During the last few years social media has entered into our lives form mere platform of communication to an influential resource of

our everyday lives. This has become a super power tool for the companies and businesses to be engaged in people’s day-to-day affairs. Being an open forum, social media provides companies access to people’s preferences on brands and what they discuss , thus giving the business owners the right ways to interact with potential customers.

Morever, people themselves use social media to know more about certain brands and companies. A social media can provide people/customers interactive kind of information; as a result most of the companies this day include Social Media Marketing (SMM) in their marketing strategies.

SMM is not blind advertising; it uses a diverse kind of promotion tactic. Partial understanding of social media wouldn’t give a good result. Clear learning is recommended for better performance.

Here is a list of few common mistakes made by social media marketers.

• Overposting:

Frequent content posting is salient in grabbing subscriber’s attention. But there has to be a sensible limit. Nonstop spamming will irk subscribers.

• Obtrusive Promotion:

Naked promotional contents never appease a consumer. If 25per cent of your contents are dedicated for promotion of your brand, you might risk losing your audience along with the social media likes and shares that comes with that audience.

• Impersonal Communication:

People expect interaction through social media, but they prefer talking to people than to any faceless corporation. Try to avoid all formal phrases and languages while creating posts. Genuine and down to earth replies and conversations would account to more followers.

• Blindfold believing that everyone reads your content:

It is foolishness to believe that everyone reads your contents that is been shared via certain social media platforms or blogs. People are stuck with so many other businesses that they wouldn’t give eye to details, so don’t be puzzled if you receive same queries from multiple readers. Be patient to reply everyone.

• Expecting Immediate Results:

Patience is the ruling formula to SMM, because it deals in making people believe in you. The key feature of SMM is establishing connections that bring business. This process will not bring results all of a sudden; it takes time for the customers to do the marketing by spreading the good will of your company through word of mouth.

• Deleting negative feedback:

No company is perfect. Every business receives negative feedback or reviews. No matter how tempting it is do not delete or ignore a negative feedback. The decent solution is a positive public response to such statements.

• Choosing wrong marketers:

An SM marketer should be hired with discretion. This person must possess exceptional communication skills, know social media principles perfectly and understand the psychology of online interactions. Choice of a pleasant SMM voice could also do the trick.

• Be open with customers:

Social media is an extremely open arena, where people share their ideas and opinions public. To win the loyalty and respect of customers one has to be transparent and provide all the details about one’s company and business to the consumers.

• Focusing single social platform:

Focussing on a single social network and ignoring the rest of the network would bring only minuscule subscribers. As people has the tendency to shift social platforms on and off, it is necessary to launch several initiatives on various networks and keep them all updated.

• Forgetting to thank:

Never think that your subscribers don’t expect anything in return for helping you in your promotions. Reward them with prizes and benefits like discounts and tickets. Your goal must be not only to increase the customer base but to retain the present subscribers.

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