20 Superb Alternatives to Flixtor: Get Your TV & Movie Fix Here!

Flixtor is one of the most popular online streaming sites. It was launched in 2016 and has since gained a lot of traction, with many users using it as an ideal alternative to other paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu etc. However, there came the point when Flixtor shut down its main domain without any prior warning or notification, leaving fans confused and anxious. This article will cover Flixtor’s overview, what happened to it and explore 20 alternatives that users can use instead of the popular streaming site.

Flixtor – An Overview

Flixtor is a free online movie & TV show streaming website with a notably large library full of movies from many different countries. It was initially based in Europe and is known to be one of the first websites providing this kind of service, but it has since then expanded its access to more countries, becoming more popular as a result. The service was also incorporated with torrent search engine capabilities that allowed users to search for TV shows and movies not previously hosted on the platform.

What Happened to Flixtor?

In April 2021, Flixtor’s main domain (flixtor. to) was shut down abruptly without any prior warning or notification, causing many of their user base to panic and become frustrated. This shutdown left many of the users unable to watch their favorite shows and movies through this platform.

20 Flixtor Alternatives to Check Out



One of the most popular on the list, Plex is a great alternative for those who missed out on what Flixtor had to offer. Even better, it doesn’t require any subscription fee or other payments. It does have some limitations, such as the fact that content can only be browsed through filters and is not searchable, which was a feature available in Flixtor.



Serving many countries worldwide, Paramount+ is one of the few streaming services that provide access to its large library of both TV shows and movies without requiring any subscription fee. The service also uses artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest titles similar to what it thinks you might like according to your viewing habits, a feature that Flixtor often lacked.



Advertised as one of the best affordable streaming services out there, Myflixer is another prime example for those looking for robust alternatives to Flixtor. It has an intuitive user interface and provides access to various live sports events along with movies & TV shows from across the world, making it a great choice overall.



Putlocker has been around for a long time; some might even remember it from the pre-Flixtor days. Despite its mix of features and restrictions, Putlocker still stands as one of the most reliable alternatives today due to its large library with up-to-date content that can be browsed by countries.



This is another website dedicated solely to providing movies & TV shows without requiring any registration or fees. It has an impressive search bar feature for quick browsing, plus access to thousands of catalogs and a large number of genres making it worth checking out by all Flixtor fans.



Aims toward Spanish-speaking countries, Losmovies is a streaming service with no registration required and up-to-date titles from across the world along with different content categories such as Anime, Horror and Documentaries for viewers to explore.

Project FreeTV

This is one of the earliest streaming services out there, offering free access with decent video quality, search options and an extensive list of movies & TV shows from across various genres. It also offers a calendar section so users can keep track of when their favorite show might be on next, which wasn’t possible in Flixtor.

Apple TV


This subscription-based streaming service comes with a free trial period and provides premium content, such as shows from the Apple+ library, at no additional cost. It also offers 4K HDR quality for those with compatible devices, a feature lacking in Flixtor’s library of titles.

Amazon Prime


Another excellent alternative site to Flixtor is Amazon Prime Video which contains much more than just movies & TV shows but also some premium originals, access to prime music and much more. The pricing structure might be slightly higher than other sites; however, the quality of video & audio is commendable.



If you’re looking for a Flixtor alternative that is strictly about movies & TV, then OnionPlay should definitely be on your list. It offers plenty of international titles from many countries providing one-click streaming without the need for registration or downloads, making it a great choice as a replacement.



This streaming service is one of the most visited websites in its category and provides access to movies & TV shows in various genres with high-quality video streams that can be watched without registration. All these features remind us of what Flixtor could have been had it kept running for longer than expected.



Combining both video streaming and cable TV, PlutoTV is an all-in-one platform for those who want to enjoy both benefits without paying a premium price like other services. Has some excellent titles in its library, which you can browse through along with Live TV from various countries worldwide



This a great website for Bollywood fans looking for the latest movies & TV shows, as it mainly focuses on content from India but also provides access to other regional flicks, too making it great for all Flixtor fans out there. All titles come in HD and can be watched without registration or fees.



Although it lacks many of the features which were available on Flixtor 123Movies is still a reliable choice among its competitors when it comes to streaming movies & TV shows quickly with decent video quality plus access to multiple genres giving viewers plenty of options overall.

Coke and Popcorn


This is the first on-demand streaming platform with a library full of the latest movies & TV shows from various countries around the world. The website supports different video qualities, which can be watched directly in your web browser for free. It also provides global subtitles for other languages making this a great choice as an alternative to Flixtor.



If you’re looking for an online streaming website offering no subscription fee & premium access, then M4UFree is the perfect destination for all Flixtor fans. It contains plenty of titles from across different genres, with some truly interesting movies & TV shows that can be watched directly in your web browser.



One of the newer services on our list, TubiTV, comes with an impressive library full of the latest releases such as comedies and horror flicks making it great for movie lovers. It doesn’t require any registration or subscription fee, so all users can enjoy their favorite titles instantly without taking much time.



Another one of the oldest video streaming websites on our list, Couchtuner, is still going strong when it comes to offering a wide variety of genres with different download & streaming options for users to choose from giving them plenty of options with good audio and video quality overall.




This is another website full of the latest releases from across the world. It offers no subscription fee with access to several video resolutions making it perfect as a Flixtor alternative due to its comprehensive library filled with popular titles and great user experience overall.



Last but not least on our list, Vumoo is one of the most reliable streaming services currently available, providing content from countries like India, the UK and the US through a smooth web interface, making it perfect as a Flixtor replacement. It also offers an extensive library of the latest releases with different video quality options for users to take advantage of

Flixtor – FAQs

Q1: Is Flixtor completely shut down?
A1: Yes, the main domain (fliXtor.to) is permanently closed without any prior notifications.

Q2: Are there any alternatives to Flixtor?
A2: Yes, there are many alternatives, such as Plex, Paramount+, Myflixer, Putlocker and Afdah, amongst others. We have listed 20 excellent options for those looking for a replacement for Flixtor.

Q3: Are streaming services on these sites legal?
A3: It depends from one country to another. We advise that you check the laws and regulations in your local area before streaming any content on these sites.

Q4: Is there parental control available on all streaming services?
A4: Unfortunately, not all of them have parental control features available although some do offer tools to limit the type of shows & movies being watched by children or minors present in that household.

Q5: Some titles need a subscription. Can I still watch videos for free?
A5: Yes, some of the streaming services require users to have a premium subscription in order to watch certain titles, but most offer free access with limitations. We recommend you browse through each service for more information about availability and restrictions.

Q6: How to watch videos on these streaming websites?
A6: You can easily watch movies & TV shows from any of the 20 options listed in our article without much hassle. Most services only require minimal registration and do not need any additional payments or subscription fees, while others might have restrictions due to local laws.

Q7: Do these sites contain adverts?
A7: Yes, many of these streaming services include ads which can be either video or text positioned in between videos. It is recommended that viewers use an Ad-Blocker plugin when available to prevent any interruptions caused by advertisements during the viewing experience.

Overall, Flixtor had been a dependable source of movies & TV shows for years and unfortunately shut down, leaving its loyal users looking for similar services. We hope this article helped our readers understand what happened as well as explore 20 outstanding alternatives that can be used to watch according to their needs without paying a premium price or getting tied down by any annoying restrictions.

Happy Streaming!