Animekisa Alternatives: 16 Quality Options to Satisfy Your Anime Cravings!

Anyone who is a fan of anime knows that one platform doesn’t truly cut it. This is why many people go looking for alternatives to their favorite sites, such as animekisa, for watching their beloved Japanese animation features. But the question arises – why not just stick with the trusty old animekisa? Well, let us delve deeper into this and provide you with the best alternative anime streaming sites of 2023!

Many users of animekisa noticed that, during the summer months of 2023, the site began to suffer from considerable downtime. The cause has been attributed to possible hacks or malicious activities going on behind the scenes. This naturally caused many fans to choose other platforms for satisfying their animated movie cravings! So let’s take a look at these alternatives:

Gogo anime


Gogoanime is an incredibly popular website for streaming anime legally. The site has an endless array of genres to pick from, and its expansive library will keep any fan at it for days! Not only does Gogoanime offer great movies, but users can also access its vast database of episodes and series. With smooth browsing controls and lightning-fast download speeds – this one is a definite must!



9Anime is often two steps ahead of its competitors in terms of features. It has a fantastic user interface that none can really match, and the streaming technology used by this site provides incredibly smooth experiences like no other. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enjoy some legal anime!

Anime Planet


If you are looking for an amazing means to track all your favorites, Anime-Planet is the place to visit! It also has discussion boards where you can engage with fellow anime fans and also read up on news in your genre of interest. All in all, it’s a great site for streaming anime but lacks the capacity to host episodes or series – however, this feature is expected to arrive soon!

Cartoon Crazy


For watching cartoon shows such as Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry etc – Cartoon Crazy is the obvious choice for many people. This site offers no lag during streaming and is great for anyone looking to catch up on some childhood nostalgia. The UI of this website just feels really pleasing, and many people credit it as the best cartoon streaming option out there!



The third entry into our list of alternatives comes from Anilinkz, a site that brings users a highly optimized user experience through its mostly ad-free platform. Also, what sets Anilinkz apart is its massive library – with an offering that comes close to matching animekisa’s!




If you are into the Naruto franchise, then get ready to be blown away by this fantastic streaming platform. With over 500 episodes covering all of Acrobat Country arcs and Boruto movie updates – Narutoget is really a treat for fans who just must catch up on their favorite series!



This one doesn’t really need an introduction – Kissanime is the patron streaming platform for many anime fans out there! Even if you are a first-timer, this site offers no lag and will quickly bring up whatever it is that you want to watch. All in all, it’s an amazing option when looking for alternatives to animekisa.

Anime Owl


If PWCs help defines AnimeOwl, then it should be something like this – ‘your one-stop shop for all anime desires.’ This platform boasts an amazing collection and, strangely enough, also hosts live TV events! Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a versatile alternative to animekisa.

Anime Freak


This website doesn’t just offer streaming services but also has a wide range of other activities, such as quizzes and management games which can help pass the time while watching your favorite shows. A great option for anyone looking to keep out boredom from their streaming sessions!



This platform prides itself on being able to stream the newest and the hottest anime series before any other website is even aware of its existence! Moreover, it’s a legal site and comes with no ads – so this one definitely scores high marks in terms of marks awarded by user standards.



For anyone looking for a diverse range of anime content, AnimeDao is the platform to visit. It has genres in anything, and everything – so whatever you are into -drama, action or horror – this site should be able to deliver your animated cravings!

Anime Heaven


Another very popular website when it comes to streaming services, Anime Heaven, offers its users the choice between watching series through their desktop or mobile view – for a truly enhanced experience. Moreover, this site doesn’t compromise on any quality when it comes to streaming and thus is definitely worth considering as an animekisa alternative.




With its amazing animation pictures and title displays galore – Masterani grabs the attention of many users without fail! Its library also isn’t too shabby either with options from cult classics like Samurai Champloo, Blood+ and more! Definietly worth checking out – especially if you are into classic anime.



This platform has managed to make a name for itself by having some of the most eye-catching visuals when it comes to streaming experiences. It also boasts an amazing sound quality alongside its excellent image resolution- ensuring complete satisfaction with this website!



Crunchyroll is often quoted as the complete streaming service out there – and for a good reason too! With highly complex CMS helping run this platform, users get an incredibly interactive experience when watching their anime online. Plus, the fact that users can store their shows in an area called “View Later” ensures that they won’t have to suddenly search for them like in earlier days!




Funimation has been around since 1994, and with over 20 years of business, they have certainly become quite popular with anime fans! They own exclusive rights to a lot of content, and their massive library includes some unique finds as well. Quick streaming speeds are also a plus point when it comes to this platform – making users enjoy every second of their experience without any lag or ads popping up on the page.

So, these were our picks for valid and amazing alternatives to replace animekisa in 2023! Hope you enjoyed reading and find your next favorite shows through any one of these!

Animekisa FAQs:

What happened to animekisa?

Unfortunately, during the summer months of 2020, animekisa began to experience substantial downtime, and users were prevented from accessing their favorite shows. The cause is still unknown but could possibly be attributed to some malicious activities taking place backstage.

Where can I watch free legal anime?

There are a number of great alternatives for those looking to watch anime legally. Our top picks include Gogoanime, 9Anime, Anime-Planet, CartoonCrazy and Anilinkz!

Does Kissanime have ads?

No, Kissanme does not feature any intrusive ads or pop-ups which can disturb the viewing experience. The downside though is that the site has undergone multiple shutdowns in its history(albeit temporarily).

Is Animelab legal?

Yes, AnimeLab is an entirely legitimate platform that owns exclusive rights to many acclaimed anime series. It also provides streaming services through its website as well as mobile and Xbox applications.

What are some of the best websites for watching classic anime?

When it comes to classic favorites such as Samurai Champloo or Blood+ – Masterani, Crunchyroll and Funimation, come out on top! All of these platforms offer extensive content based on classic anime and have almost no lag when it comes to streaming speeds.