19 Amazing CricHD Alternatives for 2023 – An Ultimate Guide to Watching Live Sports

CricHD was one of the most reliable and feature-packed websites for live sports streaming in 2022. But recently, it has been taken down from multiple domains due to copyright violations on some sites such as UEFA Champions League broadcasting. So what is the best alternative now? Not all cricket fans have access to premium cable TV packages that offer round-the-clock live sports channels. And with CricHD ‘s unfortunate demise, the search for a source of free or low-cost quality streaming has been even more pressing.

To address this issue, we have detailed out 19 different legal and high-quality streaming services that can be used instead of CricHD to watch Cricket matches. The list includes both classic sites as well as some newer entrants into the market – all aimed at giving cricket fans access to watch their favorite sport.

CricHD Alternatives

Here are the 19 amazing CricHD alternatives



Destination URL batmanstream.net

The classic go-to place for live sports streaming, BatmanStream is a comprehensive source of different sports events, including cricket games and matches from around the world. On this site, you can get detailed scores, video highlights and more all in one place – making it easy to stay updated on the latest happenings in the game.



Destination URL sportlemon.net

SportLemon is a reliable source of sports streaming content since 2018 and has been known for its clean interface and easy-to-navigate menus. With the help of this site, you can get access to different cricket matches from all over the world with just a few simple clicks – no subscription or hidden charges required!



Destination URL vipleague.cc

This site has been a go-to destination for cricket enthusiasts since 2014 and continues to make waves with its live-streaming options. On VIPLeague, you can watch the latest matches from all over the world for free! The interface is simple and easy to understand making it one of the best choices available today.



Destination URL livesport.ws

LiveTV provides an excellent collection of high-quality streams as well as providing detailed information about upcoming matches. You can also access the site’s extensive library of sports videos, documentaries, reviews and news articles – making it a great alternative to CricHD.


Laola1 TV

Destination URL laola1.tv

Laola 1 is another top-notch streaming service that offers live streams from across the globe in high-quality HD resolution with no buffering or lagging issues whatsoever! On Laolla 1 you can find all kinds of cricket matches such as international series, regional tournaments and national games – making it a must-have for any avid cricket fan.



Destination URL stream2watch.ws

Stream2Watch is one of the top free streaming sites out there and features an endlessly growing library of sports streams from around the world. It offers detailed schedules for upcoming events with more info, highlights, and scorecards all in just a few clicks!



Destination URL firstrowsports.bz

First Row Sports is the perfect alternative for anyone looking to watch live cricket games or matches of any other sports. The site offers an easy navigation interface and free streaming options along with detailed scores from various leagues, tournaments and internationals.



Destination URL vipboxtv.se

VIPBox TV has been a reliable source for live sports streams since 2015 and continues to be one of the most popular choices today. The site offers reliable streams of cricket games from around the world with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface.



Destination URL feed2all.org

Feed 2 All is an excellent streaming service which provides users with free access to cricket matches, scores and highlights from across the globe in HD quality for free! It features live sports events as well as upcoming schedules right on its homepage – making it one of the top choices for cricket fans.


Fubo TV


Destination URL fubo.tv

Fubo TV is a premium streaming service that offers access to over 40 channels including sports -specific ones geared towards different disciplines such as basketball, boxing and soccer – perfect for those who are looking to watch live matches! With Fubo you get full-fledged coverage of the Cricket match promotion tournaments and World Cup qualifiers – at an affordable cost.



Destination URL bilasport.net

Boasting over 20,000 streams a day and more than 75 sports sources in total, Bilasp0rt is the perfect alternative to CricHD offering access to live matches from both home and abroad! The site features HD-quality streaming which can be customized according to your device type – great for those who want reliable and seamless viewing on their phones or tablets.



Destination URL crackstreams.is

CrackStreams is an excellent website for watching high-quality cricket streams online free of cost! The platform provides access to thousands of live events, scores and highlights every month – making it one of the most reliable alternatives currently available in 2023.



Destination URL atdhe.us

ATDHE has been a go-to destination for those who are looking to catch live sports streams since 2010 – especially cricket matches! This site offers an extensive library of streaming options from all over the world with no ads or pop-ups whatsoever.



Destination URL myp2p.ec

MyP2P is another popular choice for those who want reliable and uninterrupted streams in every match throughout 2023! The site provides access to hundreds of different channels so that users can watch their favorite teams compete against each other for free.



Destination URL footybite.cc

FootyBite is a great alternative to CricHD, offering up an extensive library of sports streams across all major platforms and devices – free! The site also provides detailed info about upcoming matches in the cricket world along with tried-and-tested streaming solutions that guarantee you an uninterrupted viewing experience whenever you’re tuning in to the action.


Destination URL goatdee.net

goATD, just like the name suggests is all about sports streaming! This site offers a wide selection of cricket streams from different leagues and tournaments around the world – making it ideal for those who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite team’s progress in 2023.



Destination URL bosscast.net

BossCast is perfect for those who are looking to watch cricket matches in HD quality! This service provides access to live streams from the biggest tournaments and events around the world for free – with no ads or pop-ups getting in your way.


Destination URL ballysports.com

BallySports is yet another reliable streaming platform offering comprehensive coverage of international cricket games. The site also offers detailed info about upcoming matches as well, giving sports fans plenty of options to stay updated throughout 2023.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Destination URL facebook.com/watch

Last on our list is Facebook’s streaming service, which provides access to cricket matches as well as other sports around the world for free! On this platform, viewers get access to commentary and highlights from games – all without a single ad interrupting their viewing experience!

CricHD FAQs:

What happened to CricHD?

CricHD was taken down due to copyright violations on some sites, such as UEFA Champions League broadcasting.

Are there any legal alternatives for CricHD streaming?

Yes, there are several reliable and high-quality legal alternatives for cricket streaming that can be used in 2023 instead of crichd. This article lists 19 amazing alternatives that viewers can use without worrying about breaking any laws or infringing on copyrights.

Are these streaming services free?

The majority of the alternatives listed in this article offer access to cricket matches for free. However, some may require a subscription or pay-per-view fees to watch certain events or matches.

Do all sites list the same number of sources?

No, different sites have different numbers and types of sources that they feature depending on the streaming services that they are affiliated with. The number and quality of sources are something that you should look into before settling for a particular site.