16 AudioBook Bay Alternatives For 2023 – Unlock the Treasures of Free Audio Books

Audiobooks have revolutionized the way we consume our favourite books, allowing anyone to access free and affordable audio content either online or from CDs. AudioBook Bay was one such platform that enabled users to read audiobooks for free – but unfortunately, in recent years, this website has been shut down due to copyright infringement laws. That doesn’t mean that users are out of luck.

AudioBook Bay Alternatives

There are plenty of other good substitutes and alternatives to AudioBook Bay online. Read on for a detailed overview of the 16 best replacements for AudioBook Bay:


One of the most popular audiobook services, Audible, is an Amazon-owned platform that allows you to purchase audiobooks from authors across the globe. While Audible does not offer free audiobooks, it is still one of the best options as it has audiobooks available in over 200 languages. Users can also preview any book before they commit to buying or streaming it online.


Next up, we have LibriVox! With over 60,000+ audiobooks available for download for free, this platform offers an astounding variety of audiobook content. Not to mention, the narration quality of these books is quite impressive, and each audiobook has a unique genre tag attached to it for easy filtering!


A digital library platform at its core – Overdrive’s main purpose is to provide libraries with access to a huge range of popular audio titles that users can access instantly by creating an account on this platform. Occasionally there are some freebies available as well on Overdrive by participating libraries!

Loyal Books

Love classic literature? Then LoyalBooks is a perfect alternative to AudioBook Bay for you! This website hosts more than 10000+ free audiobooks, including some of the most popular titles such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Dracula. All these audiobooks are available in MP3 formats, but the narration quality is quite good.


Heading over to the more ‘slightly’ sketchy side of audiobook streaming, ThePirateBay has been around forever and still ranks as one of the best platforms for finding free – but sometimes illegal – audiobooks. In case you haven’t heard about TBP yet, here is a quick explanation: this website provides live links for torrent download, which users can quickly access pdf/audiobook files stored on other servers.


If you are a fan of e-audiobooks, then Mobilism is the perfect alternative for you to AudioBook Bay! This website boasts an impressive library, with thousands of free audiobooks available for streaming in various languages such as – English, Spanish, French, and even German

Hoopla Digital

HooplaDigital is an online library platform that gives users access to thousands of free audiobooks, primarily focusing on self-help titles and ‘classic’ literature. All you need here is a valid library card from your local institution, after which you can immediately start streaming!


Suppose high-quality narration matters more to you than anything else while streaming audiobooks. In that case, AudioBookReviewer might be what you are looking for! This website has become massively popular in recent years with its impressive library of over 20,000 audiobooks – all narrated by the most talented artists and authors.


Another great alternative to AudioBook Bay is Thought-Audiobook which allows users to stream thousands of free audiobooks in various genres, such as adventure stories, detective novels, romantic comedy films, etc. Not only that, but ThoughtAudio also allows users to download these audiobooks in MP3 formats straight from the website itself.


Focused on younger readers and listeners – Storynory offers a great library of classic and original stories suitable for children of all ages. Not to mention: each audiobook here can be downloaded easily as well!


Like ThePirateBay’s content, ExtraTorrent offers audiobooks and other media to download directly via torrenting clients. Being one of the oldest names on this list – users might want to be a little bit careful since most downloads here are illegal.


Known mostly for the music streaming service it is famous for, Spotify also allows you to stream several sci-fi novels from major publishing houses! Most audiobooks available on Spotify need to be purchased by users individually, but the narration quality here is impressive.

Project Gutenberg

Next up, we have ProjectGutenberg, a free literature project that allows users access to various e-books and audiobooks! Not only are all these titles available for download for free – many of them have professional-level narrations.

Open Culture

Also known mainly as an education and culture website, OpenCulture’s audiobook collection is impressive – with a special focus on self-help titles. Most books here are available for streaming directly from the website itself.


The last big player in free audiobooks online – Scribl offers users access to thousands of audiobooks accessible via its vibrant and interactive interface! Not only can you stream free audiobooks on Scribl, but you can also even purchase them if the pilot version of the book doesn’t have the narration style you like.


Last but not least – Lit2Go is a great alternative for AudioBook Bay as it offers users more than 2400 audio files uploaded by students, teachers, and other volunteers! Many of these recordings include sound effects and feature original scores composed entirely in Adobe Audition.

These were some of the best alternatives to AudioBook Bay! Be sure to visit these platforms and explore their audiobook library often. You never know when an amazing story might surprise you!

AudioBook Bay FAQs

What happened to AudioBook Bay?

Unfortunately, this website has been shut down due to copyright infringement laws.

Are these audiobook alternatives free of charge?

No – while many platforms offer free downloads, some may have subscription plans or an individual pricing structure for each title. So be sure to check their terms before streaming/downloading any content!

Are these alternatives legal?

Most of these platforms are completely legal – however, some, such as ThePirateBay, have a slightly sketchier record than the rest. Therefore, use good VPNs and stay anonymous while visiting such websites.

Which website offers e-books apart from audiobooks?

Project Gutenberg is an excellent choice since it primarily focuses on providing access to classic literature titles in both audio/e-book formats.

What is Hoopla Digital?

HooplaDigital is an online library platform that gives users access to thousands of free audiobooks, primarily focusing on self-help titles and ‘classic’ literature. All you need here is a valid library card from your local institution, after which you can immediately start streaming!

Are these audiobook alternatives available to international users?

Yes! Many of these platforms are accessible from all around the world. However, some restrictions may depend on your country’s existing copyright laws.