

Crackstreams: Stream Seamlessly Online


This online streaming service is popular amongst many users as it offers coverage of some major leagues without any fuss or complicated policies. You can access the likes of NFL, NBA, and MLB with ease on Crackstreams, along with other major international tournaments like Cricket Champions Trophy or FIFA World Cup too.

FootyBite: Best Choice for Online Streaming

Basically, footybite is one quick and convenient option if you are looking to watch live sports as it provides access to some leading platforms such as IPL T20 in India, UEFA Champions League, NBA games, and other international events too. Plus its user-friendly interface makes it perfect if you want to watch your favorite teams playing in action without any complications.

Fox Sports FAQs

Is Fox still available on cable?

Yes, Fox is currently still available through major television providers such as DirectTV, Dish Network, etc. But do note that the cost of subscriptions has been rising continuously due to multiple factors and changes in the industry.

What are some of the major leagues available on Fox Sports?

Fox covers a wide range of sporting events including NFL, NBA, and MLB along with international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup or Champions League games as well. It also offers coverage for smaller regional matches too however, not all countries have access to such streams due to various reasons.

Are there any free streaming options for Fox Sports?

Fox does not offer any free streaming options which are why people have been gradually moving away from cable subscriptions and looking for more affordable alternatives. Some of these are mentioned above in the article so be sure to give them a look if you want access to some top-notch sports broadcasts without having to pay huge sums on subscription costs.

What happened with the FOX+ app?

The Fox+ App was launched recently and allows users to stream content from the Fox Sports Network. The app is well received however some features still remain buggy which may cause an occasional problem or two for its subscribers.

What are some of the other alternatives for FOX sports?

Apart from those mentioned above in the article, there are quite a few other options available out there such as DAZN, Sling TV, and YouTube TV along with various international streaming services too if you want to watch something different.