13 DAZN Alternatives for 2023 – Exploring Exciting Sports Streaming Options

DAZN was a sports streaming service that operated from 2011 to 2021. It provided users with live access to various sporting events, including American Football games across the world until its closure earlier this year. In its prime, DAZN had over 2 million registered users and enjoyed tremendous success globally.

What Happened to DAZN?

Since the beginning of 2021, it has been reported that DAZN faced several challenges. Various reports indicate a combination of financial strains and legal copyright issues. Regardless, there are many reliable alternatives to stay up-to-date with your favorite sports.

Best 13 DAZN Alternatives

For all sports fans who don’t want to miss out on any of the upcoming sporting events, several exciting alternatives offer a wide range of options in terms of streaming quality, pricing plans, and unique features – here is a list of the best 13 DAZN alternatives considered to be reliable and popular amongst users:



Destination URL espn.com

ESPN, undoubtedly the leader when it comes to streaming sports events, is known for offering the most comprehensive coverage of live sporting events across professional and amateur competitions alike. Subscribers can enjoy a variety of top-notch features such as high-definition streams, personalization options as well as custom alerts that keep you up to date with your favorite teams and leagues.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go

Destination URL foxsports.com/live

Fox Sports Go is popular amongst US viewers looking to catch regional games, as well as major sports leagues such as Major League Baseball and the National Football League. The platform offers reliable streams with minimal buffering issues on most occasions. Additionally, they also provide features such as HD events, live scores, and highlights along with exclusive commentary from renowned professionals in the industry.



Destination URL stream2watch.sx

One of the longest-running streaming sites, Stream2Watch is famous for its uninterrupted access to live sports from across the globe. It provides fans with a variety of options depending on their individual needs and preferences – subscribers can watch live streams from major competitions such as cricket or other popular global leagues like UEFA Champions League, Premier League etc. The platform also offers social media integration for keeping up with all the latest news and trends around your favorite sports.



Destination URL crackstreams.net

A popular choice amongst users looking for unrestricted access to a variety of sports including basketball, boxing, MMA and baseball from different regions around the world, such as Europe and Latin America – CrackStreams focuses primarily on football matches. The platform also provides easy integration with Twitter along with other social media platforms to keep up with all the latest news and updates on time.



Destination URL fite.tv

Widely applauded for its advanced streaming technology, FITE is popular amongst those fans who are looking to watch all the major sporting events from across the globe without any lags or buffering issues. The beautiful UI of this platform as well as the top-notch tech underneath makes it one of the most sought-after platforms providing users with an immersive and delightful experience.



Destination URL livesoccertv.com

For football fans all around the world, LiveSoccerTV is undoubtedly one of the most reliable platforms. It has a quality library that offers an impressive range of live streams for different competitions taking place across Europe and other continents. Additionally, subscribers are also able to get up-to-date information about upcoming matches along with tips and recommendations for picking their favorite teams.



Destination URL viprow.net

Considering the best streaming experience for sports lovers, VIPRow stands out – with reliable and uninterrupted access to many major sporting events that take place around the globe. It also features an array of useful functions such as live scores, highlights from ongoing matches and much more making it a one-stop destination for all football fans in 2021.


CricFree TV

Destination URL crickfree.org

CricFree is a great choice, especially for cricket fans who are looking to watch live matches from different regions and competitions from the comfort of their homes in an uninterrupted manner. The platform offers free access as well as subscription plans if you want to get more premium features such as video highlights, scoreboards etc.



Destination URL sonyliv.com

One of the leading streaming platforms when it comes to covering Indian sports, SonyLIV offers comprehensive access to different cricket and football events generated by various countries across the subcontinent. Subscribers can also stream live games from international leagues such as Premier League or Champions League in HD quality with minimal buffering issues – making it one of the most popular streaming options in 2021 within this region.



Destination URL batmanstream.cc

Although a relatively uncommon choice due to its relatively small library of sports, Batmanstream’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it offers users free access to most major football events happening across Europe. And despite lacking quality found in competitors such as CricFree or LiveSoccerTV, its simplicity makes it a great choice for those viewers who are looking to stream games without committing long term and shelling out money.


Laola1 TV

Destination URL laola1.tv

Widely renowned as the ultimate destination for clubs, fans and athletes in Europe due to its comprehensive coverage of major sports such as football, Laola1 offers uninterrupted streams with minimal buffering issues. The platform also has exclusive partnership deals with certain leagues enabling it greater access that competitors lack – making it a reliable choice amongst users all around Europe.



Destination URL bosscast.net

An underdog compared to some of the bigger players in this industry, BossCast is popularly known for offering a comprehensive library of live streams from different sports including football, tennis and more. While it might not be as user-friendly, subscribers can take advantage of these features at an unbelievably affordable price tag which makes it one of the most sought-after alternatives in 2021.



Destination URL sportrar.tv

SPORTRAR has gained immense popularity amongst users this year due to its massive range in terms of both sports coverage as well as streaming quality. The platform boasts an impressive library giving further access to a wide range of smaller events outside the mainstream that even other competitors miss out on. The events range from athletics or extreme sports right down to boxing and handball etc.


Since the sad demise of DAZN in 2021, many have been looking for reliable alternatives and this list could help those who are struggling for good options. While each option has different pros and cons depending on individual needs and preferences, one that stands out is SportRar due to its comprehensive range of sports available as well as impressive HD quality streams. Whatever your choice is, all these options provide an enjoyable streaming experience for those who are looking forward to catching up with their favorite sporting events in 2021!


Who owns DAZN ?

DAZN was founded by five individuals in 2011, however, they have since sold their stakes and it is now owned by an undisclosed entity.

How was DAZN legal?

Until recently, DAZN maintained licenses with several middleman brokers that legally provided access to the streaming materials. Unfortunately due to copyright issues with certain leagues and networks, it had to shut down its streaming services.

Are there any free DAZN Alternatives?

Yes, there are several reliable alternatives available which offer free access – some of the popular ones include ESPN, Fox Sports Go and Batmanstream etc.

What makes SportRar a better alternative than others?

SportRar offers an impressive range in terms of both sports coverage as well as streaming quality with its HD streams and minimal buffering issues. The platform also features exclusive partnerships which give it access to other, lesser-known events that even some of its competitors don’t cover.