15 FootyBite Alternatives for 2023 That Will Take Your Sports streaming Experience to The Next Level

FootyBite is a popular online platform that allows users around the world to stream their favorite games, sports and sporting events. This service offers live HD quality video without any interruptions, so you can enjoy sports across all devices from smartphones to PCs with ease. FootyBite also has an extensive library of archived games so you can catch up on all the best sports moments anytime. However, due to certain policy changes and restrictions imposed by governments, this service may not be available in your region.

What happened to FootyBite?

Due to legal issues regarding media copyrights, several governments have blocked or restricted access to FootyBite for their local users in 2021. This affected many avid fans who relied on this service as their main source of sports streaming. This made it difficult to access the most updated match scores and find reliable streams for major sports events from different parts of the world.

Best Alternatives to FootyBite

Luckily, there are plenty of great alternatives still available for those who don’t have or can’t access FootyBite. Let’s explore the 15 best FootyBite alternatives that offer similar quality streaming services for those sports fanatics.

Reddit Soccer Streams

Reddit Sports

One of the biggest go-to sites for soccer streams around the world is Reddit! The subreddit page ‘soccer stream’ has everything that one could want and more, providing reliable links to live games without any adult or spam content advertisements. The best part? It’s absolutely free!



CricFree is an exceptional place for streaming live sports action all year round. With Cricfree, viewers are provided with the best quality streams which can be easily accessed from any device. Moreover, their interactive user interface helps you find exactly what you want in no time at all.



Rojadirecta provides free access to major sporting events that people of all ages and from all parts of the world can enjoy. It is also one of the more reliable services around as it leverages powerful servers to provide smooth and uninterrupted streaming for its users.

Bally Sports

Another great FootyBite alternative worth trying this year is bally sports, which offers access to multiple live games hosted on different platforms including their site with HD streams at no extra cost! Moreover, they come equipped with several exclusive features such as a broadcasting schedule, international coverage and so much more!



StrikeOut is tailored for those sports enthusiasts looking for quality video feeds from different broadcasters. This platform offers a great selection of content with plenty of options available including live games, tournaments and replays. Plus you can enjoy the streaming without any delays or lags in picture quality even on lower internet speeds, which makes it one of the best FootyBite alternatives around.



For more comprehensive sports coverage, try out Wiziwig – an online streaming platform which brings together various broadcasters from all over the world under one roof. Through its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for without any hassle!



If gaming is what interests you most then must have heard of Crackstream, the popular website that allows one to watch live streams and Esports gaming anytime. It bills itself as ‘the most comprehensive sports website around’ and it lives up to its promise with a great selection of games from different regions including NCAAF, CFL, Madden 21 and much more!



USTVGO is your go-to platform for viewing all sorts of American channels without having any cable subscription or access to a US IP address. Whether you want to watch live news broadcasts, sports highlights or movies, they got it all and more! Best of all, there are no intrusive ads during streams, so your viewing experience is never hindered in any way.



RedStream Sport remains one of the most convenient destinations for those looking for quality streaming services online–it is both reliable and flexible in terms of what it offers. This platform not only provides you with access to the best live-streaming events from around the world but also performs well on mobile devices since it is designed for optimum viewing pleasure.



ESPN offers a great range of sports coverage and excellent streaming services too, both via its website as well as through its dedicated apps that can be downloaded onto any device. What’s more, they offer videos along with commentary blogs so users will never miss out on all the major highlights and updates, including those from their favourite teams!



Stream2watch is an entertainment platform that gives you access to football league matches around the world for free! You will be able to follow games with high-quality streams covering almost any sport imaginable in the comfort of your home; from rugby, basketball, and tennis to NFL–this site has it all.


Another fantastic FootyBite alternative for those looking for a comprehensive sports streaming service is BatmanStream. This platform provides access to all the top leagues, tournaments and matches from around the world in HD quality with amazing audio/video playback!



If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful solution that can give you complete control over your streams, then StreamHunter should be at the top of your list. Their intuitive interface, wide selection of content and user-friendly features make it one of the best alternatives to FootyBite for all types of sports fans.



Sport365 is another reliable streaming service that’s been around for quite some time now. It offers access to a variety of matches from leagues located in different countries with no buffering issues at all! Plus you can follow your favourite teams or watch replays as everything is recorded quickly and sorted by date.



Last but not least is Vipleague, an online streaming platform where you can find live streams for all sorts of games from popular football leagues to quirky cricket tournaments! What makes this site even more impressive is the fact that there are no ads or annoying pop-ups whatsoever which only adds to its popularity among avid sports fans.

FootyBite FAQs

Is FootyBite legal?

Yes, FootyBite is a completely legal service and its users are allowed to watch live streams without any restrictions. However, due to certain policy changes enforced by different governments in the past few years, this service may not be available in some countries at the moment.

Why did FootyBite shut down?

FootyBite was forced to shut down due to a series of copyright infringement claims. This led to some governments enforcing strict regulations that ultimately resulted in the site becoming inaccessible to its users.

Are there any good alternatives available?

Yes, there are plenty of great FootyBite alternatives still available for those who are unable to access this service! From Reddit Soccer Streams and Cricfree to Rojadirecta and Bally Sports – the list of quality streaming sites that offer similar services is only growing!

Are all alternatives to FootyBite free?

Most of these sites do not charge any fee for accessing their content, apart from USTVGO which allows users to watch American channels with a premium subscription plan as well. However, some platforms may have software restrictions in place so it’s always wise to double-check before signing up on any site.

Is it safe to use FootyBite alternatives?

Most of the popular streaming sites are considered to be 100% safe, as long as users make sure that they don’t click on any malicious ads or suspicious downloads while using them. It is also recommended to refrain from downloading different kinds of software directly onto your computer as this may lead to potential security risks.