19 Animesuge Alternatives for Unforgettable Anime Experiences

Animesuge was an online streaming platform that allowed users from all around the world to watch Japanese anime series and films. Just like many other platforms, it had its ups and downs throughout its existence – yet as of recently, the site has withdrawn from many parts due to copyright infringement issues. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives out there that offer amazing anime experiences as great (or even better) than Animesuge. Below are 19 top-notch services that you can use to watch, stream and discover anime titles of all kinds in no time.



AnimeHeaven is a free online streaming platform available via the web browser, and through its native mobile applications, iOS and Android device users can also enjoy it on the go. It offers an extensive library of both old and new Anime series according to genres such as romance, action, horror and much more.

Anime Rhino


Anime Rhino puts a strong focus on providing high-quality anime content with various dubbing options. You can also watch Anime without any type of registration or subscription fees which makes it a great alternative compared to Animesuge if you’re not willing to spend money upfront.



Netflix is one of the most used streaming services when it comes to entertainment, regardless of genre and format. It features loads of anime titles ranging from classics all the way up to modern seasons – definitely worth checking out if you’re in need of a good time bunched with comfortability.

Anime Frenzy


Anime Frenzy offers an incredibly high content diversity, providing thousands of Japanese Anime series as well as a selection of dubbed shows. You can search by year or title availability if you’re looking for a specific show or watch through their library – all without registration and premium charges.



AnimeSimple is an ad-supported anime streaming platform that delivers both dubbed and original Japanese shows with fantastic picture & sound quality. It also supports the integration of video playlists, meaning you can organize your watched movies/TV series titles based on criteria such as genre, season etc.



A streaming service that includes main feature movies and TV series as well as special bonus videos and other extras. WatchAnimeMovie simplifies the searching process – you can find your favorite titles through their recommendations or use their search box to navigate faster and more efficiently.



Apart from its extensive library of content, Masterani has somewhat gained fame for its availability on multiple devices – including Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It’s clearly stated on the website that there are never any registration charges or subscription fees whatsoever, so you can access its contents at your own convenience without stress.



Launched in 2011 and stepping headstrong into 2020 with renewed commitment, Kiss Anime is quite reputable for being one of a few good places to watch anime online for free with Asian videos updated regularly – launching series as soon as possible on its platform.

Anime Planet


Here’s the obvious one – Anime-Planet has been around for a while, and unless you’ve slept under a rock, this anime streaming service should not be foreign to your ears. Featuring both TV series and feature films with up-to-date episodes & movies as they are released in Japan, it’s clear that you’ll need no other services after experiencing what it offers.



9Anime has actually been listed as one of the well-known competitors amongst other streaming services; it definitely deserves its spot for being alive in the game for so long despite all that’s occurred recently. It only requires you to disable AdBlock from your browser before starting a session with their huge anime database – which is constantly updated and works smoothly across various devices.

GoGo Anime


Another popular streaming service to follow suit with (almost) all of its competitors mentioned on this list, GoGo Anime hosts movies & TV series from various other sources. It also provides users with an ever-growing selection of titles, and after its recent update, the website claims support for HD/4K videos – which is a definite plus in our books.

Animepahe Video


Animepahe is one of those websites that scream specialization. It specializes in only hosting anime materials with no other content categories – depending solely on titles related to the medium itself. This works towards their benefit because they are able to provide viewers with a higher-quality viewing experience from fewer server requirements & reduced overall delays of episodes/movies.



Bringing its users “an alternative way” when it comes to utilizing an entertainment piece, Anime Dao is said to specialize in streaming services with improved features, faster and more secure browsing experience as well as higher quality videos saved directly into your devices – ideal for anime fans looking to go down the downloading route.



For those of you who spoke up “legal,”; Anime Lab has got you covered. An all-time favorite that offers both English/Japanese subtitles, simulcasts + previous seasons of shows alongside the Express Play function that allows viewers to stream episodes as soon as they air in Japan – you’ll definitely be hooked in no time.



Simply one of the most established anime streaming websites there are today, Crunchyroll has arguably made a name for continued quality services over the years and maintained its spot amongst some well-known outfits mentioned on this list. If it isn’t clear enough, we would recommend users at least try out this service once for its strong library of both new and old titles.



Sometimes you can’t put the finger on what anime show to watch (especially when there are SO MANY)– that’s when Hulu comes in with their unique discovery feature, which gives users the ability to explore related anime shows/videos according to their particular taste & preferences – definitely an option worth checking out if you have trouble deciding on a single title.



Since its inception back in the mid-90, Funimation has made quite an impressive impression on users who aim to watch English/Japanese-promoted anime shows and movies with original, American & British voice actors speaking up their part. Although it features mostly free content available, there is also purchase options directly from each show page – great for those looking to stream differently compared to Animesuge.



For those in need of something a little bit different, Chia-Anime specializes in providing subbed & dubbed configurations. You can search titles here with their exact title/subtitle authority, rate them on its homepage and also get details such as artist’s info (if available) from the movie/TV show sheets – definitely worth checking out for English-speaking fans who prefer subtitles or dubbed versions better.



Whether you’re browsing online or via its smartphone application, AnimeFreak will surprise you with both English/Japanese libraries to explore through – as well as plenty of series not featured in other streaming services. Although there have been no known changes to the website recently, we expect it to work similarly to before and recommend that viewers give it a try at least once for its wide selection of anime available!

These 19 alternatives are worth looking into when searching for another option apart from Animesuge. Each service has its own pros & cons, but they all go the extra mile when it comes to offering ultimate satisfaction and indulgence when it comes down to watching anime!


What happened to Animesuge?

Animesuge had a lengthy history, having gone through its rise and fall before completely withdrawing from many parts due to copyright infringement issues.

Are these alternatives free?

Yes, most of the services mentioned are free with no registration or subscription fees – though there may be titles that require payment before access.

Do I need to install anything?

No, all these services work faster and better through your web browser or via each platform’s native mobile phone applications. There are absolutely no installation procedures required for any of them

Are the videos in HD quality?

Yes, almost all of the services mentioned support either HD or 4K quality streams – depending on the selection and availability.

Does Animesuge allow dubs?

No, Animesuge had no dubbing options before its withdrawal due to copyright infringement issues. All these alternatives, however, feature dubbed/subbed content with both English & Japanese selections available depending on each service’s preferences.