Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people come to a page and leave without any further involvement.

Say, people are searching SEO services in Google. They typed relevant keywords. They found your page ranked top. They reached your website. They got back within seconds without visiting your web pages properly. That indicates that the person has bounced off.

Higher bounce rates are not always bad. Bounce rates are measured differently for different websites. If people get the information they are looking for and leave your website, it is not a bad thing at all even with higher bounce rate. That means you have successfully served the purpose of the audience. But in overall cases, higher bounce rate is an indicator of poor business. It points out towards incomplete transaction between publishers and the viewers. It means publishers fail to understand the interests of the audience. Web pages with higher bounce rates go lower with time.

Now, do you know how to find bounce rates for your web pages?

The best way to check your bounce rate is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can give you a complete idea of bounce rates you got from different sources. You can check your bounce rates by landing pages, location, different devices, and browsers. You will know from where your viewers are coming, what they are watching, what they are liking, everything with from bounce rates. Digital marketing strategies can be crafted in a more significant way with the insight of bounce rates.

If your pages are full of information, if you are able to guide your viewers, if you can help them by references, viewers are most likely to stay on your page. And the bounce rate of your pages will go down. Viewers may leave their mail on your website. There are higher chances you can transform them into loyal customers.

In the case of simple landing pages that run ads and all bounce rates are 70% to 90%. For retail sites, it is 20% to 40%. For portal sites, 10% to 30% bounce rate is good. For FAQ and service providing sites, 10% to 30% bounce rates are good only. Good content sites usually have 40% to 60% bounce rates. Again with lead generation sites, 30% to 50% bounce rate seems good.

For an overall understanding, 80% bounce rate is really bad for your website. 60% to 80% is okay. 50% bounce rate is actually better for your site. If the bounce rate of your website is lower than that you can consider yourself in really a pretty good position.

So now you have understood the general metrics scale of bounce rate for your website, let us now focus on something else.

What are the reasons of bounce rate?

If your websites take too much time to load, people will leave your page. Make sure that your website responds generously against customer search.

Make the journey of your customer seamless by generating relevant and attractive titles and descriptions for your landing pages.

Bounce rate below 20% is really good for your website. And we understand how happy you will become to watch bounce rate going down. But many times it happens due to improper settings of Google Analytics. Ensure that Google analytics set up is not broken.

Most of the time people searched through mobiles. If your website is not that mobile friendly, you are most like to get higher bounce rates.

Sometimes when people come to your site, they don’t feel like staying on your website and they bounce off. Maybe your designs, your contents are not that much engaging. Make sure your audience remains to engage with our site! It will reduce site bounce rate.

How to decrease bounce rate of your website?

Google Analytics tool can be your big help. Where do your customers stay? What are their languages? What are their choices?

You can customize your websites to match your customer persona. You can render appealing web experiences for your viewers.

It is highly recommended that you do check and observe every traffic channel on daily basis. By comparing them with previous traffic results and by focusing on the reasons you can actually improve the level of user experience.

Make your website a place where users get all relevant information. So that they don’t feel like going to other site and search. Give them everything they want on your site. Provide links, suggestions, and references. Make them happy. It will gradually improve your bounce rate.

Do not hesitate a bit to put a call to action button on your page. Viewers come to your sites for some reasons. They need something from you. Call to action options completes the transaction. You can generate good numbers of business leads through it.

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