19 Buffstreams Alternatives: Where to Catch Sports, Movies & Shows Live Online

Buffstreams once topped the charts as one of the most-used streaming sites for sports and live entertainment shows. But overnight it closed its doors due. Fortunately, there are plenty of Buffstreams alternatives online that offer similar viewing experiences in quality and ease. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the following 19 high-quality Buffstreamsreplacements.

1. NBAStreams


NBAStreams is an independent streaming site that permits you to watch basketball matches and a myriad of live programs from the USA, Canada, and across the world in high-definition quality minus any advertisement disturbances. This comprehensive web platform enables your favorite teams to organize their own live sports events, so it’s worth taking advantage of this alternative if you are looking for some specific event other than basketball.

2. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch may require registration, but the streaming site offers an extensive array of sports and shows for free viewing in HD without any disturbance of advertising video or popup links. This Buffstreams alternative also allows you to access its huge catalog by manually entering the URL. It has organized live events categorically so that you don’t miss your favorite titles while using Stream2watch.

3. LiveTV.sx


LiveTV is an ideal choice for watching football competitions as it houses a vast library of sports, entertainment programs, and artworks from around the world. The website also offers live coverage of attractive sporting events such as Formula One racing, cricket matches, and more, along with key highlights like text commentary, etc.

4. FirstRowSports


If you are into sports like Ice Hockey, Basketball, and Tennis, then FirstRowSports is a great alternative for those in need of Buffstreams-like experience. Although the website does not work free from advertisement interferences like popup links, it has organized live events categorically so that you don’t miss out on any content offered.

5. BatmanStream


As good as its name implies, viewers can conveniently watch every type of sport like Football, Hockey, and WWE in addition to live events such as concerts on this streaming site. The initial Buffstreams-like user interface has made it widely popular within a short period of time.

6. Cricfree


Cricfree specializes mainly in cricket, with a huge video library on its website that can be easily accessed by scrolling down the window. If you are an ardent fan of cricket, then you would prefer this streaming service as it doesn’t require registration or any subscriptions.

7. StreamWoop

No more eternal wait to enjoy sports; Streamwoop has brought you much-needed relief with its amazing Buffstreams alternative that provides a complete catalog of live broadcasts posted on specific timeslots and in numerous titles. It offers detailed information about each program.

8. Bosscast

Unlike other Buffstreams alternatives, this site does not require any registration for its users and provides a less painful viewing experience with no advertisement barriers.

9. Sport365.sx


Sports lovers from around the world will find everything they need on one platform, as Sports365SX allows users to access live sports as well as highlights for free by implementing a simple search system.

10. Streameast


Unlike Buffstreams, this site permits users to access a plethora of movies and programs alongside their favorite sporting events.

11. Crackstreams


Crackstreams is maybe the only streaming site that homes MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in its sports category, even though the rest of its lineup consists mostly of basketball matches.

12 . VIPBox


VIPbox can literally provide you with a limitless substitute for watching live games as long as internet access is available. With its quick responsiveness, you don’t need to wait for any buffering or forwarding process before accessing HD-quality shows on the platform.

13. Hesgoal


This streaming service works by providing detailed schedules of weekly games along with highlight reels so that users can catch the sporting action even if they missed the actual game. It’s especially useful for football fans.

14. SportSurge


Sportsurge is yet another powerful Buffstreams alternative that lets you customize its user-friendly interface as per desired sports preferences and then explore its comprehensive match calendar in no time! What more do you need to showcase your love for sports?

15. SportsStream


Its easily accessible and simple UI makes it a reliable source of entertainment as users can switch through key categories such as Football, Hockey, and Basketball without any hassle and then access their favorite shows at high data speeds.

16. NFLbite


NFLBite is targeted towards football fans around the world and comes with comprehensive game schedules and a replay highlights section with the use of which one can catch the footballing action even if they miss out on an actual match.

17. NBABite


It is essentially a website dedicated to basketball lovers as it lets users access matches from prominent tournaments such as Euroleague, VTB United League, or ACB League in real-time.

18. Fubo TV

Fubo TV

FuboTV is a suitable option for those who are looking to watch live sports, movies, and series. It’s available in most countries at a cost-effective price.

19. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

When it comes to reliable streaming services, then no other site can beat a neutral broadcasting service such as Peacock. With its extensive library of content from major cable networks plus NBC and Sky, users can enjoy a plethora of sports on rather low-cost subscriptions.


1. How do I get Buffstreams?

Buffstreams services have been discontinued so at the moment; there is no way to get its streaming service.

2. Are There Any Free Alternatives To Buffstreams?

Yes, there are various free Buffstreams alternatives, such as NBAStreams, Stream2watch, etc., where you can access live sports events and entertainment shows.

3. What happened to Buffstreams?

The original version of Buffstreams has been shut down due to issues with its legality.

4. Is it safe to use streaming sites for sports?

Yes, streaming sites are relatively safe to use, but it’s always better to stick with official sources like the NBC Sports app.

5. What is the best alternative for Buffstreams?

There isn’t one single site that can be considered a superior option to other Buffstreams alternatives, and it ultimately boils down to personal preferences. Some of the recommended options include NBAStreams, First RowSports, LiveTV.sx, etc.

6. What are the best streaming sites?

Some of the most popular streaming websites include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, while free Buffstreams alternatives like NBAStreams and Stream2watch specialize in sports events.

7. Does YouTube offer live sports?

Yes, apart from live-action entertainment shows and movies, YouTube also offers various sports events.

Overall, there is no shortage of Buffstreams alternatives available online. Whether you’re an ardent fan of cricket or a passionate follower of basketball tournaments, these streaming sites have your back with plenty to keep you entertained for hours. Try out some viable replacements today and experience the great freedom of entertainment on the go!