29 Cricfree Alternatives to Keep You Watching Sports Live

Are you a sports lover who had been relying upon Cricfree for your sporting fix? Recent difficulties have seen the popular streaming website go down and this has left many of its users in need of an alternative. Well, fret not, as there are plenty of other websites like Cricfree out there which can prove just as useful when it comes to watching live sports.

Cricfree offers users the capability to watch live sports broadcasting from all different kinds of events, including football and cricket. The website allows viewers to stream high-quality content without having to register or pay for a subscription.

What Happened To Cricfree?

Unfortunately in recent times, Cricfree has been facing quite a few technical issues that have made it difficult for people to actually use. It’s pretty much taken all of the fun out of watching sports for many people.

29 Alternatives To Cricfree

  • Stream2Watch:Stream2watch

This is a great place to watch live streams of some popular sporting events, They offer diverse access to football, baseball, and basketball streams as well as MMA fights and even horse racing.

  • Streamhunter:


This is another great option for sports streaming, as it also offers access to various sports such as football, basketball, and cricket. This website provides an easy to use interface so users can find the game they are looking for with much less fuss.

  • Liveonsat:


Specializing more on providing streams of one particular sport – soccer – this website brings its users a reliable fan experience. All the streams are updated regularly, so viewers can stay right up to date with all the latest action.

  • VIPRow Sports


VIPROW SPORTSWith a huge selection of sports streaming including football, rugby, and tennis plus live broadcasts from events such as Formula 1 races or Moto-GP competitions – this site has it all.

  • SportP2P:


While having plenty of selections to choose from, this website is a go-to for most sports enthusiasts. The only downside here is that you need to register as a user in order to gain access.

  • Strikeout:


A relatively new player in the streaming game but nevertheless impressive when it comes to providing quality content. All their streams are usually up and running without any buffering issues or lag.

  • SportStream:


The go-to choice for fans of different sports, from cycling to ice hockey. Users can log in via Google+ or Facebook and also rate the event stream with a simple ‘like’.

  • SportLemon:


This is an old favorite among many streaming enthusiasts. It allows users to access all kinds of sports through one single website – making it worry-free when having to look for the ultimate sports viewing experience.

  • Bosscast:


Described as the “king of sports streaming”, one can understand why users flock to visit this popular website. It prides itself on being a live video link directory, so it seems they really have thought of everything!

  • Batmanstream:


This service is dedicated to providing access to almost any sport any user could think of. It covers motorsport, hockey, and boxing events among many others, so it is a great resource for finding whatever you are looking for.

  • VIPLeague:


This website provides the most live sports streams out of any other service – mainly including football streams but also cricket and basketball matches as well.

  • RedStreamSport:


This streaming website is a great option for sports fans wanting to watch the game online. It links users with other sites that also offer live sports content – meaning there will always be plenty of links available.

  • Rojadirecta:


This streaming service not only provide users access to popular sporting events but they also have commentary, statistics and betting odds as well so you can stay up-to-date on all things related to your favourite team or player.

  • LiveTV:


A comprehensive website when it comes to offering users access to live sports streams. It includes such popular events like the NBA Playoffs or Champions League matches.

  • Feed2All:


This streaming site offers a significant amount of feeds, so you can rest assured knowing that your favourite game is always available for watching!

  • Streamwoop:


This website has been around for quite some time, so you can always count on them for stream selection. It does have a more limited number of sports streams though.

  • Sport365:


Fans of league events such as the NFL or MLB playoffs could do far worse than check this site out to keep up with all the latest news and matches.

  • MamaHD:


This site offers a comprehensive selection of sports streams, with some international broadcasters also thrown in the mix for those interested.

  • Streamcomando:


This website is known to be one of the best places online when it comes to offering user access to various sporting events. It’s easy and quick – no setup or registrations necessary!

  • Sportstream.tv:


If you’re into motorsport events then this is one of the best-streaming resources around offering access to Formula 1 or MotoGP races and much more besides.

  • LiveFootballol:


A great option for those wanting to watch live soccer matches. It does have a tendency to run slowly at times though, so bear in mind that.

  • FirstRowSports:


This is another popular website that includes plenty of football and cricket streams but also the latest news from all over the sports world.

  • OffsideStreams:


This streaming website specializes in providing access to live football matches, so it’s a great resource for anyone interested in the beautiful game.

  • MyP2PGuide.com:


This streaming site is known for its great selection of content available and its user-friendly interface. It allows users to quickly find whatever they are looking for without any hassle or fuss.

  • ChannelStream:


This streaming website offers access to a variety of different sports streams like golf, hockey or cricket. It is known for having fewer buffering problems than most other websites.

  • LiveFootball.ws:


A trusted and reliable service when it comes to finding the latest sports action from across the globe. It focuses mainly on football but also includes some international events as well .

  • LiveSoccerTV:


This streaming service is quite popular due to its large selection of content. It not only features live soccer streams but also up-to-date news and match schedules, making it one of the go-to sources for sports fans.

  • CricHD:


Offering reliable access to cricfree streams, this website has all you need to watch sports from different leagues. It does also have a tendency to be slow at times.

  • Wiziwig:


A popular streaming website with plenty of sports events readily available. Although it doesn’t usually provide all the latest match broadcasts, it has some good options that can prove useful in certain circumstances.

Cricfree FAQs

Q: Is Cricfree still available?

A: Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Cricfree is no longer available.

Q: What other websites offer similar streams as cricFree?

A: There are a number of websites that offer sports streaming similar to what Cricfree did – LiveonSat, Streamhunter and SportStream just to name a few.

Q: How can I watch live sports online?

A: You can visit any of the previously mentioned sites in order to access live sport broadcasts. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a subscription service such as Sky Sports or BT Sport if you don’t prefer streaming services.

Q: Is it legal to stream from these websites?

A: Depending on where you live and which website you are accessing, it may or may not be legal to watch sport streams online. It is advised that you look into this before streaming from any of the previously mentioned sites.

Q: Are there any other websites like cricfree?

A: Yes, there are a number of alternative streaming services available such as SportLemon, FirstRowSports and Wiziwig .