24 Spectacular Alternatives to Cartoon Crazy You Can’t Miss Out On!

When it comes to finding cartoon content online, the options can be overwhelming. For many years, cartoon lovers trusted one popular website: Cartoon Crazy. Unfortunately, this streaming platform went offline in 2020 and “put a damper on life” for many viewers. However, despite its sudden departure from the web there are marvelous alternatives – each offering unique content, features and advantages. Whether you are looking to watch popular cartoon series, access nostalgic throwback shows or find out what new cartoons your kids can indulge in, this article has got it all!

Because.moe: An Unforgettable Anime Watching Experience


For passionate anime fans, Because. moe provides an impressive selection of titles that delivers big on both quality and quantity – including classic series like ‘Avatar,’ ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ as well as ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’. Not to mention the ever-changing selection of movies. Best of all, Everything is free, and you don’t have to sign up for an account, making it highly user-friendly.

AnimeLab: Watch All Your Favorites in HD


AnimeLab is a well-known website among many anime fans and offers thousands of simulcast episodes with subtitles available in several languages – including English, Spanish and Portuguese. The content is all free to watch but can be watched in HD with minimal (or no) ads if you pay for a premium membership.

NarutoGet: Blast Off With the Popular Adventure Series


Most have heard of ‘Naruto’ and its captivating story by now; this website caters exclusively to viewers who want to watch the show or any other installments from the Naruto franchise. It has an extensive list of episodes arranged according to different arcs, as well as official streaming sources from around the world.

KissAnime: Get Full Free Seasons and Arcs


This convenient source gives viewers access to many full episodes – all available for free! This website also provides great browsing features such as compatible video sources, custom playlists and search filters, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, KissAnime was taken down in 2021, so users will have to find alternatives.

GogoAnime: Easy Navigation with a Wide Selection

GogoAnimeAnother fan favorite, GogoAnime is rated highly among viewers due to its extensive database of titles, hundreds of features and user-friendly navigation system; making it quite easy for users to use the platform without any difficulty or confusion – even if they’re browsing on mobile devices! It also offers content in several languages, such as English, German and Spanish.

WatchAnimeMovie: Find The Best And Newest Movies


Whether you’re looking for the latest anime movies or classic gems from decades ago, WatchAnimeMovie has got it all! This website offers a wide array of features, including customized watchlists and detailed information about each film, plus an extensive database with hundreds of titles to choose from – making for endless opportunities for movie night parties no matter how much time you have spare.

Daisuki: Stream Full Episodes for Free


This streaming platform offers a great selection of both dubbed and subbed titles, with the price being free. The website also has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any registration, so users can simply click on and watch whichever shows they want – no strings attached! It should be noted that DAISUKI stopped offering its services fully in late 2020 after its acquisition by Netflix.

YouTube: A Popular Video Platform


Though not limited to animation content, YouTube is still a great source for discovering some pretty awesome cartoons – ancient ones or even indie creations that may never make it to mainstream streaming services. In addition, viewers can also follow the channels of the cartoon producers themselves, who often release exclusive content designed with their fans in mind!

Super Cartoons: An Impressive Selection Of Vintage Titles

Super Cartoons

For fans of vintage cartoons, SuperCartoons is the place to be. This website offers a wide range of old-school favorites that include titles such as ‘The Jetsons, ‘Looney Tunes’ and even cult classic series like ‘Ren & Stimpy.’ The best part: all these shows are free to watch with no ads or subscription required!

Hulu: Access To Fun Original Cartoons


For those looking to catch up on exclusive titles not available anywhere else, Hulu is a great source. This streaming service offers several cartoon content – including the beloved Adventure Time spinoff ‘Beemo.’ Plus, most of its cartoon selections are free, with no commercials!

KimCartoon: An Utterly Award-Winning Cartoon Source


This award-winning site was touted as one of the staple sources for cartoons from several years ago, and it remains a favorite among fans. It is known for having an extensive library full of some of the season’s most outstanding titles as well as its timely updates that keep users on their toes.

