20 Disboard Alternatives for 2023- From Top.gg to Ventrilo!

Disboard is an online communication platform that allows users to create their servers and communities within the app. The user-friendly interface of Disboards makes it easier for members from all walks of life to join a server or start one on their own. Chatrooms, special events, and even a marketplace to buy or sell items are all available on Disboard. With over 65 million members worldwide, Disboard is one of the most popular communication platforms.

What Happened To Disboard?

Recently, issues with censorship and moderation have caused many prominent organizations such as Twitch, Discord Server Listings and other web applications that use chat-related services to drop their support for Disboard. For the most part, Disboard is still an excellent chat service, but with its growing issues, some find it difficult to use

Best 20 Disboard Alternatives in 2023 – All From Top.gg To Ventrilo!

Today we look at the top 20 best Disboard alternatives of 2020 that will make sure your online communications stay high quality and safety without getting bogged down by controversy. Here they are:

1. Top.gg


Top.gg is one of the most popular alternatives to Disboard. Its Discord server listings page is used by many online communities and organizations looking for a place to communicate without fear of censorship or moderation issues. The user interface on top.gg is clean and easy to use, making it an ideal replacement for those moving away from Disboard.

2. Discordservers.com


Discordservers.com is an excellent alternative to Disboard, providing users with the same user-friendly interface without any censorship or moderation issues that plagued Disboard. One of the most popular features on discordservers.com is its custom role system, which simplifies permissions setup and allows users to change/add roles when needed quickly.

3. Mee6


Mee6 is one of our favorite alternatives to Disboard. It’s a highly advanced moderation and automation bot which allows users to easily manage their communities, set permissions and so on. Mee6 is excellent for more complex setups than other Disboard alternatives, as the bot can be customized depending on your needs.

4. Discordst


Discordst is an increasingly popular alternative among those moving away from Disboard that provides an incredibly stable platform with good infrastructure and moderators always willing to help. Discordst also has an excellent discord bot directory and voting section, allowing users to easily find their server’s best bots.

5. Discordbotlist


Discordbotlist is one of the best places on the internet to find new bots and games for your server or community. It features an extensive list of quality reviewed and up-to-date content and excellent support from moderators willing to help with any queries.

6. Linkvertise


Linkvertise is a powerful content management system that allows users to easily embed links, videos and images into their Discord servers or communities quickly and securely. It’s great for those who need an alternative because it offers all the features of Disboard but without any moderation issues or censorship problems.

7. Steamcommunity


Steamcommunity is one of the most popular gaming platforms for PC gamers and one of the best alternatives to Disboard. Its incredibly active user base has millions of players engaging in various activities within its servers 24/7. Users can also join or create their steam communities where they can discuss video game-related topics, get help from other users, and even compete with each other

8. Dyno


Dyno is a powerful Discord Bot that allows you to streamline your server’s administration and moderation. It offers advanced automation commands, music streaming, and custom roles and even allows users to log in with their accounts for added security.

9. Disforge


Disforge is a new alternative to Disboard that offers many of the same features as its predecessor but without censorship or moderation issues. Disforge has an extensive range of tools such as live chat, polls & quizzes, private channels and more – perfect for those looking to have an easily managed server

10. Slack


Slack is an excellent alternative to Disboard, as it features an organized user interface that makes chatrooms and discussions easy to find. It also offers unlimited file uploads, instant messaging tools and integrated apps such as Google Drive or DropBox, ensuring you can always remain connected with the outside world while managing your online community.

11. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that allows users to communicate more effectively and efficiently with their teams in an organized manner. It provides excellent features such as threaded conversations, private messaging and audio/video conference calls, making it one of the best Disboard alternatives for those who want an unbeatable communication experience

12. Zoom


Zoom is another popular alternative to Disboard with end-to-end encryption, meaning all your conversations are kept private and secure. Users can easily manage their online meetings as well as collaborate on documents or presentations with ease.

13. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s version of the popular video meeting platform Zoom. Like most other alternatives to Disboard, it also has a pretty user-friendly interface making everybody’s lives simpler when trying to connect to one group or another. Plus, its end-to-end encryption further ensures that your calls and messages remain secure

14. Telegram


Telegram is an instant messaging platform focusing on security, fast delivery of messages, and multiple device support. It’s excellent for those wanting more than just chatroom settings. It also provides users with features like file sharing (audio/videos), stickers and custom font types – making it a great alternative to Disboard.

15. Skype


Skype is one of the most popular messaging and voice-over IP customers around today, with millions of users worldwide, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to Disboard that offers complete compatibility across different operating systems as well as reliable network support

16. TeamSpeak


Team Speak is another excellent chat application and communication service that has existed for many years. It offers the incredible sound quality, reliable encryption and very high security compared to some alternatives out there, such as Disboard.

17. Mumble


Mumble is an open-source voice chat application designed primarily for gamers that provides crystal clear audio with low latency connections to ensure nobody gets lost during those intense gaming sessions. Plus, it’s also great when you need alternative solutions to Disboard.

18. Ventrilo


Ventrilo is another popular voice chat application with high-quality audio, low latency voice communication and robust security features. It makes it perfect for those looking for better alternatives than Disboard for hosting private gaming sessions or competitions.

19. RiotIM


RiotIM is a messaging service that focuses on privacy and encryption more than any other alternative to Disboard. It provides end-to-end encryption for its messages which makes it an ideal alternative for those who value their privacy but also still need a sound communication tool when playing games or collaborating on projects

20. IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an open-source protocol used by millions in the 90s and early 2000s, making it one of the oldest online chatting protocols. It’s still popular today and provides many of the same features as Disboard but without any associated censorship or moderation issues.


Disboard was once one of the most popular communication platforms, but many users have sought alternatives to the service due to its censorship issues and moderation problems. This article looked at the top 20 best Disboard options for 2023 – from Top.gg to Ventrilo – to make it easier for readers looking to find a suitable replacement as quickly as possible. We hope you found this helpful!

Disboard FAQs

Q: Is Disboard free to use?

Disboard is free for all users across platforms like PC & Mac, smartphones, tablets and even some gaming consoles. There are also no third-party transactions or purchases required.

Q: How do I set up a server on Disboard?

Setting up a server on Disboard is easy. All you need to do is log into your account, then click the “Create Server” button in the upper right corner of the interface. From there, you can customize your settings as you, please.

Q: Can I delete my Disboard account?

Yes, you can quickly delete or disable your Disboard account anytime. This is done by accessing the “Settings” tab while in-game and then clicking on the appropriate option under Account Settings.

Q: Can I use bots with Disboard?

Yes, Disboard supports bot integration, allowing users to add custom commands and automated tasks to their server through third-party applications like Discord Bot List.

Q: Does Disboard support streaming?

Yes, with Disboard, users can stream video, audio and screen sharing from within the platform. You won’t need separate services like voice chat or game streaming while using Disboard.