Email is still the most effective way to reach your target audience, whether you are trying to sell a product, deliver information to get subscribers to your blog or building relationship. Emails are serving a purpose from decades long and till date regardless of the direction that online media takes up with the birth of new age technologies.

Email Marketing is the most profitable platform for Digital Marketers giving returns up to 4000%, yes you heard it absolutely right. Direct Marketing Association estimated that for every 1 $ spend in email marketing will give returns of 40 $. In order to achieve high returns, there is need to learn effective ways to monetize email list.

Let’s drive into proven and reliable passive income generating source by monetizing email list

Percentage of sales is an agreement between you and merchant(who is a product owner), you will get paid a fixed commission on every purchase made my traffic sent by you. 80 % of email marketers earn through the percentage of sales. The commission rate ranges from 40 % to even 100 % of product price. Merchant pay this big commissions because you are helping them to acquire the customer for their lifetime.

This is absolutely fastest and simplest way to earn because it requires just an email and one-page website, no product development, no customer support hassle. Just simply copy paste the affiliate link in your email broadcast or in free reports which you will send to the email list.

The job of the email marketer her is to send the traffic with excitement to merchant landing page. All the product information and the sales pitch are taken care by merchant only.

The thousands of merchants are dying to work with you, There are lakhs of products in thousands of niches, find the best product in the niche and start promoting to email subscribers. There are multiple affiliate networks where you can sign up and find thousands of products. Some of the best affiliate networks include

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Best and quickest way to monetize Email List is by promotion CPA offers. The CPA stands for Cost Per Action, you as an affiliate get paid commission when your traffic just does a small thing like entering a Zip Code or entering their email address etc.There is no need to buy a product and no need to enter credit card details by the visitors, This is fastest and simplest way to earn thousands of dollars in commission. There are multiple CPA affiliate platforms where you can sign up and start promoting the offers.

Note: The difficult task is getting accepted as an affiliate in CPA network, The verification process takes a lot of time and you need to verify your credibility.

One of simplest yet effective way to monetize email list is by selling clicks. Only few email marketers now about this monetization. The earning is directly proportional to the size of your email list. The larger the size of your email list the better are your profits.

In this, you have to signup with solo ads platform like Clickonomy and find a vendor who will offer you his link and just broadcast the email with the link to the email list. Just check your Open rates and CTR for the campaign and get paid.The more the CTR the better are the earnings and the estimated earning per link click vary from $ 0.5 to $ 0.8 . This is best to start with if you are having a list size of 5000 subscribers.

This is the highest profitable way to monetize email list. You can start your own e-commerce website and start selling your own product initially by buying traffic from advertisement networks with every sale you make in your store you will get a valid primary email.Unlike lead generating pages possibility of getting secondary email is very high because people won’t trust you. In a case of selling your own products traffic comes to your real company website and when you find visitors are buying from your online store you have already won the trust and definitely, buyers will give their primary email.

The Open Rate, CTR, and Conversion rate will be pretty high because they trust you and your buyers are eagerly waiting for your new product launches.

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