Playary: Enjoy A Satisfying Cartoon Lineup


This cartoon-centric streaming platform was barely unknown to non-subscribers until its recent popularity surged due to its focused selection and user-friendly interface with colorful thumbnails. In addition, it also has a good line of classics too – meaning viewers can access a satisfying selection no matter what their taste may be. Most customers will be able to find something they truly enjoy on Playary.

NBC: Watch Beloved Classics


If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to catch up on some classic cartoons, NBC is one platform that you should take into consideration. It features an extensive collection including ‘The Simpsons’, old Warner Bros titles as well as the 1990s hit show ‘Animaniacs.’

VidMasta: Classic Cartoons And TV shows


This website has a wide selection of modern classic cartoons and some new titles. It also provides detailed information regarding each title and its availability across different regions – plus, you can even download the episodes in HD quality with just one click!

LookMovie: Access Quality Content from Multiple Regions


With something for every viewer, LookMovie is a reliable streaming platform that caters to more than just cartoons. It also has access to shows from multiple regions and countries – making it easier for viewers abroad who can’t find some of their favorite titles in other sources.

BoomerangTV: Endless Fun With Classic Titles


If timeless classics are your thing, then BoomerangTV won’t disappoint – its library offers vintage favorites such as ‘Tom and Jerry,’ ‘The Flintstones’ or even animated versions of classic sitcoms like Married… with Children. Plus it also offers an array of exclusive content that makes the experience worthwhile

9anime: Japanese Series By The Bucketload


Are you a fan of watching good-quality anime? If so, then this is the website for you! 9Anime allows viewers to stream their collection from several genres – from drama to horror, action and more. It also supports Japanese audio with dual subtitles in English and German – making it a great source for fans of the language abroad.

AnimeFreak: A Plethora Of Free Episodes On Demand


Fans of good quality content should check out Animefreak. This free streaming service offers hundreds (if not thousands) of titles you can access without signing up for an account or paying any subscription fees! Unfortunately, some videos may be down due to the high number of concurrent users.

AnimeHeaven: A Haven For Anime-Lovers


It doesn’t end there – this website offers a huge selection for anime buffs ranging from popular series like ‘One Piece’ or ‘Hunter x Hunter,’ to obscure titles and movie compilations! Best part? Everything is free, with no ads or registration needed. Plus, there are some browser extensions to make streaming even easier.

Chia-Anime: Access Popular Anime Shows


This website has been around for quite some time and continues to offer a huge selection of both current and classic anime series, ordered into season batches that you can easily find when recapping episodes from past shows or searching through recommendations by other viewers.

Crunchyroll: An Innovator in the Anime Industry


For the more serious anime fan, Crunchyroll is considered one of the go-to places for watching their favorite shows. With its large selection and high-quality streaming available in multiple languages – this website delivers well on both quantity and quality. It should be noted, however, that some content may require payment depending on your country.

DisneyNOW: Catch Up On Modern Titles


This popular streaming site offers several titles from Disney, including original series like ‘Star vs. The Forces Of Evil’ or the much-beloved movie classic, Frozen alongside some of its sequels and spinoffs. DisneyNOW also has a kid’s section specifically designed for young audiences to explore their favorite movies with ease!

Funimation: Stream With English Dubs Too


This go-to choice for many fans out there offers both subtitled and dubbed versions in numerous languages so that viewers can experience whatever new show they’re following in their own unique language. Not to mention Funimation also has exclusive content in its library of classic titles as well as bonus material for each show.

Masterani: A Constant Source Of Quality Titles


Designed with convenience and simplicity in mind, Masterani forgoes fancy designs for a faster approach towards streaming – featuring a customized selection where you can keep track of which shows have been recently added or removed from the lineup, plus its integration with other streaming sources like Funimation and Netflix.

No matter how you feel about Cartoon Crazy’s sudden departure, these alternatives offer a great way to find top-notch content online – so don’t miss out! Between classic shows, unusual gems or even alternative platforms – there are countless ways to enjoy cartoon entertainment in all sorts of categories. Whether you’re looking for nostalgic pleasure or a new series that can captivate your attention, hopefully, this article was helpful in providing you with all the resources you need for a fantastic cartoon adventure!